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Obama’s a president, not a king


pparently the fact that President Obama scheduled a speech to a joint session of Congress that coincided with a GOP debate and was informed by the Speaker of the House that the date was not acceptable has now worked its way into a full blown brouhaha. Perhaps the best summary and most breathless and silly conclusion comes from Tommy Christopher in Mediate:

The mainstream media, and even some in the liberal opinion media, have completely missed the point of President Obama’s dust-up with Speaker John Boehner over the date for Obama’s address before a joint session of Congress. MSM yakkers have advanced the “pox on both their houses” meme, while liberals like Ed Schultz accuse the President of “caving,” all ignoring the fact that Boehner has insulted and disrespected the office of the President of the United States, and should resign.

Of course, because we all know it is a deadly thing to insult the President of the United States, especially when you’re one of the leaders of a co-equal branch of government.

The sort of nonsense Christopher is pushing is interesting because it was so absent when the former president was in office. Insults from Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid were as common as their poor performance in office. In fact, Obama is a president and head of one of three co-equal branches of government. He’s not a dictator or a king, although given his style in the 3 years he’s been in office, those are roles he’d prefer.

Obama essentially tried to play a little politics with the date of his speech and steal the limelight from the GOP debate. However, in order to address a joint session of Congress, he had to have the permission of both the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader in the Senate (and that should tell you all you need to about "co-equal"). The Senate was in the bag, Reid being perfectly amenable to the politics of the request. The Speaker, John Boehner, wasn’t. He quickly figured out the ploy and said, ‘no’.

Cue the whiners, complainers and drama queens. In fact Obama played politics and lost. End of story. He assumed he could push Boehner into doing something that was advantageous to him and detrimental to the GOP. He was wrong.

The resulting fallout is his problem and what looked like something that had a net potential positive for him politically has now turned into a net negative. Obama miscalculated and had his miscalculation handed back to him. Welcome to full contact politics.

But lets be clear about something. John Boehner acted within his rights as a co-equal leader of the government and member of his party in saying “no” to a request that was clearly unacceptable because of the politics involved. He insulted no one. If any “disrespect” was shown, it can just as easily be laid at the President’s feet with the claim that he deliberately scheduled his speech to coincide with the GOP debate in order to show them up.

Which day his speech is made is of little consequence in the big scheme of things, it’s what it will lay out that counts. But as usual, in the highly partisan atmosphere found in Washington DC, even the most routine politics is now framed as some sort of major confrontation requiring the heads of those who disagree with the president.

Obama tried some slick politics and ended up getting stung for it. For those like Christopher, get over it. He’s a president, not a king.




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22 Responses to Obama’s a president, not a king

  • Actually, what is will lay out is also most likely of little consequence in the big scheme of things.

  • What would have been funny would have been for Bohner to agree, than have the House and Senate GOP in the cloakroom watching the debate while Obama spoke only to the Dems.  When asked why, he could have said, “We wanted to hear people who actually had ideas about helping the economy.”  Conversely, they could have stayed in the chamber, but watched the debate on Ipads and such.  Cheap theatre, buy amusing.

  • Listening to Dems whining about the Pres. being shown disrespect is hilarious. The same Dems who saw no problem tearing the country apart with their 100% concocted – and deliberately, knowingly false – “Bush lied!” meme now whining that King Baracky the Last can’t descend from his throne to address the plebes whenever he wants?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA……………….choke on it. Choke on it good.

    PS- Who gives a sh*t about the speech anyway. IT IS JUST ANOTHER CAMPAIGN EVENT.  I’m watching football. 

  • Sorry to go off-topic here, but can any CA posters tell me if this is in fact real, and not a satire:

    At what point do people just start getting slapped for being so stupid?

    • Sadly it is true. I just cannot understand why these people keep getting re-elected? Fortunately my daughter is now old enough to “babysit” her brothers, not that we ever go out at all anyway, but it is convenient for my wife.

      • I just cannot understand why these people keep getting re-elected?

        It’s Kalifornia and their alternative reality.

  • Tommy has become completely unhinged. Patterico has a post about him going so far mental that he challenged Adam Baldwin to a fight, and then Baldwin ripped Tommy to shreds when they were both on the “Stage Right” radio show.

  • I guarantee you that this speech will fall flat with the American people…No one will be watching.  Of course the main stream media will give him high marks.  The American people know this is a campaign speech to lift his sagging poll numbers and it will include a rehash of all the Marxist/Progressive programs and ideas that have failed miserably…We are not a European Socialist country!  Get it?  We are a freedom loving country, a country where you could be poor and make something of yourself and be successful…people have dreams, and he is trying squash their dreams….This administration must realize that THE JIG IS UP….THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES AND the horse is out of the barn…there is no going back.  The people get it…they did not vote for a monarch…they voted for someone who they thought would change things for the better, and what they got was an elitist, arrogant ideologue…who is determined to destroy our economy and enlarge the Nanny State till their is no middle class left….Will he succeed?  It is all up to the people of this country when they protest with their feet to the nearest voting booth to cast their vote…the only freedom we still have…USE it people!  Return this country to sanity and fiscal responsibility.

  • The fact that a collection of no-nothing dickweeds are hyperventilating doesn’t particularly bother me.

  • First off .. never believe anything from any person who has two first names .. Tommy Christopher.
    Secondly, “topher” has popped a cork.
    Thirdly, this kind of bozo journalism and jackasery on the part of government officials that keeps these spats going make me wake up in the morning hoping al Qaeda has “nuked” DC and ended our misery.

  • McQThe Senate was in the bag, Reid being perfectly amenable to the politics of the request.

    Actually, I wonder about this.  I’m sure that Dingy would have been happy to have Bad Luck Barry down to run his mouth at any time, but DID Barry ask Dingy?  Maybe it’s been reported and I missed it, but it seems that Barry would have asked Dingy at the same time he asked Boehner.  Boehner denies that Barry actually asked but instead announced the speech as if it was Barry’s right to drive down to the Capitol and start reading of the TOTUS whenever he feels like it.  Barry claims that he DID ask and Boehner crawfished.  Who’s telling the truth?  Seems to me that Dingy is the dog that didn’t bark.

    McQIn fact, Obama is a president and head of one of three co-equal branches of government. He’s not a dictator or a king, although given his style in the 3 years he’s been in office, those are roles he’d prefer.

    He’s not the only one; the libs seem to really be hating the Constitution these days.  From Tom Friedman wishing upon a (red) star that the US was like Red China to Fareed Zakarakaria waxing wistful about the wonders of parliamentary systems of government in general and the German constitution in particular, the libs just don’t seem to like our system of government.  DAMN thos coequal branches of government!  They just get in the way of Hope and Change!

    • “Fareed Zakarakaria”
      I have a suggestion for him, it involves his US passport and his natal land.

  • This may seem like a small thing, but for a lot of the left it must be a big let down. One less reason to turn out to vote.

    The only downside I see is that the Rs in the debate wo’nt be able to make fun of Zero’s speech.

    • This may seem like a small thing, but for a lot of the left it must be a big let down. One less reason to turn out to vote.

      As we say in my end of the hollar, “fuhhgeddaboutit.” They got nowhere to go and they will not stand idle with the thought that a Republican candidate is set to knock down the Unicorn King.

  • The June 24, 1986, edition of The Wall Street Journal featured a story headlined, “President’s Bid to Address the House On Nicaragua Is Rejected by Speaker.” That’s right, no quibbling over the date and time, just a flat-out rejection.
    Let the name of Thomas “Tip” O’Neil be stricken from every book and tablet, stricken from all pylons and obelisks, stricken from every monument of the US of A. Let the name of Thomas “Tip” O’Neil be unheard and unspoken, erased from the memory of men for all time.

  • George W. Bush came to the Presidency hoping to “change the tone in Washington, D.C” .. he got “borked” at every turn, but was the gentlemen.
    Barack Obama came to DC with “Hope and Change” as the “post-partisan” President, who is now doing his best to “bork” the “Tea Party” and Republicans on Capitol Hill, while hiding behind his minions.
    One stayed above the fray, the other did his best to generate the fray.

  • Starting with the firing of federal Inspector General Gerald Walpin, this administration has been in a death spiral. Based on accountability alone, Obama does not deserve a second term.

  • Late to the ball here, but…
    Obama is making it worse…see a trend here??…by letting it be known how miffed he is over Boehner’s (really very polite) rejection.
    He looks more and more like the pathological adolescent he largely is.

    • I’ll give him credit for this much, he still hasn’t had the full blown temper tantrum in public that I expected him to have.

      • No, but that never surprises me.  He is a very, very repressed personality, and his “tantrums” are much more subtle.  You can see it in his eyes and transitory expressions.
        But he won’t let the beast out where it can show….and have people see it openly.  If he ever melts down in public, I don’t expect it to be anger that is the prime thing you’ll see.