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About the "Twitter" revolution in Egypt

Things have certainly gotten better there – especially for US interests in the area – haven’t they?

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently announced the U.S. administration’s intention to officially renew dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. She said the move came as part of the administration’s readiness to talk with any peaceful group wishing to participate in the Egyptian elections, and that this dialogue would be a continuation of limited and intermittent contact that had existed between the U.S. and the Muslim Brotherhood over the past six years.

Responding to Clinton’s statements in an article published on the official website of the Muslim Brotherhood, its secretary general in Cairo, Dr. Muhammad Al-Biltagi, wrote that the movement had no personal interest in engaging in dialogue with the U.S., except as part of dialogue between the U.S. and Egypt as a whole. He added that the U.S.’s supportive stance toward Israel, its aggressive policies in Iraq and Afghanistan, and its support of Mubarak’s anti-Muslim Brotherhood policies could not be ignored.

Or, “once we take over we have no intention of having the close relationship with the US that it had under Mubarak.  Oh, and as long as you support Israel and are in other Muslim countries, we’re not particularly interested in “dialogue” either.”

Sounds pretty much what we all warned those enthralled with the “Twitter” revolution, as well as the “benign” Brotherhood about.

Tiger.  Stripes.


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9 Responses to About the "Twitter" revolution in Egypt

  • No, no. This is the anti-tea-party. Demographics mean their stagnant, anachronistic system could not go on. Which is rich, creamy analysis, and definitely not meaningless drivel I picked up from a New York Times editorial.

    Take it from someone with an advanced degree in foreign policy stuff – this is a natural evolution, and Muslims are not really very dangerous. Certainly the ones that visit the faculty lounge on special trips arranged by Saudi government are not. Why, they speak excellent English, and have assured us in no uncertain terms that Muslims are no threat to us. So you really ought to stop with this ridiculous, unhelful rhetoric, McQ.

    Otherwise, we might have to hold you accountable. Poor Obama of the christlike visage is struggling to overcome political idiots like you, with your sterile, inbred way of thinking. He’s facing sabotage at every turn from dense righties in Congress, who somehow bucked all the best analysis to accidentally win the last election. And don’t start up about how I said only six weeks before the election that it was a fantasy to think the GOP might take over, and that McQ called the numbers within a seat or two. I was working on the very best of information available to we wise pragmatic moderate leftist policical scientists, and there must have been some kind of temper tantrum from the voters that no one could anticipate.

    I suspect that the businessmen are sabotaging Obama too. Why else would they have stopped hiring people? They’re so vicious that they will hurt their own businesses to damage Obama and keep the unemployment rate way up there at 9%. Definitely not 15% by the way, and just shut up about how the numbers are counted differently, and the numbers of jobs keeps getting adjusted downwards and all that. Sabotage and misinformation, I tell you.

    That’s why Obama needs to step in there and get things moving. Everyone needs to sit down around the table and hammer out a consensus that solves our problems. And the discussion should be led, naturally, by wise, compassionate leftists for the good of all. After all, markets don’t adjust themselves, there’s no reason to believe they do. They need to guiding hand of wise, compassionate leftists, who are able to know exactly what businesses should do to prosper even though they’ve never run one. It’s just intuition, honed by advanced degrees.

    Anyway, the only reason the whole Egypt thing is not doing wonderfully is that we’re in Iraq. It was the biggest foreign policy disaster in history. So shut up about how I constantly predicted the surge would fail and the violence would increase right up until we were forced out. Just shut up about that. It could still happen. And I’m not either lying awake at night hoping it happens to prove me right. Stop saying that.

    Obama is almost certain to be re-elected, and one reason will be because of his wise, moderate diplomacy with these totally non threatening Muslim Brotherhood people. Along with his wise, moderate bombing in Libya, which is totally different from Iraq, so just don’t start.

    Sorry, I can’t talk down to have any more discussion with you today. I’m working on transferring my vinyl records to CD, and writing incisive blog posts about the rock group Styx. And I’m totally not doing that as a distraction because the whole Obama thing is looking grimmer by the week. Stop saying that. Come Sail Away was an important song, and my long blog post on Styx is important, and you should read it. Along with my other post about how social welfare programs make people more in control of their own lives by making them totally dependent on the government. It all makes sense if you read it. So stop laughing, and come on over.

  • IIRC, and I probably don’t….
    Iran had the twitter revolution, which failed and people died, but since things were crap already as far as the US is concerned, it’s not like it got worse…for us.
    Egypt did the Facebook revolution. That has not only failed but taken things VERY MANY steps backwards.
    Who’s gonna have the GooglePlus revolution? Will that be We The People, and maybe third time’s the charm and freedom will reign??? Or….zombie apocalypse. It’s one or the other.

    • Google+ has the best trends for interest in East Asia, like HK, Taiwan, Korea, etc. Since those are democracies I don’t know what that means for the next social media revolution.

  • The ‘narrative’ for trouble in paradise is that not enough of Mubarak’s “old ways” implying his regime was swept out.

  • Julian Assange seems to think he’s responsible for the Egypt uprisings..

  • Sad and pathetic. Doesn’t the administration realize that treating with a group constitutes a de facto grant of legitimacy?
    The key question in the future of Egypt is whether the armed forces will follow the path of the post Shah Iranian military or maintain their power and influence in a post Mubarak Egypt. I’m inclined to believe that the generals will not be able to rely on the loyalty of the average grunt when the time comes.

  • As usual, Erb called it . . .