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Ron Paul isn’t actually a crank

But some of his supporters are a little hard to take. Like the guy in this video.

It’s worth 4 minutes of your time.

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13 Responses to Ron Paul isn’t actually a crank

  • Are you sure he isn’t a crank?

    I know for a fact I lack what it takes to be POTUS. Paul is also lacking. He lacks executive experience (beyond his private practice and whatever he had in the military), and also lacks the basic visuals to be a viable candidate. So what’s the point of him running? Getting a message out?

    While I agree with him on many things, I fail to see any wisdom in him running for POTUS. He should quite the race and endorse Johnson. That said I will probably vote for Perry. Johnson has solid exec experience, but also lacks the “visuals” to win.

  • Not a crank? You did hear him at the last debate. I swear, the man is crankier than a two year old with an ear infection.

    • I’m interested in following Paul and seeing if he goes after the current administration with as much vigor as he went after the Bush administration or if he’ll keep it as generalities.
      He is one of the biggest campaign contribution recipients and bomb throwing at the Republicans in their own debates is one of the reasons he gets airtime by a media who would have otherwise trivialize him.  Airtime = money by both his followers and Democrats.   He may believe what he says, but I believe he plays to the media even though its in a way that hurts his electability in the long run.  This campaign should be telling if I’m mistaken. 

  • “Ron Paul isn’t actually a crank
    I couldn’t bet the farm on that.

  • Ron Paul is a “the starter on a Model T” level crank.
    Like Gingrich, possessed of some fine ideas, but not anyone I would want CLOSE to the White House except for a brief visit (and never overnight!).

    • Oh I dunno, I think it would be refreshing to have someone who actually hates government in charge of it.

      • That would be an anarchist…and, No, that would NOT be a good idea.  Someone who can distinguish between BIG GOVERNMENT and Constitutional government, and LOVES the latter…THAT would be good.  IMNHO.

  • Ron Paul:  The seed of sensibility that quickly blooms into the flower of lunacy.

  • Funny, that everyone looks down on Ron Paul when they are purposely choosing between Obama (who has proven to damage the country in the last 2 years) and the Repbulican establishment (who has proven to damage the country in the 8 years before). You people need to open your eyes. This isn’t a game between the D and the R team it is a matter of reversing course. The ONLY candidate that is even intellectually qualified is Ron Paul. The others wouldn’t know the constitution from the back of a cereal box.

    • Paul disqualifies himself IMNHO by sailing under a false flag.  He is not a Conservative, and is optionally a Republican when it suits him.  He damn sure is not a “Reagan Republican” as he has claimed to be (when is suits).

  • When Paul speaks, so much makes sense, even to regular, non-political-junkie Americans.
    Then he finishes with a flourish that leaves one thinking, “WTF??”.