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The White House stimulus chart

The gift that keeps on giving: The White House’s chart of unemployment predictions in the Stimulus/no Stimulus world. Superimposed is the graph of actual unemployment, but now, with wall street economists predictions for the near-term future.


I think a big speech will help, though. ‘Cause that’s what we’ve been missing. Speeches.

The analysis of that speech is pretty straightforward and simple. We’ve spent $800 billion for TARP, $1.4 trillion in the stimulus package, and $2 trillion in quantitative easing from the Fed. Now, if we spend another $430 billion on the American Jobs Act, that’ll be the fix we’ve been looking for, and everything will be peachy.

The president’s child-like faith in the power of government is touching. And frightening.

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7 Responses to The White House stimulus chart

  • Color me cynical, but I suggest less “child-like faith in the power of government” and more:

    — Too damned dumb and ideologically rigid to think of anything else;

    — Needs to appear to be trying to do SOMETHING;

    — Hey, his donors have to get their money back somehow.

  • “The president’s child-like faith…”

    That is an insult to defenseless children. I have never known a child so stupid they cannot learn from reality. Ignorant, yes, but not stupid.

  • He’s is applying his learning.

    As a community organizer he kept going back to the evil corporatons/targets of your organizing and extorting  asking for money and you always got it.  Who cares what you did with the money because outcome was irrelevent.

    Doesn’t it work that way in government as well?

  • The man takes his cues from Buckwheat most likely “Froggy” of Little Rascals fame.
    Everytime there is a problem, “Let’s put on a show” is the answer.  He he can’t sing or dance that well either.

  • Yep, because if you’re an unemployed accountant, IT guy, or salesman, you’re going to go build a bridge somewhere.

    • When Hitler mobilized the German people to build the autobahn, many of them were city folk who were not conditioned to hard, physical labor. You may well guess the results.

  • Interestingly, TARP recapitalized the banks and was 98% paid back inside a year. The real estate market has NOT cleared out its malinvestment and thus continues to keep the economy in the tank. And it WON’T clear it out so long as the central planners keep propping up the current status.