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Syria using helicopter gunships against its citizens

So, where’s the UN, NATO and R2P? I mean, this should be bad enough to get them involved given the Libya scenario:

Syrian tanks took up positions outside the city of Hama on Saturday, where tens of thousands of people took to the streets to mourn the deaths of at least 65 protesters gunned down by security forces there the day before.

But wait, there’s more:

The government’s violent crackdown against a three-month-old popular uprising continued, with helicopter gunships killing 10 people in a neighboring province and residents of Hama bracing for a military assault that would be the first on the city since the government bombed it in 1982, killing at least 10,000 people.

Wow, that was enough to get Gadhafi the full might of the UN, NATO and the US to come down on him.

What is that?  Is that the sound of hypocrisy I hear in DC, Europe and the UN?   Inconsistency?  Or just cluelessness?

So many were treated for gunshot wounds at local hospitals that blood supplies ran low, residents said. Throughout the night, loudspeakers on mosques normally used for calls to prayer urged people to donate blood.

Yeah, this isn’t anything like our illegal war in Libya, is it?


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7 Responses to Syria using helicopter gunships against its citizens

  • If they were just honest and said “Libya is doable because its a small country, closer to Europe, and has viable rebel forces” I would feel better about it. Then, even if you cloaked it in human rights BS, I could at least swallow it.
    Seriously, when I was reading about Libya in the early days, I didn’t hear any actual massacres take place, except some talk from Mommar, and we all know that Arabs exaggerate in speeches…”Mother of All Battles” etc.
    Its not a war crime to fire mortars at armed rebels.

    • HarunIf they were just honest and said “Libya is doable because its a small country, closer to Europe, and has viable rebel forces” I would feel better about it.

      I don’t know that I’d feel better, but at least I could appreciate the honesty: “We’re bullying him because nobody likes him and he can’t really fight back.”

      What I’d like to know is: where’s the anti-war crowd?  Where are all the human rights activists?  Where’s the international aid flotilla, bravely set to dare the Syrian navy to do it’s worst while it delivers Iranian-made arms food and medical supplies to the Syrian people?

      I think we all know the answers to those questions.  However, I pose a follow-up: are lefties too stupid to see the difference between Syria and Israel, or are they just a pack of f*cking hypocrites and anti-Semites*?


      (*) Have you seen the stories coming out of San Francisco about “Foreskin Man”?  Jebus… Or that town in Scotland that’s prominently labeling Israeli-made products so that the jocks can know not to buy them?  Hitler’s smiling in hell right now.

      • Yeah, you know, human shields?
        Oh, that’s right, you can only be a human shield when the GOVERNMENT asks for them and that’s the last thing the Syrian government wants right now.
        “or are they just a pack of f*cking hypocrites and anti-Semites*?”
        You said it, no need to embellish that, it’s perfect as is.

      • Qadaffy is not a nice guy. Taking him out is not a bad aim, and he may have done some atrocities…but when you use that as your principle alone, you get into hypocrisy very fast

        • Absolutely.  I regret that Reagan didn’t get him back in ’86.  However, the hypocrisy on display by the left here is just nauseating.

  • The funny part is that Libya really is the classic “war for oil” that the left had been whining about for years. 

  • Yeah, Syria was idle enough to organize a pseudo assault by civilian protestors on the Golan Heights for the 6 day war anniversary though and allege the Israelis killed 20 in the process- the concern about the helicopter gunships and tanks being used to assault one of their own cities – not so much.
    “Look over there!!!! Joooooooossss!!!!!! ” Why aren’t you people paying attention!!!! ALLAH’U AKBAR!!!!  AND ALL THAT!  I said JOOOOSSSS!!! JOOOOSSSSS!!!! WHY AREN’T YOU LISTENING!!!!!”