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Republican Debate Liveblog

Well, CoverItLive completely crapped out. So I guess the live bit is down to me manually updating the liveblog, like some kind of animal.

1917: Ron Paul says we need to mind our own business. Iran is a problem because we overthrew Mossadegh and installed the Shah.

1919: Ron Paul now seems to be saying we have to try terrorists, and not reject the rule of law. Not just say someone is a terrorist and then shoot ’em.

1921: Yeah, I’m sure Rick Santorum is extremely concerned that Iran’s mullahs violate the rights of gays. Paul: That’s war propaganda.

1922: Ron Paul is quite the isolationist. I get Paul’s stance, but I certainly worry that ignoring the world will result in another Pearl Harbor. Although, having said that, we spent several years ticking the Japanese off prior to Pearl.

1929: The Lovely Christine thinks Herman Cain is weak. “Go back to selling pizzas.”

1931: Romney wants a Federal Marriage amendment to the Constitution to ban gay marriage. Jon Huntsman, on the other hand, loves him some Civil Unions for gays. Ron Paul could care less. Rick Santorum doesn’t like it all. Doesn’t think much of abortion, either. Even in cases of rape.

1939: Romney wants personal unemployment accounts, rather than unemployment benefits.

1942: Huntsman wants to end the EPA’s regulatory power, and have more industry in the US.

1943: Bachmann: This increase in debt and the debt ceiling is madness, and the S&P downgrade proves it.

1945: Cain: Cap gains tax to 0%. Tax breaks to companies that bring profits back to the US.

1947: The Fed needs more transparency, according to Gingrich, and needs a sound money policy. But we still need it. Paul is happy that the issue of the Fed is getting some traction.

1949: Santorum thinks the Fed should be audited, but Ron Paul is a crank. Pot. Kettle.

1954: Huntsman says No Child Left behind should be scrapped. Cain says the federal Govermne t should be out of the business of micro-managing education.

1959: Closing statements of any interest: Ron Paul: Liberty is my chief value. Perhaps the only candidate for which that’s true. Romney: Obama is an economic incompetent. Huntsman: This nation is hurting and it’s bankrupt. Debt is killing us. Gingrich: The election is 15 months away. This country is in crisis now. We need leadership.

So, that was it. No one really grabbed me. Did anyone grab you?

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20 Responses to Republican Debate Liveblog

  • Did anyone grab you?

    Apparently, the only person doing any grabbing was Michelle Bachmann’s husband in the men’s room, but he swears he just got confused about where the paper towel dispenser was.

  • Seriously though, I always love to watch Ron Paul debating Republicans.  Nothing highlights stupidity and moral depravity better than seeing who calls the most rational arguments “nutty”.
    It’s also funny how Ron Paul has stood still on issues while the GOP has shifted towards him, but the loose cannons still regard him as the crazy uncle.
    I haven’t seen Gary Johnson in such a debate.  Anyone know why he wasn’t there?

    • Doing nothing while Iran ultimately gains control over 2/3 of the worlds oil supply is rational?

      • Maybe if we didn’t create a moral hazard by policing the world and encouraging our allies in countries in Europe and the Middle East not to spend on Military and defense we could have them take up some slack with Countries like Iran. Our Military policy requires continued expansion much as our welfare poilcies do because they encourage and foster dependence on the the US government.

        • Leaving Europe to manage its own military affair got us drawn into two world wars.  How many world wars have we been drawn into since we took charge. 

          Maybe that isn’t tennable anymore, but post WWII/WWI I can see how everyone was onboard for that policy.  And once that’s started, we can’t turn it off instantly.  Which is the coarse Paul wants to take. 

          And I’ll have to add, we might let the rest of the world fall into turmoil.  But, if most of Europe, especially if its Western Europe, got embroiled in turmoil, the prevailing political will would be to join in again for number 3. 

          • two world wars, blah blah blah, isolationism, blah blah blah, I am so tired of those pathetic arguments. We have an unprecedented  global hegemony and it costs us way more than we can afford anymore. It also has not exactly made us any safer, or kept us out of shooting wars now has it?
            Time to rethink all of that garbage.

          • “Leaving Europe to manage its own military affair got us drawn into two world wars. How many world wars have we been drawn into since we took charge.”
            Correlation does not equal causality
            There were many reasons for the two major European Wars, the US not babysitting them is not one of them. Plus, we weren’t isolationist – we interacted with the world diplomatically and economically – we just didn’t use our military. So don’t perpetuate that isolationist BS to me. It belongs right next to “WWII brought us out of the depression” and “FDR’s public jobs programs were successful” .
            Besides, there is a growing school of thought that says if we didn’t intervene in WWI, the Allies and Axis would have had to settle without a “complete victory” for either side. Therefore, Germany never undergoes the total economic collapse that came about from the conditions caused by the Versailles Treaty.
            Also, Europe has not descended into war again mainly because since WWII they have experienced their greatest period of prosperity in human history. Countries don’t fight ‘total wars’ over diplomatic issues or minor land disputes during periods of prosperity.

          • Leaving Europe to manage its own military affair got us drawn into two world wars.

            Actually, had we not allowed ourself to be drawn into WWI, there probably wouldn’t’ve been a WWII.

            Well, not in Europe, anyway…

          • Actually, had we not allowed ourself to be drawn into WWI, there probably wouldn’t’ve been a WWII.
            If you consider the crushing economic burden of reparations as the cause of the 3rd Reich, it was Europe that called for those.  As for the system of government that was easily usurped, they are all easily usurped in the right crisis with the right crowd.

          • As for the isolationism comments, I never used that word.  We simply didn’t project ourselves as much before WWII as we did after.  Partly because we couldn’t easily for much of that time and didn’t have as much motivation.

      • Your prescription for preventing this is, I suppose, invading Iran?

  • I didn’t see it, but based on this, sounds like the winner was Rick Perry.

  • Sounds like a nutty collection of theocrats who think the Fed should intrude on pregnancies and what goes on in the bedroom yet in the same breath call for limited Federal gov’t. Paul is entertaining. Romney probably just wishes he can hang in there until the primaries have knocked off most of these cranks. From what I’ve read here and a few other sites about all these wackos did was drive off moderates.

    • that is a bizarre response. I suppose that anyone who has any traditional moral sentiment is a nutty theocrat to you right?

      • Define traditional, please. Would it be how Perry defines it? Bachmann? Gingrich, who has been married how many times now? I don’t want those types defining what is “traditional”. It’s not the Fed’s job, nor any level of gov’t, to do that. Perry, and many of those at said GOP debate, obviously think it is. That doesn’t square with limited gov’t. Unless you think limited means hands off businesses but it’s perfectly okay to intrude on what goes on between consenting adults.

  • Did anyone grab you?
    Anthony Weiner did…but he says I was asking for it.

  • 1942: Huntsman wants to end the EPA’s regulatory power, and have more industry in the US.

    Maybe I’m missing something but the EPA does not have regulatory power (ostensibly), they have ENFORCEMENT power.

  • Why did we hassle the Japanese before Pearl? Because they were abusing the Chinese. They stopped abusing the Chinese, we lift our embargoes.