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If freedom is choice, what’s the light bulb ban?

It is a restriction of your freedom to choose.  It is government assuming the role of deciding what is best for you instead of allowing market and consumers the freedom of making that decision and choice.

The greens and the Obama Administration assert that the new light bulbs are good for the lumpen bourgeoisie because they will cut electricity use and save the average household $50 a year. Mr. Obama’s Energy Department told Congress recently that to repeal the ban would "detrimentally affect the nation’s economy, energy security, and environmental imperatives." Yes, and cause the seas to rise to swamp Miami and New York too.

If you catch the sarcasm in the WSJ column cited, I believe it is well deserved.   You see, if the average household found it worth $50 a year to make such a change, they’d do so based on their priorities, not government’s.  That’s freedom.  Instead we have the government forcing that decision on households whether they like it or not.  And the reasoning?  Well it has become almost cliché to cite Orwell when talking about many things modern government does, but in this case, and after the reading the following, tell me if you don’t agree it is entirely appropriate:

In classic doublespeak, the Department of Energy explains that outlawing incandescent bulbs will "empower consumers with lighting choices." Unless your choice is to buy the light bulb the government doesn’t like.

Indeed.  There is no “choice” involved here at all, except to refuse to buy CFLs and sit in the dark.  

When government can reach down to the level of deciding what you can and can’t buy for lighting your house, then you have seen your freedom diminished.  And it can be for all sorts of good intentions – but it doesn’t change the simple fact that your freedom to choose is less today than yesterday.  In fact, we need to update an old saying.  The road to serfdom is paved with freedom killing laws based on good but collectivist intentions.  Yeah, it’s not really very snappy but you get the idea.

Our freedom is slowly bleeding away, suffering a death by a thousand cuts.  And we’re as much to blame as the government.

The question an (allegedly) free society should ask is if CFL bulbs are so clearly superior, why does the government have to force people to buy them?

Because it can.  And we let it.

Insist Congress repeal the ban.  Meanwhile – stock up on incandescent bulbs.  I am.


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15 Responses to If freedom is choice, what’s the light bulb ban?

  • Yes, it’s kind of like the head of Government Motors wanting an extra $1.00/gal  gasoline tax so we’ll “want” to buy their cars. 

  • I am exercising my choice to stock up on incandescent bulbs, and to support NON-idiots for public office at all levels, and in every area where I can send a little money.

    RE Brown, the day will never come when I buy a Government Motors or Chrysler product again. 

    Choice.  Gots to love it.

  • I was at home depot a few days ago, looking to buy some of those new LED spot lights.  I’m using them to illuminate some art work.  It makes sense to pay $40 for a light if you know it wouldn’t damage a 350 year old painting.  However I also picked up a few boxes of 100watt incandescent.  I don’t even use 100 watt bulbs in my house (usually just stick with 60’s) but I hate someone telling me what to buy.

  • Wait until you need to have a CFL as your refrigerator light.

  • I wonder how much outrage would occur if the alternative is a nice romantic kerosene lamp.  NOW THAT is contributing to carbon output!  Do your part!
    Buy kerosene lamps!

    • Kerosene? Tsk, Tsk, Cargosquid. It is derived from petroleum, hence, bad for Gaia and Globull Warming. Instead, we should use whale oil, dolphin squeezings, and penguin juice.

      • I was staying at a hotel in Amsterdam on Earth Day once. They were going to turn off all their public area lights for one hour, so they placed candles and lanterns all over the place so guests could see their way around.
        How dumb was that.
        I kept my lights on in my room.

  • Insist Congress repeal the ban.

    I’m with ya on this one.  I also propose burning Congressmen for fuel.  Although I understand you have to dry bullshit before it will ignite.
    Meanwhile – stock up on incandescent bulbs.
    Not sure I see the point.  CFL’s have actually come a long way in the last few years.  While I FULLY support your RIGHT to buy an incandescent, just because the government mandates something doesn’t mean the opposite is automatically the best action.  I’ve been slowly replacing incandescent with CFL as the incandescent burn out, *especially* in rooms where I leave lights on for long periods of time.

    • My experience with CFLs is that they take a long time to turn on, and they burn out quick (I assume this is because they are often tunred non and off).

      I don’t have anyplace I leave the lights on long. I tend to turn them off when they are not needed. Now, in the morning, I tend to turn the lights in the bathroom on sooner and leave them on as I go in and out until I’m ready to leave. Before I would always turn them off as soon as I left the room.

    • “Although I understand you have to dry bullshit before it will ignite.”

      Not if you soak this bullshit in gasoline first…preferably from crude extracted from Anwar.

  • I’m waiting for the day when a future Congress discovers that the CFL’s contain mercury and ban THEM, then pat themselves on the back for “looking out for the American people.”


  •  Everyone is so brain dead…and the youth…they are making sure they are ‘dumbed down’…so no resistance…tv and movies are mostly garbage…desensitizing them to violence and effectively killing decency and brain function…it is ALL about population control…O’s health care would eliminate care for older really sick people…I believe anyone, elderly, welfare, handicapped, mentally ill, anything that costs the GOV $ will be eliminated…FEMA CAMPS ARE ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY, Check them out…REFUSE THE RFID CHIP and see where you live and die…
    what they don’t realize is GOD is in the business of pop control also…every so often he wipes out whole nations, towns, races, because they are so vile and evil and have not listened to HIM…a few listen and are spared and as we know history does repeat itself…their time is coming and they are the ones who will be eliminated straight to hell in the end…satan knows where he is spending eternity and wants to take as many souls with him…away from GOD…as he can.
    I don’t know any other way to be safe…food, water, light, air, vaccines, even the atmosphere, so we can’t even grow our own healthy food… all we can do is fight to get GOD BACK INTO THIS COUNTRYS HEARTS AND BRAINS…and get right with JESUS, cause prophetic as GODS WORD IS, THE BIBLE, IS THE TRUTH AND TELLS US EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN…that is, HE IS COMING AGAIN AND SOON and I do not want to rot in hell with the evil that is roaming this earth…
    get prepared cause we don’t know if pre-trib mid or post-trib but we do know it will be soon and what is here already is really bad, earthquakes are gonna be worse and worse as horrid as Japans was…horrible…and the news is all like showing the boats and docks getting wrecked of our coast from the sunami waves…that in itself is shocking…and so typical of American shallowness…