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Are you better off today than you were in January 2009?

Obama is prone to liken himself to Ronald Reagan at times (and Abe Lincoln at others).   If you remember the Reagan/Carter race, the question in the title is a paraphrase of the question Reagan rhetorically  ask of voters during the campaign.  Obama is definitely on the wrong side of that Reagan question.  You can expect a resurrection of that question (if the GOP has any sense at all) in the 2012 election.

The answer to the question manifests itself in a recent poll and it is not very encouraging for the incumbent president.  An NBC/Washington Post poll just released gives the latest “atmospherics”:

Despite those hundreds of billions of blown stimulus dollars and almost as many upturn promises from Joe Biden, 82% of Americans still say their job market is struggling. Ninety percent rate the economy negatively, including half who give it the worst rating of "poor."

A slim 15% claim to be "getting ahead financially," half what it was in 2006. Fully 27% say they’re falling behind financially. That’s up 6 points since February.

A significant majority (54%) says they’ve been forced to change their lifestyle significantly as a result of the economic times — and 60% of them are angry, up from 44%.

So, you say, doesn’t it depend on who voters blame as to who this poll negatively effects?  Well, yes, of course.  And here’s an indicator of who that might be:

Strong support among liberal Democrats for Obama’s jobs record has plummeted 22 points from 53% down below a third. African Americans who believe the president’s measures helped the economy have plunged from 77% to barely half.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the fact that independents have been deserting Obama for quite some time.  We just had a Pew poll that said many whites that previously supported him have left him.   And it gets worse for Obama:

Obama’s overall job approval on the economy has slid below 40% for the first time, with 57% disapproving. And strong disapprovers outnumber approvers by better than two-to-one.

That prompted Bernie Sanders, Socialist – Vermont, to exclaim the other day:

"I think it would be a good idea if President Obama faced some primary opposition."

He’s not the first to float that heretical idea either.   And that sort of talk is a sure sign of crumbling support within one’s political base.   When even the “homers” aren’t happy (and the reason really doesn’t matter) then you can be assured most of the rest of the voters aren’t happy either.    Obama is trying desperately to run to the center and all he’s really accomplishing by that run is to lose base support.   It doesn’t appear the big middle is warming to his attempts to woo them as support for him in all areas continues to drop.

Standard disclaimer applies – in political terms it is still light years to November 2012.  That said, these are trends we’re talking about here.   They’ve been developing over quite some time.   Looking into the future, and given the economic reports we’re seeing, it’s hard to see how this all improves enough for Obama to offset the high negativity that is building right now.

And despite continued efforts to push this off on Bush, this is now considered to be Obama’s economy, whether he likes it or not.  The excuse was good for a year or so as many were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on that.   However, now it’s considered whining.  Obama ran for the job, got it and is now expected to perform up to the standards or expectations he established in his campaign.   On all fronts, he’s falling woefully short and most people have no patience for the continued attempts to pass his failure off on someone else.

So …. are you better off than you were in January, 2009?

Very few Americans find themselves able to answer “yes”, at least at this point.


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21 Responses to Are you better off today than you were in January 2009?

  • McQObama is trying desperately to run to the center…

    He is?  I suggest that he hasn’t changed a whit: it’s the same “blame the rich / blame Bush / blame Congress / I’ve done everything I can / don’t blame me” schtick that it’s been from the beginning.  More taxes, more spending, more deficits, more “picking the winners”.  The only difference is that he’s got a record to defend now, but he’s still running the same playbook.

    With regard to all those lefties who are starting to realize that their messiah ISN’T… where else will they go?  AT BEST they’ll stay home.  But the dems and MiniTry (BIRM) will be working hard to scare the sh*t out of them between now and next November: “If we don’t reelect Obama, then (insert GOP candidate here) will get in and cut off your Social Security / bring back Jim Crow / kill babies!”

    • Rhetoric, Doc, not reality. That’s why I continue to warn people not to listen to a thing the man says, but instead watch what he tries to do. Rhetorically, he is trying very hard to paint himself as a centrist with centrist ideas (that’s the reason “balanced” and “compromise” were trotted out last nightj – poll tested words to make him seem moderate) that will appeal to the big middle.

      • Then the big middle is a collection of ignorant asshats if they believe a word he says.
        I’m still waiting for his temper tantrum though.  He’s a collection of pathologies waiting to explode.

      • He’s ALWAYS tried to paint himself as a moderate / centrist.  In fact, his supporters in MiniTru did everything that they could to portray him in this way.  He’s NEVER been big at telling people who he really is, because he knows that it would be political suicide.  Hence, repudiating Wright, Ayers, ACORN, etc.  Even now as he practices the politics of fear with regard to the debt issue, he tries – with MiniTru’s williong cooperation – to paint himself as “the only adult in the room”, the only REASONABLE man in the debate.


  • You’re better off because the bungler Bush is gone.  Anyone who disagrees simply cannot stand that the president doesn’t look like them.
    Is that about right?  Not sure if it was whiny enough.

  • As Yogi Berra famously stated, “This is Deja Vu all over again!” 30+ years ago another Democratic President, facing an economy on the slide and foreign affair fiascos aplenty faced a Primary Challenge from within his own party. The situation was Jimmah Carter and Ted Kennedy facing off for the Democratic Nomination for the 1980 elections. The Primary challenge was a bitter one that did not do either man any favors. And in that election, echoes from the previous election, ala the “Misery Index” came back to haunt Carter while facing Ronald Reagan. As you suggest, McQ, the Republicans should take a page out of history and pound Obama with the question “Are You Better Off Today?” until Obama’s head would burst. Personnal, I kinda like that particular image!

    • Pres**ent Obama has moved beyond Carter to embrace LBJ.
      If you jump back to yesteryear, remember that LBJ withdrew from the race amid growing opposition within his party and a worse-than-expected showing in the New Hampshire primary.
      Obama quest for the center has got him a bit tamer than otherwise.  We can only hope he doesn’t figure out that he’s “criusin for a bruisin,” because nobody, but the radical extreme Left, would like the real Obama.  “God Damn Ameri-k-k-k-a”

  • Hey, couple items of import for today –
    The President has said he WON’T use the 14th amendment to raise the debt ceiling on his own.
    In other “damn nice of him” news, it was indicated by anonymous White House sources that Obama will permit the 2012 election to go forward, and furthermore he’ll allow more candidates than himself on the ballot.
    Pardon me while I laugh uproariously at the depth of Constitutional knowledge exhibited by our Presidential Constitutional scholar.

  • So …. are you better off than you were in January, 2009?

    Obama made it worse.  He’s making it worse RIGHT NOW.  He WILLLLLLL make it worse tomorrow…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, I am better off than I was in January, 2009.  But that has nothing to do with Obama or anyone else in government.  It’s because (a) 2006-2008 were horrendous years for me — again, not because of government — and (b) my own hard work and initiative.

    I will say, however, that my outlook for the future would probably be much better had Obama not been elected.

  • Virtually every economic indicator is significantly “better” than it was on 1/20/09.  The uninformed masses may believe otherwise, but the data is convincing.  Suggesting we’re worse off now than 18 months ago is emotional Obama hate not supported by the facts.

    • Really … so unemployment was 9.3%? GDP was 1.6%. One in 5 males in the US wasn’t working?

      Who knew?

    • Bwaaaaahahahaha….
      What a moron…!!!!

    • Breaking down tommyGunZ mercifully short post we find:  1) a completely nonsensical opinion decreed as fact.  2)  a complete absence of supporting data for the opinion.  And 3) imputation of base motives to anyone who disagrees.  He’s like Erb, just without all the verbiage.

    • “Virtually every economic indicator is significantly “better” than it was on 1/20/09.”
      Well then Tommy, you won’t mind giving us some of those linky thingies that prove your contentions will you.
      As it stands till then suggesting we’re better off than we were 18 months ago without providing any evidence is mindless emotional Obama worship not supported by facts.  I suspect it’s something you do on a regular basis.

  • Boehner epic fumble today.  So bad it’s worthy of calling for his resignation as Speaker.