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Wee’eer baaaack! (update)

I have no idea what happened but we were lights out since last night.  I think it may have been a problem with our service provider because all the Monday posts have disappeared.  That says to me that they may have had to recover from a known point – like Sunday night.

I’ll pop the Monday posts back up here (life in the semi-fast lane I guess) and QandO is back on the air.  Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE: OK so I won’t be posting Monday’s blog posts.  Apparently I forgot to save local drafts soooo .. welcome to Tuesday which feels like a Monday.


3 Responses to Wee’eer baaaack! (update)

  • Ah, I just figured you guys got lifted up to the pasture by the rapture and I was gonna be stuck here dealin with Imeme alone.
    Seems the calculations were off though, and we’re stuck till the 21st of October.  So now I have to continue to wonder if God does GMT and day light savings.

  • I’d be interested to know if it was the hosting company. I’m looking for a new one for my Silverlight/ASP.NET business sites, and was expecting to give them a try.

  • WHEW! That’s a relief!
    I was afraid the DNC had “disappeared” youze guys.