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At the climate conference

Well I’ve managed to make it to ICCC6, which has the theme of “Restoring the Scientific Method”.

I’ve discussed that, in previous posts on the subject of climate change. Anyone who has followed this discussion is aware of the fact that I don’t believe the scientific method has been used well at all in advancing the alarmist message. And of course, “consensus” has absolutely no place in discussions of science.

Anyway, on with the show. To answer Huxley’s question, I’d say this is mostly a skeptic’s conference. We’ll see how it proceeds.


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4 Responses to At the climate conference

  • “Restoring the Scientific Method”.

    Put me down as a “Yea”.
    Of course, in the Collective, real science is despised.  Delusion rules.

  • Science, by it’s very definition, is SKEPTICAL.

  • McQ:I’m sure it’s mostly a skeptic’s conference. I was wondering how much of a range there was in the speakers and attendees. Are there many in the warmist/skeptic camp like myself?

    As to “Restoring the Scientific Method”, keep us posted. Since scientists come from the overwhelmingly Left stacked deck of academia, yet are unable to recognize their political biases and groupthink, this will be difficult.

    I’m curious what happens if global warming fails. I can’t remember a time when American science went all in publicly for a bad theory and was caught. Do they just carry on? Is there any accountability?