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“Fast and Furious” – “The perfect storm of idiocy”

The Washington Times, one of the few media outlets covering this story, tells us:

The Obama administration sought to intimidate witnesses into not testifying to Congress on Tuesday about whether ATF knowingly allowed weapons, including assault rifles, to be “walked” into Mexico, the chairman of a House committee investigating the program said in an interview Monday.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell E. Issa, California Republican, said at least two scheduled witnesses expected to be asked about a controversial weapons investigation known as “Fast and Furious”received warning letters from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to limit their testimony.

Good grief … I can only imagine the reaction of the NY Times and Washington Post if this had been a mere 4 years ago.  But I state the obvious.  Intimidating witnesses?  Is this the “hope and change” we were all promised? 

Revelations like that have caused this story to stink so badly, that even a reluctant media is finally beginning to turn their attention to the hearings.

Here’s CBS with a piece about the controversy and  what one of the scheduled witnesses today will be telling the committee:

In advance of a hearing later today, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released a report containing new testimony and allegations in the ATF gunwalker case. According to the report, Carlos Canino, Acting ATF Attache in Mexico, calls the strategy his agency employed: "The perfect storm of idiocy."

"We armed the [Sinaloa] cartel," Canino told investigators. "It is disgusting." Canino will be a key witness at the hearing.

[Joint Committee report: Operation Fast and Furious: Fueling Cartel Violence (pdf)]

But it’s not just the Sinaloa cartel. Documents obtained by Congressional investigators show weapons – sold under ATF’s watch in Operation Fast and Furious out of the Phoenix office – have been used by at least three Mexican drug cartels: Sinaloa, El Teo and La Familia.

In other words, Congressional investigators say the very agency charged with preventing weapons from falling into the hands of violent cartels south of the border … instead facilitated it.

Doh!  You can read the report at the link in the cite.  Issa also had some strong words for AG Eric Holder:

“How is it that the No. 2, 3, 4 at Justice all knew about this program, but the No. 1 didn’t?,” Mr. Issa said. “Is it because he said ‘don’t tell me’? Is it because they knew what they were doing is wrong, and they were protecting their boss? Or is it that Eric Holder is just so disconnected … ?

“Whichever it is — he knew and he’s lied to Congress, or he didn’t know, and he’s so detached that he wasn’t doing his job — that really probably is for the administration to make a decision on, sooner not later,” Mr. Issa said.

Just another case of how ill-served we are with this clown as our chief law enforcement officer.   He’s either a liar or clueless.  Great choices, no?  Hopefully this story will gain enough visibility that we’ll see Obama come out and tell the White House press corps that he has “full faith” in Eric and is “behind him 100%”.  That of course means that within a week or two Holder would announce he was resigning from the AG’s office to “spend more time with my family”.

Frankly, we’d be better off with the office vacant than with this bunch in there.


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22 Responses to “Fast and Furious” – “The perfect storm of idiocy”

  • I saw this a couple of weeks ago and posted it on Facebook July 8.  Not one person commented on it!  Maybe because it was in the NY Post, maybe people just thought it so ‘out there’ that it couldn’t be real.  It’s unbelievable is what it is.
    Two other things I didn’t see listed n your summary –
    1.  This was funded through the stimulus package ”
    For an additional amount for ‘‘State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance’’, $40,000,000, for competitive grants to provide assistance and equipment to local law enforcement along the Southern border and in High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas to combat criminal narcotics activity stemming from the Southern border, of which $10,000,000 shall be transferred to ‘‘Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Salaries and Expenses’’ for the ATF Project Gunrunner.”

    2.  Obama in March “”I just want you to know that we’re working on it,” Obama was quoted as saying to gun-control advocate Sarah Brady in March. “We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.”

    Read more:

    This one can’t get viral fast enough for me…

    • If people didn’t comment it means its bad for Democrats. Thus silence is in order.

  • Issa doesn’t mention that Bozo Holder specifically did know, because he included the name of the GUNRUNNER operation in a speech given to his Mexican counter parts. in 2009.
    Let’s not kid around, this goes to the Oval Office, if they can get someone to sing (assuming they aren’t prevented from testifying).
    It is what people think – an attempt to justify the newest regulations on fire arms and their owners.   It’s another of his ‘transparent’ administrations activities to get around laws to accomplish his weaselly goals.

    • Issa knows the kind of problems that Dan Burton had created for himself in previous Congressional investigations, mainly jumping to conclusions too quickly.  It only took one outlandish conclusion to make Burton look out of control.  Issa is letting the facts lead him, and at least publicly, he is going at it methodically and carefully.  Instead of jumping to conclusions, he is asking questions out loud.

    • Since supplying guns to Mexican drug cartels has obvious implications on foreign policy, “plausible deniability” of Obama involvement does not seem plausible.  It defies logic that anyone would have gone ahead with this program without Obama’s approval.

  • “The perfect storm of idiocy.”

    Sorry, but that sounds like a summary of the Obama administration…

    • Been thinking something of that nature for goin on 2 and some years now.
      It boggles my mind they can still get 45% of the people to say they approve of this train wreck.   If it’s really THAT high, we’re soooooooo screwed.

      • Let me say what so many fear to say…
        you have a racial block that supports him on >90%, based solely on his race.  That is skewing the polls.

        • The racial block doesn’t quite cover it.  My view is that there is a sizable block of mental defectives in the country.  You can spot ’em in an instant: look for the Obama bumper stickers.

          • Please. The correct term is ‘differently ectived’.

          • They aren’t “mental defectives” but rather they are totally detached from the reality of national politics.
            Obama, Washington, politics just don’t register in their daily lives.  When they are asked, they answer with what sounds right .. of course I support our President.  These are the folks that TV ads sway.

      • That 45% doesn’t sound so bad when you consider that since intelligence is distributed on a ‘normal’ distribution, 50% are below average. So evidently even 5% of people with subnormal intelligence don’t approve of Obama.

  • This story has been percolating for awhile.  David Codrea was reporting on it as early as December 2010, from what I can find.

  • Now if only Mexico had restrictive gun laws like the UK, this would never be an issue. Period. /sarc

    • I think you’ve really hit upon the germ of an idea here!  Why don’t we suggest that all the people from Brady, Handgun Control, etc. head down to Mexico and work on the serious gun control problems there?  We could be killing two possums with one rock, so to speak.

      OK, maybe it would be more than two.  And “beheading, shooting, knifing, or burning alive” is a bit more precise.  And we’re not really talking about possums.  But the idea is sound.

      • We have laws against “shooting, knifing” here in the USA with “carry” laws.
        Exactly, how do you control “beheading or burning alive” ?

        • The “how” doesn’t matter. Pass a law, and it shall be. Period.

        • yeah, DocD is right, Prefesser Erb has told us, it’s a democracy.  All we need to do is get enough votes and we can reinstate beheadings and burning alive as viable forms of punishment.  Maybe we can bundle the executions in a reality show and make money with product placement and regular commercial advertisement.  That will help offset the failure of the damn Republicans to allow us to fairly tax the RICH using a balanced approach.
          If we bring Shariah into practice I think we can get the beheading back that much quicker, the Christian tea partiers might object, but hey, they’re causing insane murderers to blow up buildings in Oslo so we can disregard what they want, they’re all criminally insane anyway.

  • None of the “official story” makes a lick of sense. That leaves us to determine, however improbable, what the truth really is. The best fit of the facts circles right back to a backdoor assault on the Second Amendment via a “gotcha”: US sourced weapons found at a Mexican crime scene. Can our “representatives” really be that traitorous to the Constitution they swore on the Holy Bible to uphold?

    • “Can our “representatives” really be that traitorous to the Constitution they swore on the Holy Bible to uphold?”
      that’s a rhetorical question I presume.

  • There it is – the foot hold in the White House.