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Happy Independence Day–apparently it’s punch a Republican day too

I’m always amused when the left gets a little frustrated.  Somewhere in the “dance” that takes place with the give and take they often let their mask slip and let the inner beast out.

Many times its just a result of not getting their way.  For instance, New Jersey.  Known for its hardball politics, when the Democratic President of the Senate didn’t get consulted by the governor concerning the budget after claiming to have worked with Governor Christie on the parts of the budget together (obviously expecting political payback for doing so) the Governor apparently held to principle and using the power vested in him by the NJ Constitution used the line item veto to further “prune” the state budget.  Obviously his pruning took out some of the funding for programs that Sen. Sweeney felt he’d saved by cooperating previously.  Since that wasn’t the case, Sweeney lost his cool, went personal and launched a full ad hominem attack.

Senate President Stephen Sweeney went to bed furious Thursday night after reviewing the governor’s line-item veto of the state budget.

He woke up Friday morning even angrier.

"This is all about him being a bully and a punk," he said in an interview Friday.

"I wanted to punch him in his head."

I’ve always been of the opinion that the punk is the one who ends up attacking like that, suggesting violence, etc.  Now obviously you can argue that the politics of the past gave Sweeney the impression that cooperation would yield compromise.  Give a little on his side, get a little for his side.  But the belief that he’d get that was just that – a belief.  Obviously Christie felt he’d been clear about what his goals were and how he planned on accomplishing them.  Sweeney just as obviously thought he’d gotten around that by early cooperation. 

We often hear it said of Barack Obama that he is doing exactly what he said he’d do and we shouldn’t be surprised.  Apparently that argument is void in New Jersey.  Senate President Sweeney expects the old way of doing things – you know the way that has them in deep financial trouble – to prevail over the new way, i.e. a principled approach to running government and paying off the debt.  Obviously the guy who is doing what he said he’d do doesn’t agree with Sweeney. 

What a punch in the head, huh?

The other example is sort of just the mask slipping all by itself.  A self-inflicted wound so to speak  -and many times it’s on Twitter *cough*Wienergate*cough*.  For instance the Communications Director for the Wisconsin Democratic Party supposedly celebrating, one assumes, the “birthday” of Medicare.

Now there are a number of ways one could do that in 142 characters.   And an abundance of them would be perfectly acceptable, show one’s support for the program (if one supports it) and relay why the person writing the Tweet supports said program.  That’s if you’re not an idiot.   And that’s exactly what Graeme Zielinski comes across as in his Tweet:




Nice to see Democrats in such fine form in the “civility” department.  Perhaps now we can see a cessation of all the hypocritical and condescending lectures from them about the need for civility in politics, huh?


Happy 4th.


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18 Responses to Happy Independence Day–apparently it’s punch a Republican day too

  • You gotta allow them their little snits on a day like today.  You know it angers them no end to see people who actually love and celebrate their country. 

    Happy Birthday America!

  • You have to be quick with the fits, when  you slow with the wits.

  • The Collective’s National Day Of Mourning/Rage.
    I’ll go out and fire a rocket in their dishonor….

    Just a reminder of who and what the Frankfurt School was all about.
    Compare and contrast the reactionaries to the American Revolution.
    If you’ve never noticed, take a look at all that was happening in 1776, and the brilliant, stellar minds on the planet at the time, and the legacy we enjoy because of them.

    • Ah, but they owned slaves and killed indians, er, Native Americans. Oh, and women didn’t have the vote. And then there was the giant land theft of the Mexican American War.

      • Yes, and the fact that women didn’t have the vote pretty much anywhere else on the planet should be considered irrelevant.  Or the fact that a great many of the natives to the continent died of disease and delivery of same was unintentional.

        • Actually for the most part, the English/American colonization was not done with an intent to destroy the natives. The early English settlements were purchased from the natives, and the hostile actions were very much the result of a clash of cultures that could not maintain peacefull coexistance. The approach of the English and American governments was to seperate the settlers and natives, understanding that this was the only method to prevent clashes.

          There certainly were cases where the natives were treated poorly, but the natives were also good at causing trouble. The first major war between English and indian was started in 1622 Jamestown when the indians launched a surprise attack to kill all the settlers.

          • It wasn’t like they didn’t have wars before whites showed up.   The Algonquin confederation (but one grouping) had a lot of territory under it’s sway.
            But it’s so much more 60’s to paint them as children of the forest, grooving in harmony with Bambi and Yogi and falling victim to fat men in vests with cigars and whiskey and being slaughtered  in their peaceful villages by the banks of the Missywashclothes river in their thousands by “long knives”.
            And we won’t even venture to discuss the native Americans who made up the Aztec Empire, and what peace loving guys they were.

          • Looker, it isn’t so much that they had wars on ther own, it is that they in fact incited war with the English and American settlers, and their behaviour consistently invited retribution.

            Consider the Wounded Knee incident: it actually strikes me a similar to the Branch Davidian Waco incident. An armed end of times cult that had a confrontation with federal forces, resisted being disarmed in some manner, with a resulting massacre. Almost happened 100 years apart, but at least at Wounded Knee, the feds had a much better justification for their concern. And, at Wounded Knee it appears the feds actually had more concren for the eventual victims.

  • Hey McQ, it’s alright to give Graeme Zielinski my address in case he wants to celebrate!—CONEY

  • Happy 4th.
    Civility in politics is merely a term used by the left and the MSM to keep Republicans in line.

    • Eff “civility” in politics.  And eff anyone who pushes that tired line

      • Yep.  Jebus, it’s really schoolyard stuff: the little prick who bullies and shoves people around, then runs screaming to Mommy or teacher when somebody shoves back.

  • “If you’re not a liberal when you’re fourteen, you have no heart. If you’re still a liberal after you’re twenty-one, you have no brain” — Winston Churchill
    Again, the left demonstrates their abject immaturity (and hypocrisy, irrationality, fascist brownshirtism…)
    Waiting for the collapse and subsequent revolution.

  • “I wanted to punch him in his head.”

    I suspect Christie would have put him in ICU.

    • while of course I deplore such behavior, I must admit the mental image of Christie clocking him did make me smile a smile “that ran all round my face two times”.