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Alarmist journalist links the recent tornado outbreak to AGW

Of course it is not unusual to find someone, somewhere who has swallowed the Al Gore driven AGW mantra whole who wants to tie extreme weather events to man-made global warming.  

Bill McKibben, a journalist blogging at the Washington Post, gives it a new twist with a whole bunch of links to weather events that have to be – that’s right, have to be – caused by global warming (although he sarcastically pretends there are no such links in an attempt to shame skeptics by what he seems to consider obvious linkage). 

Never mind the mean temperature globally hasn’t risen over the past decade, and the climate models that predicted all this have been proven to be wrong, that the conditions necessary for there to be a greenhouse effect from CO2 don’t exist nor have they ever, the “hockey stick” was broken years ago, that the data has been admittedly fudged or manipulated and that they couldn’t “hide the decline”, this is all because of global warming.  Because “warm air holds more moisture than dry air”.   

Of course most of his examples are really, honestly laughable on their face.  For instance:

It is not advisable to try to connect them in your mind with, say, the fires burning across Texas — fires that have burned more of America at this point this year than any wildfires have in previous years. Texas, and adjoining parts of Oklahoma and New Mexico, are drier than they’ve ever been — the drought is worse than that of the Dust Bowl. But do not wonder if they’re somehow connected.

What happened to the moisture laden air?  And how about his reference – the 30’s era dust bowl? It couldn’t be natural systems again asserting themselves, could it?  No, of course not, because then the cause couldn’t be pinned on AGW, could it?  El Nino and La Nina?  Forget about them.  You need to buy into this simplistic explanation of why bad weather events are happening.

If you did wonder, you see, you would also have to wonder about whether this year’s record snowfalls and rainfalls across the Midwest — resulting in record flooding along the Mississippi — could somehow be related. And then you might find your thoughts wandering to, oh, global warming, and to the fact that climatologists have been predicting for years that as we flood the atmosphere with carbon we will also start both drying and flooding the planet, since warm air holds more water vapor than cold air.

Well they’ve been predicting mega hurricanes for years as well, and we’ve had very mild hurricane seasons.  We’re also supposed to be up to our rear ends in water right now, what with melting glaciers and ice pack, but we’ve found out that the data for that has been fudged too.  And we had similar floods in – 1927 – well before the era in which we’ve supposedly polluted our planet to the point that it is now “striking back”.  And what about the Johnstown flood of 1889?   What were their cause? 

Propose your own physics; ignore physics altogether. Just don’t start asking yourself whether there might be some relation among last year’s failed grain harvest from the Russian heat wave, and Queensland’s failed grain harvest from its record flood, and France’s and Germany’s current drought-related crop failures, and the death of the winter wheat crop in Texas, and the inability of Midwestern farmers to get corn planted in their sodden fields. Surely the record food prices are just freak outliers, not signs of anything systemic.

You don’t have to propose you own anything, you just have to inform yourself.  For instance, the Russian heat wave:

The deadly heat wave that seared Russia last summer was driven primarily by a natural weather phenomenon, not man-made causes, government researchers said in a study Wednesday.


In their report, the scientists concluded that the extreme temperatures were caused by the formation of a blocking pattern, a massive high-pressure ridge that halted the normal movement of cooling storms from the west and allowed warm air to flow north from the tropics. Such anomalies are relatively common and the result of natural actions, though the intensity of the one over Russia was highly unusual.

The role of human-caused warming could not be discerned from the natural weather patterns behind the event, Dr. Dole said.

You see, it is much easier to speculate than to do the research necessary to understand weather and patterns, or to simply hit Google.  They are indeed signs of something systemic, just not the system the Alarmists would prefer.  But as you can see, that doesn’t stop them from attempting to “connect the dots” as they pretend.

The Alarmists have an agenda.  They are clearly on the defensive.  Their predictive power has been shown to be essentially worthless.  So they’re back to claiming weather events prove their point.  The twist is they want to link them all together even when they obviously have nothing to do with their claim  – see Russia – because they think the more of these events they can claim, the greater the force of their argument.

Yeah, not working guys.  Again, while everyone knows CO2 is a greenhouse gas, it doesn’t work as the models theorized it works and thus doesn’t have the amplifying effect they claim.  Consequently, it isn’t doing what they want to claim it does.   Secondly, man’s contribution to the overall amount of CO2 emitted naturally is miniscule and not worth doing anything about and especially, as noted, since CO2 doesn’t do what the Alarmist claim it does.

Finally, climate does change – always has.  No one denies that.  Most on the skeptical side of AGW simply don’t buy the Alarmist’s claims – because they certainly aren’t proven science – that man has anything to do with it.  We write most of those claims off to hubris, not science.

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18 Responses to Alarmist journalist links the recent tornado outbreak to AGW

  • For a goose…and Bill McKibben…every dawn is the beginning of time.  He is joined by the preeminent science expert and thinker Rosie “Fire Can’t Melt Steel” O’Donnell, and several of the idiots who read news on networks and cable.

    • Why does Bill McKibben ignore the obvious  …  these were all caused by Barack Obama.
      Obviously, it can’t possibly be true that only “good” things would be connected to the “The Won”.

  • From Newsbusters…
    After asserting the tornado activity is “almost certainly” the result of Gorebal Whatever, Bill Nye, the ANTI-SCIENCE Guy (?) was asked this…
    UMA PEMMARAJU, HOST AMERICA’S NEWS HEADQUARTERS: Are other countries seeing the same type of activity, the intensity of these tornadoes picking up in those regions as well?
    NYE: Other countries?
    PEMMARAJU: Other countries with tornadoes?
    NYE: Well, there’s not that many other countries that have the configuration of North America to make tornadoes. And the word “hurricane,” you know, is a word coined in the Caribbean, like, so this is a unique, unique area in that regard. We have the Gulf of Mexico. We have this access for cold air from Canada or from the Arctic. And these two things conspire to move the jet stream, and then that helps carry this extra water vapor across this part of the North America. So, it’s a unique place, and you don’t have this kind, you don’t have tornadoes in Norway, for example. It’s just set up different, the weather’s set up differently. Here in the U.S. it’s a serious problem.

    Every continent save Antarctica has recorded tornadoes.  They are not uncommon in Norway and England.

  • Isn’t it amazing how when there are normal weather events like, for instance a reduced incidence of hurricanes, that you always here them say “weather is not the same as climate”.  However, it is always the same when it suits their purposes.

  • Bill McKibben gave the commencement address at our graduation this year.  A pretty impressive fellow.  I blogged about it: Ciao from Roma, Italia!

    • Why does this one not shock me?

    • Bill McKibben gave the commencement address at our graduation this year. A pretty impressive fellow. Certainly a lot smarter than the dense, thuggish, inbred, sterile climate deniers around here.

      And did you notice how I brilliantly implied that I’m much better informed than you, and that you are wrong, without really stating anything you can attack? That’s some brilliant post-modern analysis {analysis, analysis, analysis} if I do say so myself. Totally not opinion. Nope. Analysis. Rich, creamy analysis.

      I blogged about it. Yep, you can go right over there and see a virtual cornucopia of leftist ideas about community and happiness, and how we’re all so, so much happier when wise leftists are telling us how to live our lives right down to how we should tie our shoelaces. And of course how you all need to cede control of pretty much anything that involves energy to we wise, compassionate, community-minded leftists to prevent the world from catastrophic warming, which is totally settled science and consensus and stuff, and so you should stop posting those charts and graphs. Really.

      Oh, and ciao from Roma, Italia! Doesn’t that just sound oh so cosmopolitan? Sure, I could have said Rome, Italy, but I just had to tweak you thick righties with something that showed what a sophisticated and knowledgable world traveller I am, especially compared to you provincial, stagnant, anachronistic righties. Hey, and isn’t it just great how those anti-tea parties in Egypt, Libya, and Syria are turning out?

    • pretty impressive fellow.
      Does that mean that he knows all the “buzz words” ?

  • Classic “heads I win, tails you lose”.

    It’s too warm?  GLOBAL WARMING!

    It’s too cold?  GLOBAL WARMING!

    Too dry?  GLOBAL WARMING!

    Too wet?  GLOBAL WARMING!

    And kyle8 also hit another AGW con: weather and climate are not the same… except when it suits the gorebots to say that they are.  Recall this past winter when many places in the northern hemisphere were pummeled with unusually high snow falls.  PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE SNOW ON THE GROUND!  That’s WEATHER, you see, NOT climate.  Totally different.

  • I’m interested in pursuing these issues further.  I’m curious where the bloggers get their information regarding this topic; what websites, scientific journals, seminars etc. they go to.
    When you say “[CO2] doesn’t work as the models theorized it works and thus doesn’t have the amplifying effect they claim.” or that man’s contribution to the overall amount of CO2 emitted naturally is miniscule and not worth doing anything about” I’m simply curious where you got that information.
    I’m currently studying Earth and Environmental Science, and am aware that the Faculty at my University have varying positions on AGW.  While I’m focusing more on geology (and less so Environmental stuff), I still find the issue fascinating.

    • Start with “Watts Up With That ?” … but follow the links.
      Climate Depot sometimes has some good links (although Morano is a bit full of himself), but you have to read the stories.
      What is really interesting to to follow the foreign press on this subject.  The domestic press are brain dead for the most part.  They follow AGW with the same discriminating intellect as they do economic subjects … just the gloss.  Australia has a carbon “scheme” up and running and the stories are revealing.

    • What’s really interesting about the science is that nobody seems to actually “prove” anything.
      IPCC AR3 went through a whole exercise about how CO2 has a minimal heating effect, but that it’s supposed to cause more water vapor to go into the atmosphere.  It is the water vapor that is supposed to cause most of the heating.  The theory goes that it will create a “signature” heating around a 10km altitude near the tropics.  To date, there have been no studies that have ever detected this “signature” heating .. absolutely none.

      • And if memory serves the measured water content of the atmosphere is not increasing either.

  • Russia, Japan and Canada told the G8 they would not join a second round of carbon cuts under the Kyoto Protocol at United Nations talks this year and the US reiterated it would remain outside the treaty, European diplomats have said.


  • Interesting today that Merkel announced that Germany will decomission all nuclear power by 2022, she’s apparently caved into the Japanese tsunmai terror. Supposedly nuclear makes up about 25% of Germany’s generating capacity. Now how do you suppose the Germans are going to keep their citizens warm and their large industrial manufacturing economy going with that power lost? Install solar panels that won’t work in winter? Wind farms to intermittently run the lights? Hmmm, what else does Germany have in abundance? Coal? Yep. And natural gas supply from Russia, the Germans have been real cozy with the Russians on that lately. It can’t be long before the Germans give up any pretense to Kyoto either.

  • McKibben is the idiot who wants to put Jimmy Carter’s solar panels back on the roof of the White House. And he decided that 350 parts per million is the perfect amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Impressive fellow he is not.