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Libyan rebels — “Hand over Lockerbie bomber? No way. But thanks for your help.”

The usual treatment has been meted out by some unknown (at the time) foreign entity we chose to help.  We’ve been stiffed.  After spending months, not weeks, helping the Libyan rebels overthrow Mommar Gadaffi, payback comes in the form of refusing to hand over the convicted murderer of 270 people in the bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Having fully duped the Scots by acting as though he was terminally ill, Abdel-Baset al-Megrahi was released by them to a hero’s welcome in Libya, and, apparently a full recovery.  Must be the air.

A group of US Senators, obviously presuming that the new rebel government would be somewhat thankful for all the help given them over the past months, requested al-Megrahi be turned over to US custody.

Uh, no:

But the transitional government’s justice minister, Mohammed al-Alagi, said Sunday in Tripoli that the request by American senators had "no meaning" because Mr. Megrahi had already been tried and convicted.

"We will not hand over any Libyan citizen. It was Gadhafi who handed over Libyan citizens," he said, referring to the government’s decision to turn Mr. Megrahi over to a Scottish court for trial.

Yes, he’s be tried and convicted … and sentenced.  And the only reason he was released was for supposed “compassionate” reasons based on his health.  As it turns out, that was a lie.  Seems pretty open and shut to me – he’s still convicted and his compassionate release, because of the ruse, is null and void.

Mr. Megrahi’s current whereabouts are unknown, and on Saturday no one answered the door of his villa, hidden behind high walls in an upscale Tripoli neighborhood. A neighbor, Yousef Mohammed, said he saw Mr. Megrahi’s son in the street on Friday and assumed the family hadn’t left the area.

No private guards or rebel fighters were visible in the quiet side street of walled villas. The neighbor, said he often saw Mr. Megrahi in the neighborhood. "This guy is sick. All the time, I saw him" in the wheelchair, he said.

Yeah, I think we’ve seen this movie before.

OK … seems pretty easy from here.  No Megrahi, no aid, no assets unfrozen, no help of any kind.

Good luck.


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15 Responses to Libyan rebels — “Hand over Lockerbie bomber? No way. But thanks for your help.”

  • Predator bait, say I.

  • Why should they take us seriously?  Unbidden and unasked, we helped knock over Khadaffi for them.  “You want our oil, infidels.  You are in no position to make demands.”

    • The euros seem to think they’re going to cash in on the change based on articles I read from the net on their side of the ocean.
      I can hardly wait to see that.  Phrases Ragspierre might use kept running though my mind, chief amongst them was – how flucking stupid are these people?

  • “Having fully duped the Scots by acting as though he was terminally ill”
    I don’t think so. The Scots have quite capable doctors of their own. If they were duped it’s only because wanted to be and helped do it.

  • It’s all good, and lets just apoligize in advance for those predators that “accidentally” got fired off when they shouldn’t have….

  • Not very sporting to ask the rebels to turn over the Lockerbie bomber, especially since the next ten diplomats would have had heart attacks if the rebels did give him up.

    Power in the hands of out-of-power, put upon, backcountry tribesmen, glorified as rebels, adds up to one thing: bloody murder. You don’t like to see it, but let’s not hear about NATOs or Obamatron’s disappointment and disapproval when that predictable outcome proceeds forthwith.

    Also, I don’t think that the Scots were duped. Bribed or extorted maybe. Or just Left crazy, thinking in the broad terms of themselves being the oppressors, or some such nonsense, but not duped. Everybody got something in that exchange, would be my bet.

  • The Libyan rebels unexpectedly resisted cooperating with the US.