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Notes from RightOnLine

The conference has a full list of breakout sessions that are quite interesting. I’ve attended two now, both fairly basic, but they’re on “tracks” meaning that subject will be built upon as the day progresses and you follow the track through to its conclusion.

I’ve run into some friends and acquaintances here and its good to see them. But the vast majority are obviously strangers. I’m wondering though whether this is more regional than an event like CPAC.

One interesting thing going on concurrently is the left is holding Netroots Nation right across the street and a good number of them are staying in the hotel in which RightOnLine is being held.



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4 Responses to Notes from RightOnLine

  • Welcome to the Twin Cities!  I’m not at the forum (work), wish I could have been there.  I have heard Michele talk many times.  That woman is awesome.  It may be somewhat regional, so to speak, Jason Lewis is/was a local talk show host who is now syndicated, the POWERLINE boys live here, and Captain Ed of HotAir also resides here.  So much for being a purple state, look who we have in the wings.  Bachmann, Pawlenty, and good alternate media.  And don’t forget the “Sons of Libery,” who even the glitter gay protestor mentioned.

  • Libery = Liberty