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Hugo Chavez reportedly has cancer

Venezuelan socialist strong man Hugo Chavez is reported to have had cancer surgery in Cuba (how freakin’ bad is it when you have to go to Cuba for treatment).

The usually vivacious Chavez, 56, confirmed in a stern speech on Thursday he had surgery in Cuba to remove a cancerous tumor and was receiving more treatment. He said he needed time to recover before returning to Venezuela to run his self-styled revolution.

A fiery critic of the United States, Chavez will miss events marking Venezuela’s 200th anniversary of independence from Spain. He had to cancel a regional summit planned for the momentous July 5 date.

Markets have generally reacted positively to news of Chavez’s health problems, on the presumption they improve the chances of a more business-friendly government.

The last sentence says it all.   If ever there’s been a person to ruin the economic health of a country, it is Hugo Chavez.   He’s now vulnerable.  And as the article says, there’s a power vacuum forming and in most cases that’s not a good thing – in this case, it could be a good thing:

"Political vacuums are rarely to be encouraged, but this one could lead to a slowdown in public spending and could raise the likelihood of an opposition victory in the next elections, and thus a less confrontational governing style," said Richard Segal, an emerging markets analyst at Jefferies in London.

An interesting situation.  And the longer he remains in Cuba, the shakier his position in Venezuela becomes.  Nothing would do the world and Venezuela more good than to see another revolution which ousts him from power and returns the country to a real democracy and market based economy.


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18 Responses to Hugo Chavez reportedly has cancer

  • Time for Colonel “Next” perhaps.

  • Has anyone started the pool for the first time/place we’ll see an accusation from some lefty conspirazoid that Chavez’ cancer the result of some CIA biological warfare operation?

    • Maybe his good friend Sean Penn will use his undercover expertise learned while playing Plame’s husband to unmaks this Bush/Cheney conspiracy.

    • Please.  It was obviously the Jooooooooos.

    • Well we are trying to assassinate Qaddafi under the guise of protecting civilians.   Obama assured us that KSM would be tried and convicted in court.  And Obama has authorized the assassination of Americans.
      So my guess is assassination is back in vogue with this administration, if it ever was out of vogue before.
      That aside I’m sure there’s a degree of paranoia more from his own citizens.  If he’s getting chemotherapy how easy would it be to give him 20cc dose of a drug in an IV drip bag instead of 10cc.  How could you even trace it in an autopsy when the poison is suppose to be there.

      • I’ll just add, who has Chavez screwed over more, the Cuban healthcare workers and industry or Venezuela’s?

    • Please.  It was an act of God.  When you lose favour with the Lord, you are doomed.

    • OMG … I almost forgot … it’s Global Warming of course

  • It is wrong of me to hope that it’s the painful and long-lasting kind of cancer that he has?

    • Yes, in a way. The longer the b@stard holds on, I think the worse it will be for the people of Venezuala. If he died quickly and unexpectedly, that might create a small chance that the people could reclaim the government before the second tier works out succession and solidifies their hold on power.

  • I can just imagine what his “Make a Wish” would be …
    P.S.  where do I send the sympathy card … Havana or Caracas ?

  • Odds on him trying to come to the USA to save his skin? We do have high cancer survival rates.