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Fast and Furious linked to 12 more violent crime scenes in Mexico


This just gets deeper and wider:

Just hours after the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, federal officials tried to cover up evidence that the gun that killed Terry was one the government intentionally helped sell to the Mexican cartels in a weapons trafficking program known as Operation Fast and Furious.

The revelation comes just days after a huge shake-up of government officials who oversaw the failed anti-gun trafficking program and Congress renewed its demand for more answers.

Also late Thursday, Sen. Charles Grassley’s office revealed that 31 more Fast and Furious guns have been found at 12 violent crime scenes in Mexico.

Additionally, as mentioned, evidence of a cover up has been found:

In an internal email the day after Terry’s murder, Assistant U.S. Attorneys Emory Hurley and then-U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke decided not to disclose the connection, saying "this way we do not divulge our current case (Fast and Furious) or the Border Patrol shooting case."

Nice.  Wonderful.  Your “transparent” government at work.

And as the investigation continues, more and more evidence of both criminality (cover-up) and incompetence becomes apparent at echelons far above the agent level:

Grassley, R-Iowa, and Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said Thursday they are expanding their investigation into the scandal. In a strongly worded letter to Anne Scheel, the new U.S. attorney for Arizona, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee requested interviews, emails, memos and even hand-written notes from members of the U.S. attorney’s office that played key roles in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) program.

“The level of involvement of the United States Attorney’s Office … in the genesis and implementation of this case is striking,” wrote Issa and Grassley.

It is also trying to be denied by the DoJ which has been less than cooperative in the Congressional investigation into the operation:

“The Justice Department has been less than forthcoming since day one, so the revisions here are hardly surprising, and the numbers will likely rise until the more than 1,000 guns that were allowed to fall into the hands of bad guys are recovered — most likely years down the road," Grassley said in a statement released Thursday.

"What we’re still waiting for are the answers to the other questions the Attorney General failed to answer per our agreement. The cooperation of the Attorney General and his staff is needed if we’re ever going to get to the bottom of this disastrous policy and help the ATF and the department move forward.”

And, my guess is, given who runs the DoJ (and who the head of that department works for) they’ll be waiting for some time.

I think it past time that the mantra of “hope and change” be given a reality check and renamed what it has become over the past 3 years  — “smoke and mirrors”.   The promise to change politics as we knew it, to provide transparency and to be a transformative administration have all failed to the point that whatever attempt was actually made to accomplish those campaign goals (if there ever were any) have utterly and completely failed to emerge, much less overwhelm the supposed bureaucratic ossification and politics of Washington.

This administration is simply another in a long line of administrations that has failed to live up to its hype and promises.  It is utterly and completely, even mundanely, just another old fashioned political promise machine which has no way to materialize what it has promised.

Smoke and mirrors, my friends, smoke and mirrors.


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25 Responses to Fast and Furious linked to 12 more violent crime scenes in Mexico

  • “It is utterly and completely, even mundanely, just another old fashioned political promise machine which has no way to materialize what it has promised.
    Smoke and mirrors, my friends, smoke and mirrors.”
    And criminal behavior.
    I’m beginning to appreciate Issa and Grassley – I’m expecting any day they’re going to announce they are shocked to find where this leads.  And if their current mode is any indication, when they do, they’ll have  the path lit like a Broadway stage, and it will lead to the White House.

    • And if their current mode is any indication, when they do, they’ll have  the path lit like a Broadway stage, and it will lead to the White House.

      And a couple underlings will get 30 day suspensions at best.
      This is, after all, a Police State, and a police state exists to protect the state, not the citizens. Quite the contrary, in fact; citizens are just fodder for the elite. Especially foreign citizens when it’s convenient.

      • I disagree.  The politics would drive a change in power, and that would result in prosecutions.  And it better.  And not just over this debacle, either, but the various OTHER criminality conducted by this machine.

        • Yeah, I can’t believe they’ve corrupted EVERYBODY.
          There have to be people who were just keeping their heads down, and people who are even interested in actual justice.
          When it looks like they may lose their jobs and or face prosecution, they might have some incentive to sing some new tunes for Congress.
          Needs to start with Holder though, that slimy weasel has to go first or he’ll obstruct till the day they pack his boxes and move him out of his office.

        • Rags, you dreamer.  Sit, have a beer, we can keep hoping neh?

        • The politics would drive a change in power, and that would result in prosecutions.

          Can you cite a historical reference? Perhaps Tammney Hall, or Teapot Dome, but those really had little long-term influence. Shortly after their prominence, the situation reverted to the challengers being the usurpers.
          Mostly, such angst is political posturing. Recall, for example, that Ruby Ridge occurred under Bush 41.

          • Yeah, but I’m having a hard time thinking Bush helped plan it  – not the same for this one.

  • If only there were some industry or profession dedicated to holding public officials accountable by investigating their activities and publicizing the results. Wouldn’t that be great?

    • Golly, imagine…
      It truly is one of the marvels of my life-time, the way the media has so openly become an organ of the Collective.  The contrast in their approach to R and D administrations is appalling.
      But it is also wonderfully heartening to watch the alternative media develop and grow to fill the vacuum.

      • Also heartening to see people realizing what’s happening and switching to the alternative, leaving morons like Schultz, Matthews, Olberman, etc to talk to cameras that may as well be directing their signal to Mars

      • “It truly is one of the marvels of my life-time, the way the media has so openly become an organ of the Collective.”

        The key word here is “openly”.

        I started seeing evidence of liberal bias in the media in the 1970s (some engendered by Nixon, I think), and then some indications of outright leftist bias in the 1980s. The first casualties to become unreadable as a result were the major news magazines. I used to have subscriptions to Time, Newsweek, US News, and the Economist. Time went left over the environment in the 1980s: “…I would freely admit that on this issue we have crossed the boundary from news reporting to advocacy.” Newsweek drifted left about the same time as Time, and US News went a few years later. Economist went left in the early 1990s, endorsing Bill Clinton and doing some vocal shilling for Hillarycare. I remember throwing the magazine against the wall when I saw the phrase “Medical Savings Accounts, which are nothing more than a subsidy for the rich…”, not in an editorial, but in a news article.

        Yet they all maintained a facade of objectivity, along with the newspapers and TV news networks, until less than ten years ago. The Bush-Kerry campaign was a turning point, as Evan Thomas admitted that the journalists wanted Kerry to win, and of course CBS did actions I consider illegal to try to make it so.

        Yet there were still deluded people on the right, including one of the earlier posters on this site, who maintained that it wasn’t really overt bias, just sloppiness. We used to have arguments about it.

        We don’t have those arguments any more. Anyone who didn’t see that the media had chosen sides in the election of 2008 demonstrated that they simply were not connected to reality, and therefore not worth arguing with. Their bias is so open and obvious; they shrink away from anything the Obama administration might have done wrong like Superman cringes from Kryptonite. They pretend it isn’t there. I guess they tell themselves “someone else will surely look at that”, hoping unconsciously that no one does because they’re scared to death of knowing the truth about their Lightworker.

        Like all on the left, they’ve reached the point where they are afraid to question anything about their quasi-religious faith, lest the entire structure of castles in the air they have built in their minds come tumbling down. As best as I can tell right now, the legacy media in this country serves no useful purpose at all. What little actual news they report could easily be reported by other channels. When economics forces many of them out of business, I will cheer.

        • My kids grew up with me arguing (OK, railing) with Walter Cronkite or Dan Rather every evening.  I was once a subscriber to Popular Science, too, until they were subverted by the idiot enviros.  Nothing was sacred.  Nothing could be left neutral.  I watched the Girl Scouts be taken over by Collectivists.  Those were important lessons about the Collective, and how it works.

          • Nothing was sacred. Nothing could be left neutral.
            >>> Yup. First lesson about them – EVERYTHING MUST BE POLITICIZED.

        • It’s still entertaining to watch people like MoDo make statements like ‘most of the country still likes the President’.
          I keep hearing  the phrase “how did Nixon win?  No one I know voted for him!” every time I see that ‘most’ of the country still likes the President.
          Sorry, no sale.  I don’t believe it for a minute, I think most have seen him for what he is, an arrogant yet essentially incompetent man, wed with a leftist media.

          • Very, very few people are paying as much attention to things as you, me and the rest here do.
            The overwhelming majority are brain-draining in front of the boob tube, with MTV, ESPN, and various similar non-sense. That much as been well known since the Census  Bureau and other have seriously tracked such data in the 70’s.
            An utter collapse in this country will take probably 75% of people by complete surprise. Worse, many that are following what’s going on, rely on their favorite “spokesman” (i.e., Limbaugh, etc) to figure it out for them.

    • Perhaps one of the other branches of government? 🙁

  • Just imagine had this happened under Bush. The media would be going nuts, calling for impeachment, etc.

    • A minor paperwork error by an FFL is grounds for loss of license and probably criminal prosecution. Such prosecutions as 98% successful.
      Contrast that with the DELIBERATE dereliction of duty and willful misconduct that has resulted in a couple thousand deaths (in Mexico). Hand-wringing and boisterous “committees”, but at then end, it’ll be massive “steam escaping”.
      Does the “opposition” fear that their own are doing similar nefarious acts, and it might come back to bite them? Back-scratching?

  • I suggest that Issa invite Eric Holder to Capitol Hill, then call in the House Sargent-At-Arms to detain Holder until he answers their question.

  • Congratulations to our incurious palace guard press for relentlessly digging and digging and not resting until they get to the bottom of this scandal. But Palin’s Alaska emails, they have plenty of time for.
    Good to know priorities are in the correct place.

    • Do you suppose they’ll be looking at WIKILeaks with the same verve?
      Speaking of, and off topic, but that sniveling little creep, and whoever is leaking the info to him/them, needs to be set adrift in a dory in mid North Atlantic on a cold December day.

  • I stopped getting my hopes up that a dem would pay when Slick Willie got away with it.  The “crime” will be Issa’s and Grassly’s “partisan hatred” and “RAAAACISM!” for pursuing The Bag Man and Bad Luck Barry.  I expect that the “gun industry” will also come under attack; look for lots of hysterical reporting about how guns are bad, gun show loopholes, Gabby Gifford, etc.

    At least Winston Smith had some idea that what he was doing was wrong; the real MiniTru does what they do with not only a clear conscience, but a real sense of a noble job done well.