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The “debate”

Consider this an open thread – talk about the debate last night between GOP candidates or whatever.  I’ve got to hit the road.

Conventional wisdom seems to be forming that Romney and Bachman (who announced her candidacy for President at the debate, thereby stealing a lot of the air in the room) were the winners.   Slate’s Joan Walsh, of course, think “American’s lose” regardless of which GOPer won.

I have to wonder where Walsh has been hiding these past 3 years if they think any of those on the stage last night could do a worse job than the present administration.

There’s also the media angle – CNN conducted it, and many have complained that John King spent way too much time on social wedge issues that are the least of our problems now rather than dealing with the economy and foreign policy, etc.

Finally, does anyone really care right now about such debates?   And isn’t it a debate in name only.  It’s a freakin’ Q & A session with the moderator doing the questioning.  I’d actually love to see a debate instead of some news anchor deciding to ask what’s apparently important to him.


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  • I’d like to try a differnent angle:  the candidates all agreed to this ‘format’.  Does this say something about them?

  • This format avoids the potential for a “voodoo economics” moment between members of the same party.

  • Maybe the GOP should save the money from running a full primary and just play a game of cow pie bingo.  If you don’t know how this works it is simple.  Each candidate gets a square in a field.  You release a cow and the first square that gets a cow pie wins.  Cheap, effective and it communicates how we feel about whomever wins. Heck they will save so much they might as well spend the big bucks and rent an elephant.
    I figure any average American has a good 80% probability of being better then Obama.  Heck just randomly pick 100 small business owners, who bring their trash cans in promptly on trash day and give them a square on the field.  When the winner is “Chosen” by Belle the Republican Elephant, put a bag over their head and don’t let anyone interview them until after election day.  During the election the GOP could just run a few adds on TV and radio, “We really don’t know who our candidate is and we don’t care.  Merely because they have some executive experience and know how to clean up after themselves we calculated that there is a 99% probability that he or she will be better then Obama.” 🙂

  • Can anyone answer why in god’s name a conservative would show up a liberal sponsored popcorn stand?
    It speaks to the lack of common sense that seems to pervade the current crop of contenders.

    • Are you trying to say the MSM will help us pick the worst candidate for the worst reasons and work to hide any strengths they might have to play against the current occupants weaknesses?  Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

      • The current system gave us John McCain as the R(ino)epulican Pick.  How can you imply its broken?

        /heavy sarcasm off. 

    • Because if the GOP justifiably ignores the liberal popcorn, the rest of the popcorn sellers will spend all of their advertising budgets whining on the non-story of how the GOP is scared, what do they have to hide, etc etc  (nevermind that the popcorn distributors were scared to buy popcorn from Fox, ignore that!)

  • Well, I have never heard of nor read “Joan Walsh.” … Meh. … Personally, guys …
    I thought this was a splendid “QandA,” if that is the way you want to phrase it. … What’s his name, … King, brought himself (but only himself) out of the woodshed as a part of the CNN ‘machine.’ Social issues are not wedge issues. Health care, right to life and, … illegal aliens are a genuine source of concern. Granted, I very firmly believe that all failed on the conflated issue of health care and illegal immigration. But, that is a different and personal story I will be happy to share as an Ex-Pat.
    If there was a loser, it was Pawlenty with his evasiveness about “Obomney Care.” Mitt, on the other hand, crushed that “thunder” with his polished answers. … I have to say … I would NOW vote for the guy because he makes sense. … (Paradoxically, (in a very carefully and judicially declared ‘staged comment’) his oratory skills just do not catch fire! … “Sarah Palin, report to OR3, STAT!”)
    Newt: the once and future thinker. … Newt dances with destiny and in the end has always decided on a compromise between a BJ and vision. … Newt … rose … magisterially, to heights worthy of astronomical scrutiny …. and then, failed. … Why (?), … we must own the battle-space of space. … He just did not grasp the necessary “reach” we must have with the US Navy and Marines. …
    Now, for those of you who do not understand the “medical ” protocol as practiced in the USN and USMC, it is all about the transition to ownership. … the US Navy will start the fight, the USMC will end it, and, the US Army will administer … , it … whatever, it, is. The USAF is on call and can do big things like destroy nations. Your call.
    It is just that simple. …

  • Just continue to stare longingly at your photos of Mitch from Indiana. Given a good campaign it was his nomination to lose.

  • So – here’s your shot – now the Dems take the lame ass debate questions, and claim it’s what the Republicans want to talk about in the next election.
    The Republicans need to tell the MSM to get screwed, just like Palin did.