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In case you were wondering who the party that can’t say “yes” is

I offer the following:

President Obama, warning that time is running out to lift the federal debt ceiling, said Friday that a House GOP plan has “no chance of becoming law,” and he urged Senate Democrats and Republicans to come together on a “bipartisan compromise.”

Compromise?  Where?  This isn’t about compromise, this is about political timing.  And apparently Obama is willing to see the default deadline pass because a short-term debt limit increase would put him at a political disadvantage next year (I don’t think he realizes what a default will do coupled with a dismal economy and high unemployment rate).

Meanwhile the Democrats still haven’t offered anything concrete.  They seem content with the role of feces throwing monkeys. Perhaps they could dump the donkey and adopt that as their party symbol?

This isn’t leadership, it’s simply saying “no” without offering a viable alternative.   But that’s nothing new with this president or the Democrats.


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12 Responses to In case you were wondering who the party that can’t say “yes” is

  • Wouldn’t compromise be the Dems took the pencil out and passed any of the 3 plans the GOP has advanced?


    •  And apparently Obama is willing to see the default deadline pass

      >>> More and more, so am I

      • The only “bipartisan compromise” that Obama would understand is that administered with a 2-by-4

  • Reminds me of “chicken”, two cars headed toward each other a high speed. Both drivers expecting the other to veer away at the last moment. There are three possible outcomes, two of them are bad.
    I can’t think of a time when our political class has acted more irresponsibly. What neither side realizes is there won’t be any winner in this battle. It reminds me of Verdun.
    In other words, there is plenty of blame to go around.
    I can’t say I’m disappointed in the Dems, they are acting just like the scorpions they are. The Republicans bother me because any amateur military strategist could have looked at the correlation of forces and recognized that their position was weak at best. They have violated rule number 1 of sales, under promise and over deliver. The battle over the continuing resolution was the precursor. It was a demonstration that the Republicans don’t have a hole card. They overestimated how much risk the caucus was willing to take. Face it, these guys want to get re-elected, for them there is no such thing as a Bridge to Far. They won’t go there.
    Boehner is responsible. You can’t promise to go to the mattress and then balk at the idea of stocking up on ammo. He needed to spend more time keeping the tea party freshmen inside the tent pissing out. While it may not be the end of his leadership, he’s certainly lost the unqualified support of maybe 25% of his caucus. The Republicans have pissed away what advantages (unity, popular fervor) they had. This is going to leave them weaker.
    It’s not a win for the Dems or Obama and it’s most certainly not a win for the nation. Though you will soon see the spin for them.
    Is it any wonder that people have become so disgusted?

    • Part of the problem is that the GOP was so RINO for so long, they cannot afford to show any weakness or they will be primaried or 3rd partied. Thus, they have to go for glory each time.
      I think the biggest mistake was not to demand a WH plan. Why the hell should the GOP come up with plan after plan while they get away with having none?
      The GOP should have said “we have passed our plan. We are now waiting for the Obama plan before we begin negotiations.”

  • McQMeanwhile the Democrats still haven’t offered anything concrete.  They seem content with the role of feces throwing monkeys.

    And why shouldn’t they be?  Thanks to MiniTru framing the situation as “the GOP in the House is basically in charge, and THEY are the ones who have to come up with a plan that the only adult in the room, i.e. Obama, will accept”, there’s nothing more that they ought to do in order to win the PR battle.

    The sad thing is that the GOP basically went along with this framing, setting up a “circular firing squad” as various factions within the GOP caucus offer their own plans and attack the plans of other groups, instead of demanding that Captain Bullsh*t do what he’s supposed to do, which is provide a budget to the Congress to debate.  Instead, Boehner and Co. have gone along with the “secret negotiations to develop a Grand Bargain” that places all the responsibility AND BLAME on their shoulders.

    Sweet deal for Captain Bullsh*t: he gets to look like the adult in the room now, and blame the GOP later when the economy stays in the dumper or gets even worse.  Sometimes, doing nothing is the best plan, and he’s demonstrated time and again that doing nothing is what he’s best at.

    • You act as if the GOP EVER had a chance of altering the narrative no matter what they did.

      But don’t worry, under no circumstances does Baracky look like the “adult” in the room.

      More to the point, the economy sux, it will continue to su*k, and come 2012 as the man up for reelection, he’ll take the blame and the fall.

      • They needed to pass just one plan or even just show it and say “we are now waiting for Obama’s CBO scored plan to begin negotiations.”
        That’s it.

  • Lol Mathfail 😉   Anyone who grasps simple arithmetic (sorry Teaps) knew the ceiling would be raised.  Bones tried to use the inevitable as leverage and got played.

    • Yeah, we’ll see how that joke is working for ya next year Tom.
      Gonna be a looooong 4 years for your tears after that.

  • The House is going to pass their bill….time for the Senate GOP to stand up and kill Reid’s bill.

    Any GOP Senator who votes for that bill needs to be primaried.  Sorry Sen. Brown.

  • My God, if we don’t flush the DC toilet soon the whole nation will be diseased.