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What do AGW alarmists and Harold Camping have in common?

Jeff Jacoby points out that climate change alarmists have fouled their nest so badly that the majority of the public in general has now concluded their cause is overhyped.   Climate change, as a pressing priority, is receding in the public’s eyes.  It simply doesn’t consider the warning credible.  Why?

Well answer this – if Harold Camping came out today and claimed that the world was going to end on October 21st, after previously claiming it would end on May 21st, how much credence would you give his claim? 

About as much as the scaremongers in the AGW game, one supposes, since much of what they warned would happen not only hasn’t happened but doesn’t appear likely to happen.  As I noted yesterday, however, that doesn’t keep the scare machine from cranking out new and more horrible predictions.

Jacoby points to one made by Newsweek which is, well, laughable on its face.  

“Worldwide, the litany of weather’s extremes has reached biblical proportions,’’ Newsweek intones, pointing to tornadoes in the United States, floods in Australia and Pakistan, and drought in China. “From these and other extreme-weather events, one lesson is sinking in with terrifying certainty. The stable climate of the last 12,000 years is gone.’’ This is what comes of burning fossil fuels for energy, which has increased atmospheric CO2 levels by 40 percent above what they were before the Industrial Revolution. “You haven’t seen anything yet,’’ Newsweek preaches. “Batten down the hatches.’’

Anyone spot the blatant bit of nonsense in there?   We’ve never had a “stable climate” for the last 12,000 years.   Jacoby quotes William Happer, distinguished Princeton physicist, on the reality of that time period:

“Carbon is the stuff of life,’’ he points out. “Our bodies are made of carbon.’’ Yes, atmospheric CO2 is higher today than it was before the industrial age — 390 parts per million now vs. 270 ppm then — but there was a time when “CO2 levels were several thousand ppm, much higher than now. And life flourished abundantly.’’ Indeed, greenhouse operators artificially boost CO2 concentrations in order to grow better flowers and fruit.

So why recoil from the modest increase in carbon emissions caused by fossil-fuel use? Because more CO2 means more climate change? Happer shoots down that idea. The earth’s climate is always changing, sometimes dramatically. During the medieval warming of a thousand years ago, temperatures were much higher than they are now; during the Little Ice Age six centuries later they were much lower. “Yet there is no evidence for significant increase of CO2 in the medieval warm period, nor for a significant decrease at the time of the subsequent little ice age.’’

It is like history and the climate records that go with it don’t exist for the alarmist crowd.  If you can’t explain it, apparently it is now ok to ignore it.  Thus the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age – inconvenient facts that refute the claim – seemingly never happened.  Not if you want to push the “12,000 years” of “stable climate”.

As I’ve asked any number of times, when did the science that previously saw CO2 as a lagging indicator change it into a leading indicator or cause of warming?  It hasn’t.  Nor does it have the amplifying effect that the alarmists claim through their flawed models.   In fact, none of the predictions they have made over the years have even come close to fruition for the reasons they state.   And it is clear, as we actually have real scientists study the atmosphere and climate, that there is still a vast amount they are discovering about the climate.  This, for instance:

Scientists at Marine Biological Laboratory say trees in a mini-forest where they simulated future global warming stored more carbon, a bonus offset for expected higher CO2 releases from the faster decay of organic matter in soil as Earth heats up.

Apparently as the atmosphere warms, trees store more carbon as “woody tissue”.  Result?

But project leader Jerry Melillo of MBL said this study demonstrates for the first time that global warming would also be likely to increase the carbon storing potential of trees, by speeding up nitrogen cycling in the forest — more matter decomposing frees up more inorganic nitrogen compounds, such as ammonium (also known as garden fertilizer), causing greater tree growth and more tree tissue available to store carbon.

The increased carbon storage capacity of the trees in MBL’s Harvard Forest experiment was enough to outpace atmospheric CO2 gain resulting from the warmer soil, Melillo concluded.

And most likely, any human contribution, as small as it is, would also be absorbed.  One could also theorize that other plant life might also store more CO2 than they do now.  Of course, if true,  that would likely mean that the human contribution (or CO2 for that matter) was not having the effect that alarmists attempt to claim, but instead the warming was due to other causes.

I’m sure, however, since this is a recent discovery, that the models don’t factor that in.  Of course, they don’t factor in cloud albedo either – something not only  critical to our climate, but fundamental.  But hey, that would get in the way of the desired results, wouldn’t it?

AGW is slowly strangling on its own fouled science.  As I pointed out yesterday and Jacoby points out today, that’s only increased the stridency of these cranks.  Scaremongering is headed to new heights in the coming months.  And, as it turns out, the basis for their “end of the world” scenarios is about as firm as that of Harold Camping and his end of the world claims.


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30 Responses to What do AGW alarmists and Harold Camping have in common?

  • Actually, there are two other answers for that:

    1) They’re both religious zealots
    2) They can’t intepret their sources/evidence correctly

    • 3) Who use specious models predicated on data that cannot be verified.
      4) Who have REPEATEDLY been PROVEN to be WRONG.

  • I vote for all of the above, which brings us around to control and that is their ultimate goal.

    • John, to put a fine point on it: Societal Control.
      If you control society, you control it’s wealth.

  • Like I said about Erb’s little mind-blurt in the last post… Climate change/greenism is a contradictory dual position to standard socialism, but rather than weakening modern socialism as a political position (after all, anti-human deep green ideas belong more to national socialists than communists) it strengthens it because exponents can claim to be championing someone all the time regardless of reality. It is the perfect post-modern weapon. Therefore the *science* behind “climate change” is irrelevant, it is the narrative that matters.

  • Scaremongering is headed to new heights in the coming months.

    I hope everyone got Erp’s dark little threat on the post from yesterday.  Only bad people deny AGW.  They are harming billions.  And perhaps they should be accountable.
    Any time, Erp.

    • And they WILL be held accountable, the high priests of enviroscience will appease the Icelandic earth spirits by casting deniers into the next conveniently exploding volcano!  There’s consensus that if this is done, the earth will rest, there will be no storms, or Teutonic (thank you Mr. President) shifts, until….until there are….and then there will be need for further sacrifices until Gaia is appeased and the wealth has been transferred to the satisfaction of the leftist world community.

    •  Only bad people deny AGW.  They are harming billions.  And perhaps they should be accountable.

      >>>  Only bad people deny the murderous impact of Communism. They are harming billions.  And perhaps they should be held accountable.


      • You know, when I saw that authoritarian impulse come out of that jacka$$, I confess that the first thing I wondered was whether he got that rhetoric from his ex-Soviet father-in-law. Probably not, though. He had plenty of authoritarian leftist professors with honed indoctrination skills.

    • Yeah, I saw that dark little threat. Talk about true colors coming out. We “political idiots” on the right apparently need to be “held accountable” for “change that can be seen in recent US weather”.

      If we used that kind of rhetoric about him and his ilk (which our own sense of morality forbids), they would be shouting from the rooftops that we were Nazis or worse. They would be certainly shouting about McCarthyism.

      The bright spot here is that you just know he got that “analysis” from some leftie commentator or writer somewhere. If the left is down to those kind of authoritarian threats to try to get their way, that’s one of the signs that things are about to go totally against them (see Madison, Wisconsin for a recent example). When pushed to the wall, the Left consistently threatens use of force in retaliation. Apparently, it’s in their DNA to be thugs whenever necessary to get their way. (Though that sniveling professor in Maine is far too cowardly to exert force directly – like all good members of the leftist professoriate, he expects the actual thugs to be hired for him by his political colleagues.)

      • Yeah, Madison, where the CAB authorized the recall election of 6 Republicans, but is still weighing the merits/legality/propriety of 3 recall elections for Democrats.  Just the sort of world Erb agrees with.

      • Though that sniveling professor in Maine is far too cowardly to exert force directly – like all good members of the leftist professoriate, he expects the actual thugs to be hired for him by his political colleagues.

        Come to it…I like the doctrine of our current war-fighters: cut off the head, the rest of the body won’t offer much resistance.

    • But let’s be realistic, we take these threats from Erb as seriously as we take his posts.

      • Somebody with a research staff should compile the Black Book Of Environmentalism.
        I bet the numbers of people crap, witch-doctor “science” has killed would be IMMENSE.

        • Starting with the people killed by malaria since DDT was outlawed after some huckster managed to convince people that it was killing bald eagles or whatever.  I suspect that number will pale in comparison to the numbers of dead when food prices continue to rise so that rich Western libs can feel good about “saving Mother Earth” by pumping ethanol into their Mercedes and Lexuses and BMW’s instead of shipping corn to hungry people around the world.

          • If the number could be tolled, it would be in the very high tens of millions or beyond, I have no doubt.
            And it would not be that hard to come up with, either.  Consider the deaths directly attributable to driving lighter, weaker cars.  There are LOTS of other examples.

    • We’re talking about millions, or billions, in grant/research funds.

  • Apparently, it’s in their DNA to be thugs whenever necessary to get their way.

    More likely than you think.

  • If it weren’t for the fact that the dictators in Mordor on the Potomac have so much potential for catastrophic negative affects on all our lives, normally I would simply dismiss it. But these Environmental Terrorists have the same religious fanaticism of certain un-named Mid-East whack-jobs.
    Facts don’t enter into this equation, this fight is for Power, Money and Societal Control, with such high stakes, they don’t need no stinking facts.

    Temp vs. CO2 concentrations over the last 600M years. (We’re at all time lows, folks)

    And, naturally, the CO2 “Residence Time” as stated by the IPCC is EIGHT TIMES higher than all other studies but one.

  • Tangentially related, European power companies are threatening to sue the German government for accelerating the total disbandment of their nuclear power plants. Unintended consequences anyone? No doubt some other EU governments will be pissed as well since they will be owners in some of these companies. So calculated political move in Germany to placate the strong luddite greeny faction backfires into serious internal EU discontent, financial mess and eventual drowning in poisonous carbons when they fire up the coal and gas fired power plants to provide spinning reserve for the non-existent green energy sources Erb worships. This is the European dream Erb aspires to?

    • I should look up the quote, BUT recently an official with the power utilities in Britain said that constant, reliable electrical power just had to be a thing of the past…for the greater good, you see?
      Obama is working toward that same end, using the “skyrocketing costs” modality.

      • I doubt the Germans are dumb enough to let it get that far, Erb might believe the rhetoric but it isn’t him that needs to run the largest economy in Europe on pixie dust and unicorn farts. They’re a manufacturing economy, they need reliable power. Also Merkel is a nuclear physicist so she knows full well the relative safety of the German nuclear plants, so it is purely a political move on her part to shore up support against the loony greens that are making headway at the moment. Give it a few years and they’ll reverse the decision when it is politically safe.

  • Plants “breath” in CO2 making them grow and “exhale” Oxygen that we breath. WOW!!!! I think I learned that when I was 10 or so in earth science class.

  • Severe weather – hurricanes, typhoons, twisters, thunderstorms – is caused when cold dry air and moist warm air collide.  Global warming in temperate zones would make weather milder rather than more severe weather. 

    Warm is better than cold.  If the North and Canada experienced a 5°C increase, we would have more arable land and a longer growing season.  If the polar ice caps again melted (as Vikings documented during the medieval warm period) Greenland would again be available as pasture.  Heating costs would drop, but be offset by air conditioning.  The dire warnings of tropical islands and coastal flooding did not occur for two reasons – warmer tropical air absorbed more moisture and floating ice (such as the Arctic Ice Cap) is mostly floating and has already displaced its mass.

    • Hey, you better watch that loose talk. You might get labeled a “political idiot” and “held accountable” for the next tornado or hurricane that pops up.

      The fact that what you say makes complete sense is not a defense.

      • I hope he comes back and tells us exactly how he would “hold us accountable”

        • Frankly I think those who are helping spread this lie and trying to extort money from us because of it ought to be the ones held accountable.