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WI recall elections

Today was the day of the recall elections in Wisconsin that government unions and their allied thugs and lefties set up to wrest control of the state senate from Republicans, in order to keep the taxpayer supported gravy train rolling. Sadly, they were largely successful in their attempt to overturn the last general election, and return reliable union pawns to the statehouse.

Of the six Republican state senators recalled, only three are now projected to defeat the recall, while two democrats are projected to win, and, at the time of this writing, one seat is undecided, but with the Republican with a slight lead. Even if that seat flips to the Democrats unions, the resulting Senate composition will be tied 16-16 between Democrats and Republicans.The most likely result at this point, however, is that it will end up 17-15 Republican in the state Senate.

In either event, that essentially means that Gov. Walker’s reforms will remain in place. As a policy matter, irrespective of the results for the individual senators,  the final result is tons of union money spent to accomplish nothing of substance. I hope that at least spending that $20-30 million felt good. I certainly feel good knowing that the unions no longer have it in their coffers.

It should go without saying that government employee unions are an anathema to a free society, and should be universally banned. Free market unions, of course, are an entirely different story. It’s funny to remember that in my lifetime, both the Left and the Right—and unions, for that matter—were opposed to government employee unions. Of course, that was before government unions became wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Democratic Party.

In the larger sense, of course, this is all pointless posturing, as the welfare state is essentially dead, or will be soon enough. That ride is pulling into the terminal, as I have explained in some detail previously.

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7 Responses to WI recall elections

  • According to HOT AIR, 4 to 2 for the GOP to retain control of the Wish-consin Senate.

    In total, GOP leads 52-48 among all votes counted so far tonight in Wisconsin. Walker won those districts 56-43, Obama won them 53-46.
    –Nate Silver

    And, if you play the Rev. Al clip in this link, don’t do it with a mouth full of coffee…
    one of the funniest damn things I’ve seen for a while…!!!!

  • Good news!!! The republicans keep control of the WI senate. So at least the writing is on the wall that the gravy train is off the rails.

  • Dale FranksIt should go without saying that government employee unions are an anathema to a free society, and should be universally banned.

    Devil’s advocate: why?  Why should government employees be denied the right to association?

    I suggest that problem is not that government employees get together to ask for better wages, benefits, working conditions, etc.; the problem is that their boss, i.e. we the people, haven’t bothered to say “no” until very recently.  If the public unions are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the democrat party (or vice versa!), whose fault is that?  Who elects the governors, state senators, state representatives, mayors, city councilmen, etc.  who agree to give a bus driver or garbageman or teacher* these fabulous salaries and benefits?  Who stands by mute while politicians take huge sums from those unions and then turns vice into a virtue by claiming this to be evidence of how they are “for the working man”?  Who keeps electing wastrels who throw public money around like drunken sailors?  Who keeps agreeing to tax increases that give them even more money to waste?

    The people of Wisconsin seem to have learned – temporarily, at least – that they have to actually manage their own state finances, and that includes arranging things to that public employees can’t just stroll into front office and write their own paychecks.


    (*) I don’t know about other cities and states, but I will say that our police and firemen are (IMO) grossly UNDERPAID for what they do.  I don’t get it…

    • Coupla thangs, doc…
      Nobody is denied the right of association.  Even under FDR, who was adamantly against public sector collective bargaining, there were employee unions or associations.
      The PRIVILEGE of bargaining collectively is commonly not extended to various groups for very sound policy reasons.  Among those applicable here are that govt. employees are ALREADY under civil service protections, putting them in a position different from their private sector fellows.  Another is that they are OFTEN in positions essential to public safety.  I could go on…
      And, not to be too rigorous here, but what your opinion of pay for police or firefighters is is utterly irrelevant…UNLESS you are a policeman or firefighter OR someone who determines their pay or recruits them.  The policeman or firefighters don’t agree with you if they are working on the job.  (But they will always want more…because people do.)

    • ALSO…
      there is a GOP recall vote next week for TWO of the Fleebaggers, which could give back the two seats lost last night.
      Heh, heh, heh…

      • Scott Walker 3     Unions/Dems   0

        heh heh heh….

        About those other recall elections – now that they’re inconsequential in terms of Senate control for the WI Dems, I wonder just how motivated the lefty operation and base will actually be.  An energized effort by the state and local GOP (with some national help) could really lay a slapjack on those two.  Even taking one, meaning the Dems make a 1-seat net gain for how many millions???  Epic union fail