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The anti-Perry full-court press begins

I‘ll be honest with you. I dunno if Rick Perry would be a good president or not. I don’t even know if he’s been a particularly good governor of Texas. But it’s becoming apparent he’s perceived as a pretty big threat to Barack Obama. The guy entered the race less than 48 hours ago, and we’re already being treated to things like this, this, and this, from the usual suspects on the left. It’s like the oppo research has already been done, and they were just waiting to go with it. As hard as that might be to believe.

In the next couple of weeks, we’re going to learn more about Rick Perry than we ever thought possible. Which kind of inclines me to think that anybody that has the Left jumping in to castigate them this quickly must have something going for him.

What’s especially interesting about this response is that we knew what Rick Perry’s college grades were before he even announced his candidacy, and 2.5 years into Obama’s presidency, we can merely state, with some degree of confidence, where he went to college.

At least we won’t have to worry about whether Rick Perry gets properly "vetted".

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8 Responses to The anti-Perry full-court press begins

  • Rick Perry has an easy out with his grades

    “Governor Perry, it says here you got a ‘D’ in economics. How can you lead the country with something like that, especially in light of today’s economic situation?”

    “My grades were much better than Obama’s on this subject. If you don’t believe me, I suggest you go find out for yourself. Next question.”

  • There was a remarkable smear-piece in the WSJ that has some on the conservative side knotted up.
    It implied…via total innuendo…crony capitalism by Perry.  It was an excellent example of an artful smear.
    A lot of people forget that the news side of the WSJ is reliably Collectivist.

  • All I can say to their tripe is – Clearly Journolist lives.
    By way of disclosure – I voted for Perry, twice, most recently because he made more sense than Bill White (who might as well have been called Barack White).  There are numerous things about Perry that I’m grumpy with as my governor, the Guardasil edict and the fabulous Trans Texas Corridor being amongst them.
    But he’d still be better than the bozo we have – making the disclosure total, I admit, I’d vote for my neighbors cocker spaniel over Obama anyway, knowing that he’d at least he’d confine his crapping to the White House lawn rather than crapping on the the whole country and assuming chosing to play with the squeaky rabbit means yes, and chosing nothing, or the squeaky squirrel means no, he could probably make decisions that were equally effective to Obama’s.

  • I’m hoping that Palin gets in, if for no other reason that to watch a large number of libs stroke out.

    THAT’S change we can all hope for!

    • Yep, that’s change that’ll usher Obama right into a second term.  Sounds like a great idea.  We need Sarah Palin exactly where she is.  And not running for president.

      • Your probably right, but that can be said about any of the GOP candidates except perhaps Huntsman, who is the left’s candidate of choice.

        Bachmann – religious fanatic

        Perry – idiot, phony, Texan*

        Palin – crazy, stupid, snowbilly

        Gingrich – mean, opportunist

        Romney – weird rich guy

        Caine – Tom


        (*) Apparently, “Texan” is an insult among the lefties.

      • Palin’s problem is that she “quit”. She had no choice, at the rate she was going her family would have been in the hole for $2M in legal fees if she didn’t quit. But it probably ended her chance in the general election.

        If she finished her term she would have been a viable candidate.

  • While I’m not particularly thrilled with the GOP candidates I’ve personally noticed that the news reports almost always go with what the Democrats think of them.