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Worst President ever?

Ask FireDogLake’s (FDL) Eli:

No, I’m not ready to crown Barack Obama the Worst President Ever just yet, but consider this:

Yes, George W. Bush wrecked our economy, destroyed New Orleans, turned a budget surplus into massive deficits, ignored warnings of a major terrorist attack and used that mistake to lead us into two disastrous military quagmires…

But he also pushed relentlessly for conservative policies and delivered for his base with war, deregulation, tax cuts, environmental rollbacks, and an army of right-wing ideologues embedded in the federal government and judiciary.  He failed to privatize Social Security, but not for lack of trying.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, inherited a mess rather than creating one.  But not only has he failed to create jobs or restart the economy, he has paid only lip service to progressive policies and betrayed his base at almost every turn.

Hmmm … so what should he have done, Eli?  I mean I’m with you on the “failed to create jobs or restart the economy”.  No rocket scientist needed to figure that out. But obviously, unlike W, who took every supposed opportunity to give his base those things they love – like wars (how’s it going in Libya these days, sport?) – your Prez isn’t giving you guys what you want?

Appreciate the fact you actually seem to believe the right loves wrecked economies (because you know, that’s super pro-business) and terrorist attacks (because he ignored intel? Guess Obama is the only one who inherits messes, huh?), but what should your man be doing?

Instead of using the financial crisis or the current debt hysteria to push through a progressive agenda like Bush used 9/11 to push through a conservative one, he’s using them as an excuse to capitulate to Republican budget chickenhawks, and even to cut Social Security and Medicare.

Ah, he’s violating the “never let a good crisis go to waste” maxim, eh?  Good lord, yes, we should have spent gobs more money on, well, only Sheriff Joe knows, and he should have insisted on the public option,  no wait, single payer, and on “teh  ghey” issue, well he’s just been horrible.  Right?

And he had that pure liberal Democratic Congress for how long?  Yeah, 2 years, and what came out of there?  *Sigh*.   What’s a liberal to do.

So which is worse?  The president who serves his base and sets the country on fire, or the president who stiffs his base and fights fire with gasoline?

Mmmm … I’ll have to think about that a second.  Nope, don’t need too – the last guy.  It explains why “Miss me yet?” t-shirt sales are booming.

John Cole, however, is having a cow stating sarcastically:

Any good liberal in the year 2011 would be confused when choosing between Obama and Bush for the title of “Worst President Ever.”

He seems to think FDL is effin’ “clinical”.

It’s tough when the blinders finally come off, isn’t it?  Unsurprisingly, they’re still firmly in place at Balloon Juice.

BTW, read the comments at FDL – they’re equally as entertaining as the article.


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27 Responses to Worst President ever?

  • This is only the beginning of a nationwide liberal meltdown as the failure of the Obama administration sinks in and — worse yet — affects their tiny lives.

    This outcome was not remotely on their maps a few years ago and now there is no avoiding it, and even they have realized that the window on blaming Bush has closed, though they will continue to do so for lack of any alternatives.

    I know that many conservatives are champing at the bit for Republicans to go after Obama hard, and deity knows I sympathize, but it is a fine line. The Democrats’ main strategy, given that their record is so damming, is to hope Republicans overreach and can be painted as the barbarians at the gate.

  • destroyed New Orleans,

    My God…  Bush can control the weather? The evil bastard!!!

    • … just like Obama setup that 9.2 earthquake and tsunami .. hey, when domestic policy isn’t doin’ it, go foreign .. like Japan

      “destroyed New Orleans, ”
      You didn’t KNOW that?  I’m surprised they left out his Indian Ocean tsunami experiment.
      And in any event, what he didn’t destroy with the weather machine, he made sure of when he sent in the Seal teams to demo the levys.

  • Anything from Fiery Lake of Dog Sh!T is only for comic relief, or to see how the unhinged moonbattery is firing.
    There is just too much falsehood in that first ‘graph to even take time to refute.

    • I’m feeling young again, what with this deja vu of junior high Civics/Econ class….

  • The blinders haven’t come off.
    They just can’t accept that THEY supported a failure.  Otherwise, the first paragraph would read much differently.  But, still, they’re blaming Bush.  It CAN’T BE OBAMA’S fault. HE’s a brilliant man.  And he talks good too….Well, reads gooder than Bush.

    • Any Democratic in 1968, who thought the party would have done the Pelosi/Reid agenda, would have become an independent.
      The reality is that the Pelosi/Reid (with Obama as the stooge) agenda is so far Left, so extreme, to the average American that going where these kooks want to go might as well be Pluto.  They just haven’t seen that the Progressive agenda isn’t ready for American, or probably the other way way around.
      I suggest they do a road trip to “flyover” country.  If they can sell the Progressive agenda there, without the pitchforks coming out (hint: Obama wasn’t ever going to stop anybody with a pitchfork), then America is ready for them.

      • I have to disagree. FDR and Truman and every Democrat since has wanted socialized medical care. Obama/Pelosi/Reid’s main accomplishment is a pale version of what the left has wanted for 70 years.

        That’s only one point, but Democrats over the pst 70 years have all been radical leftists. Perhaps on social issues, many were more conservative then modern Dems, but on economic issues they were radical.

  • In 2008 Taibbi was one of those who “thought that Obama might be that rare, once-in-a-generation-type political talent who could help the country rise above itself.” Even then, however, Taibbi wondered whether Obama was, more simply, “full of s–t,” and now concludes that the president’s failure to hoist taxes on capital gains, dividends and hedge fund managers confirms his darkest fears.

  • I think the shitter’s almost full…

  • I am gobsmacked. Why does Firedoglake believe conservatives loved George Bush? He  was left of Clinton’s second term for crying out loud. And conservatives were screaming about it on every issue other than saying that now that we’re in Iraq, let’s finish it. Conservatives hated his spending, his medical bill, his first proposals for the Supreme court, and his silly TARP crap.
    I never read such silly posts from the main conservative websites. But I read irrational posts like this all the time from the places like Huff Post, FDL, and the DailyKos. The left is just plain living on a different planet most of the time.

  • Now, here are the really interesting questions:
    1) Who are they going to blame (not themselves obviously) and what’s the narrative going to be…”we were lied to” worked for Iraq. But what about Obama? Attack the man himself? Attack the media? Blame it on racism? I think they are still feeling around for what to think about it.
    2) What are they going to do about it? Run against Obama? Vote against him? Stay home?
    A question for all of you guys…has Obama become mocked in normal conversation yet? I’m from California, so I don’t ever assume you could talk about politics without being in the minority, thus don’t do it at all. But are people in general pissed off at Obama? I think its more of a quiet disappointment.

    • Harun [H]as Obama become mocked in normal conversation yet?

      I don’t think so.  Sure, among conservatives, his name is a byword, but among independents and especially liberals, not so much.  For the libs, they are simply too stupid* to realize what a disaster he is.  For the indies, I suspect a combination of ignorance and apathy.  Further, it just isn’t socially acceptable to make fun of – or even criticize – Captain Bullsh*t in the way that it was Bush or is for Palin.  Ask Mark Halperin.


      (*) The article cited is, I think, excellent evidence for liberal stupidity.  It’s no longer a question of whether or not libs simply have a different viewpoint or different values: those people are STUPID.

      • That would be a key tipping point if you ask me. I think we will get there soon if jobs don’t come back very fast. Or after 2013 is safely over and no one can worry about “vetoing” the first black president or not being “loyal” etc. Obama could have a very rough second term if he gets it.

      • Well its more than that.
        1) Race card turns Democrats into deers in the headlights.  The Radicals will use this on the rest of Democrats even more easily than on the Tea Party.
        2) He’s the Anti-George Bush.  He was going to make the world love us and he was going to speak eloquently.  He wasn’t going to be corrupted by business.  He wasn’t going to start anymore wars.  He wasn’t going to allow anymore ecological disasters.  Acknowledging he did none of those things is admitting failure to pick the ‘one’.  Also attributing those things to practicality of the situation exonerates Bush to a degree.    I believe this is where the FDL consternation is coming from.  They would love to excuse Obama, but if they do, the reasoning would also soften the reasons for holding Bush in contempt.
        3) Keeping a Democrat in office is more important than if the country folds.  Not unique to Democrats anymore though.

      • The thing is, many leftists are not stupid. I think there is a certain disconnect that allows smart people to believe stuopid things.

        • I think the disconnect for progressives is from the reality of the consequences of their actions.  Obama is not a bad president because he isn’t progressive enough, rather, he is a bad president because he is too progressive.  What the progressives say they want and what they get when they get their way are very different animals.  They want to trust in government but the government sells out.  They want to believe in collectivism but fail to understand how it is an assault on freedom and will be opposed by decent people who just want to be left alone.  Their trust in government doesn’t breed success, it breeds cronyism.  Their trust in collective action doesn’t get them love, it gets them resentment.

  • It seems to me that most people are just cheering on their team.  They base their vote on nothing more than the letters D or R regardless of the politicians performance or agenda.  Someone like Rand Paul could have ran as a democrat and received the votes of these cheering fans.  No matter how against the liberal grain obama becomes he’s still going to have a group of people who will support him simply because his jersey says democrat and not republican.

    • There is a truth to this. I have in-laws who reflexively vote “D” no matter what. They have alliegence to their tribe. There is a certain logic to how they joined their tribe. But once in it becomes mostly reflex.

      • I have neighbors to the left and right who vote this way (no, they’re actually on the exact wrong sides of the house considering their stands).  Ones a whack job Republican, the other is a whack job Democrat.
        Either would vote for Ghengis Khan if he were the candidate for their respective parties and they’d overlook any  massacres he’d presided over as necessary for the good of the party.

  • Yes, George W. Bush wrecked our economy, destroyed New Orleans, turned a budget surplus into massive deficits, ignored warnings of a major terrorist attack and used that mistake to lead us into two disastrous military quagmires…

    >>>>  Someone needs a good slap in the face to calm down their hysteria.

    At any rate, they’ll all still vote for Baracky.

    • At any rate, they’ll all still vote for Baracky.

      If they bother to come to the polls, yes. Obama’s problem isn’t that those adoring supporters are going to cross to the other side.

      His problem is that there was a quasi-religious high from voting for him last time that won’t be there this time. First, it’s much stronger when one does something “historic”, and that can only happen once. Second, the real world kinda gets in the way of the Lightworker vision after four years. 

      It doesn’t mean they’ll vote for whatever “racist” candidate the GOP puts up (meaning the left in collaboration with the legacy media will tag any GOP candidate running against Obama as racist). It just means it’s much easier for them to decide that they’d just rather do something else that day.

      If only ten percent of them do that, it erases most of Obama’s margin from 2008. Then we have the clueless moderates, who vote against whoever is in power if they think things are not going well. They voted against Bush last time, and lots of them will vote against Obama this time. 

      There’s also the “I had to prove to myself I’m not racist” factor, which drove many moderates to vote for Obama in 2008. Having already proved it, they don’t need to prove it again. Hence comes the line I saw somewhere: “If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you weren’t racist, you better vote against him in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.”  

      • “If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you weren’t racist, you better vote against him in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.”

    • Last year, Obama used Pennsylvania’s Allentown Metal Works as a backdrop to tout his stimulus and job-creation success. A couple of months later, the plant closed.

      Yes, he appears with the regularity of an unwanted season

  • I am sick of all the brain dead people who have drunk the liberal kool aid . The only thing Bush did wrong was taking the high road and not calling out all the lies from the liberal media .  Some people I guess will not be happy till the U.S. is filled with nothing but a bunch of people standing around begging for there crumps . With no way to do better for yourself . So if you think Bush did this to are great country you need to turn off the liberal media and go find the truth . I seen for myself what the Democrats are doing and the liberal media is right there with them . The aurthor of this webpage is so wrong Obama is THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER . Just look at what he has done not what the liberal media says . This mess was caused by Democrat’s policies and it started with  Clinton’s NAFTA  and the repele of the GLASS EAGLE ACT . Then  Obama’s 2 trillion dollar stimulass package that was just a kick back to the Unions and the big supporters of the Massia Obama . The true is out there find remember Jones Town and stay away from the Kool aid .