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Keystone XL pipeline: Energy security held hostage

One of the arguments you consistently hear from the left is we can’t become “energy independent”, or said another way, we can’t become independent from “foreign oil”.

Well, there’s foreign oil and then there’s “foreign oil”.  While it is true, at least at the moment, that we’re unable to fully develop and use our own national fossil fuel assets to make us independent, there is certainly a way we can pick and choose from whom we buy our oil to lessen the possibility that we’ll become hostage to unfriendly foreign powers.   Friendly neighbors who are close are the solution to our energy security.  But only if we recognize that fact and understand how strategically that lessens our energy vulnerability markedly.

Obviously two close neighbors, Mexico and Canada, fit that profile.  So it seems a no-brainer to exploit those relationships and do all that is possible to make sure it is the US that secures the bulk of what they’re willing to produce and offer on the world market, no?

No, apparently.

It seems there’s an expectation on the part of the left that President Obama and his administration will block the Keystone XL pipeline that would transport oil taken from Canada’s oil sands to the US.  A means of tying up secure oil from a safe, secure and friendly neighbor are in the air because of absurd environmental concerns.   And those protesting the pipeline fully expect Obama to back their demands.

Of course, unsaid, until now at least, is Keystone XL isn’t the only pipeline Canada will build, and it certainly isn’t going to wait on the US to make up its mind:

Considering geography, exporting oil from Canada to a non-American market doesn’t sound easy; Canada’s tar sands are close to the U.S. border, but not much else. So we asked John Baird — Canada’s new foreign minister, who was in Washington recently to speak with Ms. Clinton — which nations would buy oil that America decided not to take. His answer was quick and unequivocal: the Chinese. New pipeline infrastructure will transport oil between the tar sands and Canada’s west coast, from which tankers can ship it across the Pacific Ocean. And, even now, Chinese firms are buying stakes in Canadian tar sands.

Ron Liepert, energy minister of Alberta is crystal clear about which nation is most interested:

He noted China is poised for action, investing $15 billion in the province over the past 18 months. "There is a long-term plan to get oil to the East," he said.

That investment isn’t being made for grins.  It is being made by China to secure their energy future at the cost of ours.

As usual, when it comes to this administration, we dither about our energy future and security, while others act aggressively. Another reason to have them join the growing ranks of the unemployed in 2012.


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8 Responses to Keystone XL pipeline: Energy security held hostage

  • But oil is “yesterday’s energy”, doncha know…
    Obama’s war on modernity MANDATES we kill oil, gas, coal, and even nuclear energy.
    Hell, the Collective would NEVER permit another big hydroelectric project.
    They want us in the cold, dark, less-traveled, less healthy world of yesterday.  Of course, exempting themselves.

  • I’d like to see the pipeline built across the US from Canada. The price of energy resources is set by the price of marginal supply. It doesn’t matter if that marginal supply is produced by US dollars or Chinese Yuan. The pipeline is better for the US because of the direct and indirect economic activity it creates. Regardless, ANY increase in total energy development spending in the free world is going to benefit people by expanding supply.
    There is no way to guarantee “energy security” without doing at least one of two things. Maximum development of domestic energy supplies and/or a willingness to use military threats and force to enforce ownership of international energy resources. What will the Chinese do when the next dictator of the month appropriates their investment on behalf of “the people”?

  • The whole hue and cry over “conflict oil” was always a sham – as opposition to this proves.

    Does anyone on the left actually understand how the lights stay on and the heat flows in the winter and how the fresh fruits and veggies get to Whole Foods every day? 

    They’re either that stupid, or that malevolent in that they don’t care if the rest of the proles go dark, cold and hungry, as long as they can afford those luxuries.

    • No they do not and sadly very few people really understand all the nitty-grittty stuff that it takes to make a light switch do something. When I am dictator I will mandate a semester course in basic engineering and technology in HS. Everyone must attend and must pass the curriculum that I will develop. Anyone caught cheating on any exam in this mandatory course will be shot and left to rot in place as an example to the others. Anyone who does not pass will repeat the course until he/she/it passes. No one can receive any taxpayer funded “benefits” or support until he/she/it passes the course. Any questions? Too bad.

  • There’s a great book called: “Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada’s Oil Sands” which I wish more people would pick up.  I just find it so tragically funny that, in their (purported) effort to be more environmentally friendly, leftists attack developing energy in their own country or in neighbouring Canada -even though this ensures you’ll have to keep buying from environmentally disastrous and human rights-denying countries like Saudia Arabia, Nigeria, Iran and Venezeula.
    If Americans re-elect Barack Obama my hope and faith in you guys will utterly evaporate. (Though I know my fellow Conservatives south of the border are working hard).

  • And they say it would take ten years for all that energy of ours to come online. They’ve been saying that for TWENTY years.

  • one doesnr have to look far to see why this administration isnt creating jobs…
    oh well, obama’s reelection hopes probably pinned on economies performance, appeare he’s doing us a favour in making a best effort to not be reelected….

  • Somebody at CNN must have lost their minds this week when they reported that (the “evil”) Halliburton was opening up jobs, “including 11,000 in North America.”