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Terrorists bomb government building in Oslo, Norway (update)

This should be interesting to watch unfold, given the propensity of Europe to pretend it hasn’t a problem regarding terrorism (i.e they’re much more inclined toward the "lawfare" model and thinking of all of this as criminal behavior requiring only police action rather than terrorism):



Hat tip to looker who sent the link and who is pretty sure this wasn’t the work of Norwegian separatists demanding a free Narvik or Viking revolutionaries.

In the meantime, here’s the prime suspect:

The AP also reports that a Norwegian prosecutor filed terror charges this week against an Iraqi-born cleric for threatening Norwegian politicians with death if he is deported from the country. The indictment centered on statements that Mullah Krekar — the founder of the Kurdish Islamist group Ansar al-Islam — made to various media, including the American network NBC.

There was also a shooting in a “youth camp” outside Oslo (I put youth camp in quotes because “youth” is often a euphemism used to designate young muslims.  It is not at all clear if that’s the case with this shooting).

NRK state TV reports that one person has been arrested at a Labor party youth camp ouside Oslo where at least 5 people were injured when a man wearing a police uniformed opened fire.

Let’s see what this brings.

UPDATE: A CNN breaking news email (confirmed by Norway’s NRK) says a 32 year old Norwegian man is in custody for the two attacks today which police in Norway are saying are linked.   As Dud points out in the comments, this may end up being a local crazy and not some terrorist group (although some group calling itself “Helpers of Global Jihad” claimed responsibility and then apparently retracted their statement).


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33 Responses to Terrorists bomb government building in Oslo, Norway (update)

  • Reporting has a gunman dressed as a police officer opening fire on a youth camp not far from Oslo, too.
    Mumbai Norde…???

  • If this was a single bomb, it was a BAB (big ass bomb) from the pictures I’ve seen.

  • That’s about five or six blocks from Oslo Central Station (train and bus station), and a few blocks north of the waterfront. I usually stay next to the station when I’m in Oslo, and I’ve walked right by those buildings.
    This was obviously directed at the government. They could have killed a lot more people by going after the train station or one of the shopping centers next to the train station.
    The Norwegians have been reluctant to talk about any problems with Muslim immigration up to now. They really do put a lot of stock in multi-culturalism – you see a fair number of Asians in Oslo, for example. But they’ve got a tough streak in them, so this may cause a backlash that the Islamic supremacists didn’t expect.

    • Reports of suspicious packages in the train station and other places.
      Those are common in this kind of situation, but they could easily be failed ordinance, too.

    • The jihadi attempt to take credit now looks questionable. Maybe another psycho like the one in Arizona?

  • The camp with the shooting was a political youth camp for the Social Democrats. The prime minister was supposed to give a speech to the youth.

  • Some outfit like “Friends of the Global Jihad” has claimed infamy for these acts.  Could be BS…

    • Al Jeezera was on this inside a half hour:
      Update at 10:14 a.m. ET: Although the source of the blast is unclear, Al-Jazeera TV notes that Norwegian prosecutors on Tuesday filed a terrorism charge against Mullah Krekar, founder of the Kurdish Islamist group Ansar al-Islam. Mullah Krekar is accused of threatening a former minister, Erna Solberg, with death, Al-Jazeera says.
      Call me suspicious, but I have to wonder if they knew something was in the wind.

  • Europe has been infested with <a href=””> venomous parasitic vermin.  </a>

  • Obviously Bush’s fault…

  • They’re reporting 30 dead at the camp now, with about a dozen dead in Oslo.

    • 20.22 Marcus Oscarsson emails that Sweden has raised the security around the Government Offices in Stockholm and other key buildings in the Swedish capital. The Norwegian PM Mr Stolenberg stressed in Norwegian State TV recently that it is not known who is behind the attacks. Norway is eager to point out that it is possible that it is not Islamists.”
      I understand, but WHO the hell is so fond of this sort of thing other than Islamists, in Norway?
      Norwegian NRA?  Blue haired granny fascists from Lillehammer?

      • Gots to be those radical “Turn The Other Cheekers” from the militant Lutherans….
        Undoubtedly high on lutkafisk…

        • “There is no God but the One True God, and you can…  Well, honestly, you can pray to him however you like, really… And you can do the whole ‘give stuff up for lent’ thing if you want to, but it isn’t mandatory…”

  • Current reports here in Scandinavia seem to indicate that the shootings at the camp on the small island might turn out to be really bad. Might be 25 to 30 people dead, possibly more, as a gun man let loose on an island this small…
    … when more than 500 unarmed people is there is not a good thing to say the least.

  • As a long term resident of Sweden it is worth noting that politically motivated violence is not rare in these parts. Either overtly left vs right groups or mysterious bashings of political figures. We also have our fair share of lone nutters who manage to assassinate politicians every now and then. That this attack targeted the Social Democrats government offices AND a youth camp of the same party seems to indicate it could be some unexpected attack on the party by a group or individual with some strange motive. It could be Islamists of course, but it could be some crazy native bastard with a grudge.

  • Looks like it it’s not terrorism at all.  No Moslems or dark-skinned people involved.  Just a white psycho extremist like Jared Loughner.

  • Funny how quiet everyone got once it became clear that this was the work of a white supremacist Christian fundamentalist who hated Muslims and multi-culturalism.  Oops, there goes your narrative.  Silence, move on, nothing to see here….

    • Congratulations Erb, you turn up late and complain that once a narrative goes quiet you can substitute your own. Nice. Interesting that you latch on to the idea of a white supremacist Christian fundamentalist. One might wonder why a white supremacist murdered so many whites. Or why a Christian would murder so many christians. What he actually is is typical of Scandinavia, a cultural isolationist. He would hate whites with non-Scandinavian views just as much if he viewed them as taking over Norway. The christian is neither here nor there. Norway, Sweden and Denmark are all Christian nations and all have state churches to which the vast majority of the citizenry belong. A cultural isolationist like him will always be Christian, because that is still a large part of the national cultural identity. But I’m sure you understand the distinctions, what with your mastery of European thinking. Has Uncle Sugar sent you on an all-expenses junket to the fjäll and fjörd yet, to grace us with your presence? Watch out for the moose though, they tend to be bigger than the American ones.

      Of course he hates Islam and multi-culturalism. And Marxism, you left that bit out. What is interesting about these characters is that they are isolationists but also statists, they always favor large social support from the government, big government programs, etc. They just want to keep their little piece of folklore alive. They are real “national socialists” and not really economically or socially right-wing. Just as you claim to be a leftist libertarian, they are isolationist socialists. Calling him a white supremacist christian fundamentalist on an American forum is just a bit naive.

      As for the narrative, it seems that the security forces of neighboring countries also used the same narrative. I don’t believe that when Stockholm’s parliament district was locked down that they were out looking for crazed members of any local church. I assume you’ll be sending a snotty missive to the government here as well. However I am betting that even you, dear Erb, did not guess it would be some crazed loner with a cultural deathwish after the initial reports of a bomb targetting either the Prime Minister or the Energy Department in Oslo and a shooting at another location. I bet your first reaction was also to suspect Islamists after the experiences of London, Madrid, Moscow and the various disrupted attacks in other European locations of recent years. You were just careful enough to wait long enough to post either:

      1. You guys can’t comment on white terrorists (in this case)
      2. You guys are nasty Islamophobes (if it turned out to actually be Islamists)

      In the end what he is is a crazed nutjob who pulled off an exceptional diversion to occupy the police looking for probable Islamic terrorists in Oslo and elsewhere while giving himself an awful lot of time to kill youths on an isolated island where there are no police or even armed farmers to stop him. He probably hoped to be killed by the police eventually but has been denied that at least. There is not much point constructing a narrative around a lone mass killer, regardless of his motivations, unless you believe that his views are somehow reflective of Norwegian society.

      • ” I bet your first reaction was also to suspect Islamists”

        Of course. That is why he didn’t show up until it was clear that it wasn’t an Islamist thing. If he hadn’t thought it was Islamists he would have jumped on this opportunity to chide us for jumping to conclusions and bigotry. 

    • You;’re RIGHT Scott, I’m SOOOOOOOOO disappointed all these people were killed by a white christian asshole instead of a collection of middle eastern moon god worshipping assholes.  Makes it all acceptable to me.

      My God you’re an ass.  
      I’m NOT going to apologize to the Religion of Peace for thinking it was them becuase generally it IS them.  Mumbai, London Subway, numerous aircraft attempted and successful, Bali.  Good God the list goes on and on.

      You, on the other hand will continue to turn a blind eye to the miscreants of radical Islam so you can focus on jackwagons like this murdering idiot as if he’s the rule not the exception.  There’s no monopoly on evil in the world right now, Radical Islam just happens to own Boardwalk and Park Place at the moment and they keep trying to acquire more property.

      As if YOUR pronness to find fault with the west is any better than ours to find fault with the east.  
      Once we KNOW who did it, there’s not much point in speculating IS there?

    • As with the bombing of trains in Spain, which altered the election in favor of socialists, you seem to have no scruples in dancing in the blood of victims when it serves your political agenda.
      I’ll remind you that a radical Islamic group did claim responsibility for the bombing originally.  And, the shooting rampage in Oslo was reminiscent of the Mumbai attack.
      When the information came out that it wasn’t a Muslim radical, people took the new information and adjusted accordingly.  And, predictably, here you are to revel in the bloodshed, trying to provoke people to anger.
      Why don’t you go for a long walk in the woods?

  • Came by here wondering how you guys would have viewed this terrible event, not surprised to find you all calling Anders Breivik a nutter or wackjob – he is neither.  He’s a terrorist.  He used terror to advance a political agenda, in the hope of effecting political change.  That’s the very definition of a terrorist.  Of course all those who behave in such an extreme manner could arguably be said to be unhinged to some degree – I’m no psychologist so I’m not sure how one might classify extreme behaviour whether it be driven my madness or a rational belief in preserving one’s way of life – but at least the Islamists have the excuse of years of indoctrination.  This guy came to his own seemingly rational conclusions with little to no outside assistance, and made a rational conscious decision to use terror to effect change.  Not necessarily mad at all, and about as true to the definition of ‘terrorist’ as you’re likely to get.

    I should also like to point out that, due to our restrictive gun laws, this could never have happened in the UK.

    • I should also like to point out that, due to our restrictive gun laws, this could never have happened in the UK.

      Do bullets hurt less when they come out of illegal guns than when they come out of legal guns?
      Do Brits keep out of places where they could be cornered in large groups?

      • Brevik simply would not have been able to buy that type of gun and execute his plan in the UK, period.

        • Bullshit. You mean to tell us that in the UK it is impossible to buy such a gun on the blackmarket, from criminal leagues? Or to go on a trip east and buy a shady AK47 and smuggle it home? You mean to tell us that the border security in Britain is so good that nothing like that can come in if someone wants it??? I suppose no one uses imported heroin or cocaine either in this magical country called the UK.

        • Nonsense. You have a huge coast and a rich history of smuggling in items the state doesn’t want you to have. Do you really want to try to convince me that someone who is financed by outside terror interests couldn’t get guns into the UK undetected and set up such an event?


          • IRA
            Enough said.

          • Actually the coastline doesn’t matter. With the integration of transport in the EU it is perfectly possible to go to the eastern fringes of the EU with a lively underworld (say Bulgaria perhaps) and arrange the purchase of an AK47 or similar. You then drive, unimpeded back to France, Germany, maybe Sweden or Denmark. You board a car ferry to old blighty and sail home. The chances of being stopped and searched at any point along the route are remote if you don’t do something stupid, don’t load the car up with cheap alcohol and cigarettes and don’t look like you’re transporting a girl for the sex trade. The idea that there are none of these weapons in the UK is just touchingly naive.

        • “Brevik simply would not have been able to buy that type of gun…”

          Not legally.  But if you’re willing to murder dozens of people, by bomb and by gun, are you going to obey gun laws?

          …and execute his plan in the UK, …

          London bombings.
          Brits are not superhumans immune to attackers.  Once an attacker has a weapon, they can do in Britain what ABB did in Norway.
          Oh, did I mention IRA?


          Oh, well, that changes everything.  You said, “period” so any counterargument is magically refuted.
          I wish I thought of writing “period” after my comment above.

    • Of course he’s a terrorist – thus the title to the post. You did see that, right?

      The fact he’s a terrorist doesn’t necessarily make him any less a nutter or whackjob – the two are not mutually exclusive, are they?

    • Of course he is a terrorist, but he is also a deluded and nutty person. No one has denied that.

      And as for gun laws. Well, the gun laws in Norway and Sweden are very restrictive. However unlike the UK they are large, sparsely populated countries with enormous tracts of wilderness. Hunting moose, deer, birds, and other critters is very popular and for some odd reason the governments have not banned hunting yet. Farmers also require them for the bears and wolves that sometimes prowl, but I guess you Brits cleverly eradicated them in an effort to control guns? So if you obey the law, do the education and keep your gun as prescribed you can quite legally have a hunting weapon. As I said further up, if he had tried it somewhere other than an isolated island he might have gotten popped by an armed farmer.

      It is however good to know that the UK has no gun crime where the criminals use illegally obtained weapons. The police must do a sterling job in keeping guns out, since no other European country has managed the trick yet. Or maybe you just have a better class of criminal that actually obeys laws?

      Anyway, if the gun laws were even more restrictive I assume that there is also a law in Norway against impersonating a police officer with the intent to commit mass murder. And probably against constructing bombs. Of course, no one has ever planted bombs in the UK either have they?

      Do you have any more ridiculous arguments comparing the UK and Scandinavia??

      • Gun control in Mexico is highly restrictive, too.
        How’s that working out for them?
        The solution for a correspondent for The Guardian from Mexico City argued for exploiting the Arizona massacre and the Gunwalker (aka “Fast and Furious”) scandal for gun control in the US.  I disagreed.