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Obama Jobs Speech Liveblog

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11 Responses to Obama Jobs Speech Liveblog

  • This is Obama’s Dog Paddle Speech.

    Obama’s just paddling around, trying not to sink in his own pool of Marxism.

  • Note the emphasis on “Congress needs to take action!” coming out of the WH.   Guess who’s gonna get blamed if the speech doesn’t create billiuns and billiuns of jobs by 1st quarter 2012.  Oh yeah, 2012 will be colored by Congress’s failures to do what Barry wanted, and once again, it won’t be his fault.
    Congress needs to take action!  The new White House battle cry.
    Shoot Barry, just sling out some executive orders to your agencies, they can write some rules for enforcement and you can just bypass that whole Congress place.  Do it the same way you did when you won the war in Libya, ask the UN if it’s okay.

    • Exactly.  I’m sure that Barry is hoping that the American people STILL think that the GOP runs the Congress, but I also think that Congressional democrats are going to start getting p*ssed about being lumped in with the “bad guys”.  Many of them have got their own races to run next year, and having the president trash the Congress as a pack of anti-job, anti-American do-nothings doesn’t exactly help them.

  • Let me save you some time;
    Good Evening, ……blah, blah……inherited from the previous administration…blah blah…dysfunctional Congress…blah blah… common sense solutions… blah blah…investments…jobs…investments…jobs…investment…green jobs…etc. ad  nauseum.
    Unfortunately I will not be able to listen to the speech this evening. I have some drinking to do.

  • Is this trip really necessary?

  • I keep hearing “pass it right away”. I guess that means dont read it.
    and oh yeah. Pass the bill so teachers can get back to work. Have to take care of the unions.

    • I can see this bill passing  … right after a “balanced budget” amendment to the US Constitution

    • I’ve been sayin’ that it’s Obama’s (Government and/or Union) Job’s Speech.

  • CBS is now bucking it up with a “report” of “credibly and specific” threat around 9/11, based on chatter.

  • Obama is out of ideas. This is just spend more hundreds of billions, maybe create some jobs, and maybe, somehow pay for it later.

    Obama is now a lame duck.