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Top NASA scientist arrested

James Hansen is paid $180,000 per year by the taxpayers as the Director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Happily, we apparently weren’t paying him today, when he was arrested—again—for taking part in a protest at the White House over the proposed K7 pipeline.

Prior to the protest, Hansen told environmental blog SolveClimate News of his plans to join the protest and risk arrest, because the threat the pipeline poses to the climate is too great to ignore.

"If [Obama] chooses the dirty needle, it’s game over because it will confirm that Obama was just greenwashing, like the other well-oiled, coal-fired politicians with no real intention of solving the addiction."

Canada is going to sell its dope, if it can find a buyer," Hansen said.

This is the "dope" that prevents us from freezing to death in the dark, by the way.

By the way, guess what Dr. Hansen does. He’s NASA’s top climate scientist, and he’s firmly in the AGW camp. He’s called for the equivalent of war crimes trials for oil executives for "high crimes against humanity and nature". He is one of the leading figures in the world in pushing AGW.

But I’m sure that he’s completely objective in reviewing any science that conflicts with his activism. After all, that’s what we’re paying him 180 grand per year to do.

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9 Responses to Top NASA scientist arrested

  • “Canada is going to sell its dope, if it can find a buyer”

    China and India spring to mind.  They are a LOT less conflicted about the “fuel of the past”…which has no prospect of being replaced with anything in…you know…REALITY.
    Dope?  Surely he was self-identifying…

    • IIRC, if the pipeline deal fall through then Canada will sell the oil to China.

      • China has been busily buying into the oil field already.  But the entire Pacific market would also be a market, and the Canadians will have no difficulty finding willing buyers.

  • Sure, who wants a plentiful source of oil from a stable, friendly nation RIGHT NEXT DOOR?  Far far better to buy what we need from hateful enemies half a world away who hold a cartel.

    Cold, hungry and in the dark.  I’ve moved my opinion.  Not stupid.  Actually actively malevolent.

  • the Goddard Institute for Space Studies is located in NYC….how did Mr. Hansen get to Washington DC to protest?
    I do like this phrase…
    “well-oiled, coal-fired politician”

    • Actually, the Goddard Space Flight Center is just outside the DC beltway, and within a few miles of a Metro stop. I took my son to their open house this summer, there were a couple of times I had to correct official volunteers that were ‘explaining’ some of the science being studied, but the actual scientists that we talked to stayed away from politics.

  • Why does he still have his job at NASA?  And why is a “climate scientist” working there in the first place?  If Uncle Sugar MUST employ this charlatan, why not at NOAA?  Or at CBO: they specialize in fantasy.

    • I can’t argue for him still having a job, but NOAA focuses on getting information from the atmosphere (along with using information from other sources). NASA takes the lead on research satellittes, whether they are pointed at the Earth or other objects.

  • One way an attorney successfully destroys an expert witness is by showing that they are not objective.  They can be strongly assertive, but they HAVE to show a jury that they are not simply partisans for pay.
    This guy has lost all credibility as a “scientist”.  He is a full-blown zealot.