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Dufus of the day–Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY)

Ackerman lectures global warming skeptics and Congressional Republicans on the difference between “science” and “belief”.   He then gives you his version of the “science” that he “believes” proves his point:



Yes, folks, fogged glasses prove it, he believes it and that settles it.

He is right about one thing – there is global climate change – just as there has been for millions and millions of years.   In the end his plea is for a few measly million dollars to “save the planet.”

What’s wrong with you people – after that elegant and eloquent speech, how can you not pitch a half billion his way?

[HT: Yid with a Lid]


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2 Responses to Dufus of the day–Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY)

  • Yep, that’s just who I want to get my scientific information from – a guy who has been a Congressman almost thirty years, and is so ashamed of his college degree that he won’t even tell us what it was for on his congressional web site.

    Hey, jerk, if you’re so concerned about “belief”, how about examining your own belief in the failed quasi-religion of leftism?

    It depresses me to see that the supply of smug, condescending members of the ruling class who want to tell us all how to think is apparently unlimited.

  • Ackerman is right about another point: the world is indeed in trouble. With him and his ilk making public policy, the gene pool is being depleted.