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"Death panels"? Don’t make me laugh. Why look at other single payer systems, they don’t have "death panels", do they?

Just check out one of the longest running versions of the liberal/socialist dream:

British citizens who smoke, drink, or tip the scales because they’ve eaten too many fish and chips could soon be denied medical treatment for lifestyle-related illnesses. It’s a system the United States will be forced to implement under ObamaCare.

Great Britain’s government-run health care system, the National Health Service (NHS), has long considered limiting coverage for people with illnesses deemed to be lifestyle-related. In 2005 the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), the NHS’s guiding body, advised that smokers and obese people be refused health care. Now NHS North Yorkshire and York is preventing certain operations for the obese or smokers because they say unhealthy lifestyles lower their chance of success.

Clare Gerada, chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners, told UK reporters, “These policies are being introduced because of financial constraints,” said Gerada.

And, of course, it is no longer your choice or frankly, your health – it all belongs to the state and the state says, "misbehave and we’ll punish you by making you live with your unauthorized choices and refusing to treat you". And they’ll pin it on those non-compliant miscreants … they just don’t live the proper lifestyle and thus their benevolent government has chosen for them – and it has chosen not to treat them.

But don’t you dare call those decisions the result of “death panels”.

They already have a postal-code lottery. Where you live determines the amount of care you receive. Since there’s nothing available outside the NHS, it means the local trust has the authority to change the benefits or determine the level of care you receive,” Herrick says.

Although everyone is supposed to receive “free” health care from the NHS, Herrick notes, NICE determines the level of benefit from a certain drug or procedure. Based on that NICE research, the local trusts may decide the cost of a certain cancer drug is too high or not effective enough so they won’t buy any or will ration it in some areas of the country.

Because, you know, there are no such things.


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15 Responses to "Death panels"? Don’t make me laugh. Why look at other single payer systems, they don’t have "death panels", do they?

  • I continue to be astonished the left has no fear of IPAB.  You would think after all the hate for Bush and government when he was President, these people would be quaking with fear to think of another GW Bush in charge of the IPAB appointments and the whole health care system.  But, somehow, they seem to think it will “all just work out”.

    • No that’s the appeal.  They want someone else to be hero/villain for their lives.  Someone else to blame or to pin their hopes on.  Its easier than taking accountability for your own life.

      • I once explained to a leftie over some beers that it isn’t like the people on the right enjoy the rat race, but that the other options we have come up with don’t work that well either.

    • What they count on is what we’ve seen with regard to cutting the budget at the state (think Wisconsin) or the federal level:

      (1) Most Republican politicians are perfectly happy to keep spending, spending and spending, and so can be counted on not to rock the boat;

      (2) MiniTru and various interest groups (especially public sector unions, academia, and the AARP) will spend billions to combat any efforts to cut “their” parts of the budgets.

      In short, the idea is to get spending in place; it will NEVER be meaningfully reduced, much less eliminated.  So, have no fear that a second George Bush (who was hardly a skinflint with the budget) will undo what has been done.  And if he “abuses it”… Well!  What a great campaign issue!  Remember: Captain Bullsh*t has cut more from Medicare than Paul Ryan ever thought about doing, but it’s Ryan who wants to push Granny off the cliff.

  • Great Britain’s government-run health care system, the National Health Service (NHS), has long considered limiting coverage for people with illnesses deemed to be lifestyle-related

    >>>>  Want to have some fun?  Try to have them apply this rule to AIDS or abortion.  Those are also “lifestyle-related”

    • I was thinking about this as well. In the United States, once race was taken into account, I would predict there would be an uproar that Latino and African-Americans were being cut off due to cultural preferences.
      Then we would start handing out waivers.

      • Then again, thin white progressives might hate fat people enough to not hand out race cards for this.

  • I realize the Constitution is a dead letter now days but would it be Constitutional to tax everyone then not give the same benefits to everyone?

    • you mean the way there are all sorts of programs, educational assistance and loans available to women and minorities but not to white males?

    • Well, you state two hypotheticals…
      1. we tax everyone…of course, at present, we DO NOT.  Only about half of us pay for our government
      2. giving equal benefits.
      I suppose I’d have to say that having equal ACCESS to benefits from government, regardless of race, creed, color, etc. is our goal.  It would be natural to expect some of us would use benefits that others would never access, such as using the courts.

  • Texas as the British Death Panels beat.  The Tort Reform Act of 2003 is a legal weapon used against Texans whereby  no care is given in emergency rooms and no accountability necessary.
    Case in point:  Link to video showing no accountability necessary when no care is given.

    Or, just Google Cleveland Mark Mitchell, then click on youtube.

  • Death panels…what a moral issue!  Do we not all know folks who drink and or smoke and or have bad life styles who outlive most “normal” folk?  Do we not know people or of people who died young who did drink (alcohol!) and or smoke and or have bad life styles who died young?  Who decides if it was the drink and/or the smoking and/or the bad life style or just a matter of negative genetic predispositions that caused the illness?  Who is going to play G-d?  And what about folks who did not and do not smoke who grew up around clouds of second hand smoke?  Are these folks guilty of some heinous sin and to be denied medical benefits?  Who plays G-d?  And what do we do with these people of evil life styles if we deny them medical care?  Do we just tell them “I’m sorry but you smoked a pack of cigarettes a day.  You’re going to die.  Get out of my office!  Oh, by the way…have a nice day!”?
    I support the President as my Commander in Chief…it’s in our oath of commissioning and our civilian government service oath.  But I saw my co-pay for Blue Cross go up 100%.  Where is this money going?  Why?  What is the end state and, as importantly, how do we all pay for this in a democratic society where the people were not asked their opinion?  I guess we really do live in a Republic where most of our elected representatives believe that, once elected, they can do whatever they darn well please and to hell with the American people they “represent.”  Mr. Westmoreland is the ONLY representative who has ever bothered to contact me…he is the ONLY representative incumbent I will always vote for.  He may not be listening to me but at least he’s asking!