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Opposing “dumb war” is now “isolationist”?

As badly as I wish Obama wasn’t president, I constantly try to look at the bright side of things and remember neither is this guy:

Former Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) took aim at his party for what he called its growing movement towards isolationism, chastising the current GOP presidential field for not supporting U.S. military intervention in Libya and calling for speedy troop withdrawals from Afghanistan.

"This is isolationism. There’s always been an isolation strain in the Republican party, that Pat Buchanan wing of our party," McCain told "This Week" anchor Christiane Amanpour. "But now it seems to have moved more center stage."

That’s the most absurd bit of argument I’ve seen in some time.  Libya is a “war of choice” and a “dumb war” – two things Obama was supposedly against.  You can give him grief for getting involved, but it is obvious that John McCain has never met a war he didn’t like and, my guess is we’d be involved in even more if he had succeeded in capturing the White House.

Being against Libya has absolutely nothing to do with “isolationism”.  It has to do with involving ourselves in yet another military action at a time when our current military is stressed with a seeming unending deployment cycle, spending money we don’t have for something that has no connection whatsoever with our national interest and letting the UN and NATO dictate our participation instead of Congress.  Not to mention the fact that this is actually a real, live “illegal war” as opposed to the unfounded claim that Iraq was illegal.

Those four things alone are more than sufficient to oppose the war in Libya on sound principle.  

It is also apparent that John McCain is a fan of perpetual nation building, even while the nation we’re “building” is resisting it.  At some point, perhaps, it is time to reassess the situation and, like the mother bird to the baby bird, push the little blighter out of the nest.  If you can’t get a country to stand up on its own after 10 years, chances are it isn’t going to happen.   Iraq may not be the model of democracy or stability, but it at least is functional after the years we spent there.  And we went in there later than Afghanistan and we turned it all over to the Iraqis in a reasonable amount of time.

Again, pointing that out doesn’t make one an “isolationist”.   It makes one a realist.   Something with which John McCain has been acquainted.


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9 Responses to Opposing “dumb war” is now “isolationist”?

  • What exactly is wrong with an isolationist view?  Do we really have to get ourselves involved in everything?  Why not defend ourselves and aid our allies and leave it at that?

  • Remember that Obama is a community organizer. A few weeks before he went into Libya he threw out the predicates both to his opponents and his supporters that would organized them to support action in Libya.

    Republicans and many conservatives were easy. All that Obama had to do was say “Qaddaffi must go” and wait for McCain et al. to organize themselves around that. Nothing need be known about the “rebels” or remembered about the extent to which Qaddaffi had been pacified and restrained over decades. It all came down to grievances from yesteryear, and McCain in particular had a full Pavlovian response.

    Democrats and other Leftists were organized by the predicates that Obama borrowed from Samantha Powers, i.e., the “duty to protect.” The Left can be usually be duped by any new fad or fashion, if the duper is someone they approve of.

    So, a few weeks later, we were bombing in Libya, behind a pretense that European members of NATO had led us there. (They too were organized by Obama, though that’s not as clear as with his domestic oppponents and supporters.)

    Like I say, do not underestimate Obama. He has very well-developed methods and he is in power. And he is about power, full-on. With lies and manipulations no problem.

  • WRT McAnus, “When you are a hammer….”
    But, SOMETIMES, defending yourself effectively means being rather pro-active.
    I’d rather shoot the bad guys when they come out of the woods than fight them in my kitchen.

  • Cant McCain and his buddy Grahamnesty just shut up and go away.

    Take clueless Collins and Stupid Snowe with them.

  • I wonder if that one plane from Qatar is still operating in Libya. Probably went back home.
    I’m not against getting Qadaffy or helping the rebels, but we have an awful lot on our plate, and I have learned my lesson from Iraq…be very careful what you get into.  But the other qualifier from Iraq would be: don’t do things by halves. On the cheap Libya action may end up biting us in the rear.