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Is it legal to smoke pot in the White House?

I think this is about 39 seconds or so, but at its end it’ll be clear why it is entirely appropriate for a guy named "Carney" to be the spokesperson for this president.



“Vastly”.  That belongs right up there with “gutsy”.


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12 Responses to Is it legal to smoke pot in the White House?

  • It’s a testament to the professionalism of the Press that they didn’t erupt in laughter.

  • Carney is a subscriber to the “you can tell a politician is lying when he moves his lips” school of communications.
    And I concur on the “professionalism of the Press” comment.

  • “The economy has vastly improved”
    The staetment is true but the question is compared to what? THe maiden voyage of the Titanic?

  • This is an example of why it is “indisputably true” White House press briefings are useless.  Carney knows he is lying.  The press knows he is lying.  But, everyone dutifully keeps a serious face and pretends serious information is being exchanged.

  • The video was cut short but I wonder what his second irrefutable truth was.

    • “The economy has vastly improved”
      “Any slight downturns are completely unexpected.”

  • Well, yes, if you don’t count the U6 unemployment of around 20% and don’t extract the government spending portion of GDP that brings private sector GDP growth over the past two years to 0.3%.
    Private sector doesn’t count, you know, that’s why Obama was telling college grads at the commencement exercises last year to “…go into public service”.
    Bunch of leeches and parasites.

  • “Is it illegal…”???
    Hell, this outfit is the biggest bunch of outlaws I’ve EVER seen in the WH.  Illegality is a resume enhancement.

  • I’m reminded of Andre the Giant in Princess Bride – “I don’t think you know the meaning of the word”

  • “Is it legal to smoke pot in the White House?”
    No, but it’s entirely legal to snort canned Unicorn farts.

  • Uncontestably true.  You keep using those words.  I do no think it means what you think it means.

  • “I don’t need no marijuana, man, cause I’m hooked on downers” – Tommy Chong, ‘Up in Smoke’.