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Style Evolves

About once a year, I like to shake things up a bit, visually.  The nice thing about WordPress is that such shake-ups to the template are relatively easy to do. Last year’s version began to strike me as too dark and outdated. So, I decided it was time for a change.

The theme this year is the Constitution, with the Preamble as the blog header photo.  For colors, everything went completely grayscale and much lighter, except for the post titles and the drop caps, which now are a brighter blue and red, respectively.  Site navigation was moved from the header to the top of the sidebar, which has not only switched sides, but has gotten a bit narrower, giving us some extra room in the content column.

Fonts are essentially the same, with Georgia as the header font and Verdana as the body font.  With the wider content pane, I expanded the horizontal spacing of the body font making it a bit easier to read, without actually changing the font size.  If you, as one commenter noted in a previous post, think it’s too akin to reading a children’s book, well, sorry. I think it makes the body text far more readable for a larger number of people.

If you really hate it, then just wait a while.  It’ll change again.

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18 Responses to Style Evolves

  • It’s definitely easier to read.
    On a side note, I hope you guys are making a little cash on the side from the ads, because there are a lot of them.  Too many, but I understand why.

    • It’s funny about the banner ads.  I actually make substantially more on my motorcycle blog off the same banners, with less than half the readership.

      • Heh, you guys were advertising for Obama’s re-election campaign the other day.
        I enjoyed it because it demonstrated dedication to market driven principles!
        Something that probably went right over the heads of the average lefty poster.

  • I liked the new side-bars with the old style posts.
    I’m not crazy about this latest iteration.

  • I like it.  I agree it’s easier to read and easier on the eyes.

  • Dale:
    I think that you need to darken the links, so these old eyes can see them easier.  Also the quotations would be easier to read if the blue color was a darker contrast.

  • Looks pretty good.

  • Use a parchment color for the background in the header.

  • LOL.
    Sorry for bagging on your fonts, but it was my way of saying I don’t like it.  The reason I don’t like it not for aesthetic reasons, but for me, it harder to read.  The spacing is not what I’m use to 99.99% of other places I read.
    But it also has a little of the “nowhereiswater” effect as the extra spacing between letters makes the words slightly less distinct.

  • Thought I was at the wrong site the last couple of times I tried to come here

    • Hidebound old grump that I am, I had the same reaction.
      Soon as I get used to this, Dale’ll change it again. O tempore, o mores.

  • It’s definitely an improvement over the previous black and blue screen.  Especially in the loading.  It was quite annoying to see the black screen with dark blue text and not be able to read anything until the background image loaded.  Now I get to stare at your blogroll and grey box until the text loads.  🙂

  • I like it – as a member of the “Old Eyes” Battalion I find it easier to read.

  • I think it makes it easier to read as well.   I like the color change over all as well.

  • I wish I’d found it myself. Nice theme.

  • I like it, it is clean