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East Coast earthquake shakes up the day

A 5.8 earthquake was felt along the East coast from Atlanta, GA to Buffalo, NY and as far west as Detroit, MI.   The quake was centered in VA.  News of the quake spread quickly via Twitter.  Little damage has been reported and no loss of life.  But it did shake up the population.

One wag, determining that the fault line ran under DC, claimed it was soon to be called “Bush’s Fault”.

People on the West coast had an entirely different reaction to the eastern quake:

"Well, Easterners, don’t believe it. When it comes to quakes, no one gets used to them, especially not when they’re in the magnitude 5.0-plus range," a Los Angeles Times writer confesses.

"The truth is, what most of us on the West Coast were thinking is, Thank God it wasn’t us this time."

Did you experience yesterday’s quake?  Apparently people felt it in Atlanta, but not me.  Oh, well.


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14 Responses to East Coast earthquake shakes up the day

  • Apparently the damage was not great enough to please Krazy Paul Krugman…
    “If only it had been a WWII level disaster…THEN we’d get teh economy humming.”
    What a perfect Collectivist.

  • I have a friend who works in the Defense Contractor industry.

    He stated the only folks left in DC yesterday afternoon were the contractors:  the federal employees ran to the hills.
    FEMA was leading the way as the Advance Party.

    I never laughed so hard.

  • I initially thought I had OD’d on caffeine.  Then I realize the room was shaking not just me, but thought it might have been the construction going on in the offices upstairs.  Nope cars outside are shaking.  Earthquake?  Facebook.  Earthquake!

  • Headline here: 5.8 Quake rocks DC, Stock Market booms!!

  • (Stolen with no shame whatsoever from Twitter):
    “That wasn’t an earthquake, that was our Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves.”

  • There is a move afoot by Pelosi to officially rename the structure that caused the earthquake…
    Bush’s Fault is proposed…

  • As the house atarted shaking, my first thought was “Did that garbage truck really plow into my house?” And when the shaking continued and there was no sound of a crash I could almost breathe a sigh of relief that the truck missed me.
    I also saw in twitter that although Obama wanted a 3.4 and the Republicans wanted a 5.8, Obama finally compromised with a 5.8!

    • I also totally thought a car had hit my building.  I was outta the house so fast I didn’t even stop to put on shoes.  Only to be told later by a CA co-worker that actually, I should have stayed inside and hidden under my dining room table.  Scary, but exciting stuff.

  • I hear it improved his golf game – though he was not hitting the ball when it stuck, he nevertheless asked for a mulligan claiming the poorness of his previous shot was the result of the quake.
    There was some question however as to whether the Republican Congress would agree to purchase of yet another round of mulligans and the President as asked for another trillion to cover him through the end of his first term.

  • Didn’t feel the quake over here in California, but did see a picture of the devsatation.

    I must disagree with USA Today, though. My first thought (once I got done sneezing the soda out of my nose from the headless-chickenage on display) was ‘what a bunch of pussies.’

    • Wolf Blitzer breathlessly interviewing people who were obviously unharmed was funny as hell…”Are you okay?”

  • Having lived through a 7.3 earthquake in Taiwan, I started to worry less about the little ones under 6.0.
    Then again, maybe Back East nothing was built for them.

  • Apparently the damage was not great enough to please Krazy Paul Krugman…

    Krugman now claims that it was not him. I think we need a certain “person of interest” from Maine to explain how it was obvious that Google+Krugman was a fake.