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More on those Texas jobs

In addition to what Bruce wrote below, I’d like to point you to Political Math’s analysis of Texas’ job performance. In this analysis, he takes the criticisms we’ve been hearing for the last two days and refutes them, point by point, using actual BLS statistical data. It’s a great job of analysis, with, like, charts, and stuff. They key takeaway:

My advice to anti-Perry advocates is this: Give up talking about Texas jobs. Texas is an incredible outlier among the states when it comes to jobs. Not only are they creating them, they’re creating ones with higher wages.

And he has the actual statistical work to back that claim up. For instance, here are two of the charts he presents, that I have superimposed to create a single chart showing the employment level in the US, compared to Texas. It’s most instructive:

TX vs US Unemployment

This single chart says a whole lot.

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7 Responses to More on those Texas jobs

  • My advice to anti-Perry advocates is this: Give up talking about Texas jobs.

    Two problems:

    1.  The people “talking” about Texas jobs are libs.  The truth is not in them.

    2.  For libs, “Texas” is some sort of a dirty word.  I don’t get it myself, but I guess it’s because George Bush was from there.  Therefore, it’s automatically a benighted hellhole inhabited by ignorant, violent, fundamentalist weirdoes.

    • “benighted hellhole inhabited by ignorant, violent, fundamentalist weirdoes.”
      but we have good highways and streets.

  • If Perry just happened to luck into job growth in Texas, is Obama going to back those jobs out of the total employment levels at the Federal level?

  • I got banned from the Atlantic, probably for ragging on Derek Thompson too hard. He keeps producing blog post after blog post claiming/wondering/guessing that Texas is all about oil, or cheap labor, or population growth, or only has minimum wage jobs.
    He also says a strong Obama helps Romney…what a crock. Sure maybe in the primary, which is not the actual prize.
    What Romney needs is a sister souljah moment on small government or something that tells us “I am not going to just nibble around the edges.”

  • Sorry, a graph with no Y axis label doesn’t really say a lot.

    • There are 2 y-axes…one is for US jobs and one is for TX jobs over the same time period. If you click through the link you can see the Y axes all you want.
      Oh, and also in this graph, the y-axis is not as important as comparing the “dip” of the recession in each graph.

    • *shrug*
      I linked to the original.