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Obama embraces his inner Bush

So how does the left feel about the 3rd term of George Bush – when it comes to prosecuting wars?

The Obama administration, which refuses to send terrorism suspects to the detention center at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, on Wednesday defended its decision to interrogate a detainee for two months aboard a U.S. Navy ship, outside the reach of American law.

“He was detained lawfully, under the law of war, aboard a Navy ship until his transfer to the U.S. for prosecution,” presidential spokesman Jay Carney said.

Uh, wasn’t that the argument of the Bush administration?  Didn’t they say  that detaining unlawful combatants at Guantanamo was a lawful detention under the “law of war” (or similar words to that effect)?

After all, the only difference here is location.  One place is located on an island outside the US and the other is a ship located outside the US.  However, the very same thing happened in both locations – something Obama argued against most strenuously when but a mere candidate for office.

My, my … you mean George Bush might have been right about all this?  That it is indeed both legal and necessary?  How come we’re not being treated to the usual “Bush did it” this time?

Oh, and so much for Miranda rights, huh?

“Wherever possible, our first priority is and always has been to apprehend terrorism suspects and to preserve the opportunity to elicit the valuable intelligence that can help us protect the American people,”Mr. Carney said. He added that the International Committee of the Red Cross was allowed to visit the Navy vessel “and had an opportunity to interview the detainee aboard the ship.”

I’m sure the Red Cross was able to visit – after our boy had coughed up what he needed to cough up.  I love the expression of the “first priority” too.  To “preserve the opportunity to elicit the valuable intelligence that can help us protect the American people.”  But evil Bush – not so much huh?

Funny how the rules change when you get stuck with the responsibility of prosecuting a war and protecting the nation and everything is fine that you condemned previously.  Ignorance and hypocrisy are the operative terms here.


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14 Responses to Obama embraces his inner Bush

  • “Obama embraces his inner Bush”
    “What I appreciate about President Obama”

    • So far, the few things Obama has done right have been things that he copied from Bush. The problem is he was highly critical of Bush doing these things, so he’s a hypocrit at best.

    • That’s what you got out of this?
      Must be me, what I saw was a post on the rank hypocrisy of the current administration.
      Well, hypocrisy, or pre-election ignorance coupled with a more than healthy dose of arrogance.  Neither is very good.

  • The difference is that CIA officers apparently had NOTHING to do with the interrogations.  They were conducted solely by FBI agents.

    You know.


    Who are sworn to uphold the law.

    Which includes reading Miranda rights and adhering to due process laws and regulations.

    Not keeping a suspect locked away for two months without access to a lawyer, the Red Cross, and other rights.


    • But the accounts I’m seeing EXPRESSLY state that he was NOT Mirandized until the very end.
      Which is cool with me.  I’d be happy if they “Thompsonized” him, rather than Mirandize him
      Somebody should have asked Carney (an apt name for a shill, BTW) what the HELL “law of war” he was citing.
      A minor point on due process rights…you NEVER HAVE to read anybody Miranda warnings.  You just taint everything they might tell you with regards to using it as evidence AGAINST THEM…not a conspirator.  If you don’t need what they might say, you never have to Mirandize them.  If you never intend to prosecute them, no Miranda.

      • The way I see it, he’s on a ship.  I guess they still have yardarms, or at least something functionally similar, if you catch my drift.  They certainly have officers who could constitute a court martial.  And the Navy ALWAYS has rope laying around handy.