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The Gorical’s “24 Hours of Reality” spots

Some interesting stuff here in the "lets look under the rock and see what’s there” sort of interesting.  Here’s Al Gore’s pitch:


DENIAL HITS THE FAN from The Climate Reality Project on Vimeo.


FAT LADY SINGS from The Climate Reality Project on Vimeo.


The Making of Reality (Spots) from The Climate Reality Project on Vimeo.


I have great interest in this simply because of the approach. It’s all about "fake scientists" and who paid for that "fake science". Note Gore’s premise. It’s reality, you can’t deny it. That’s simply another version of "scientific consensus makes this indisputable".  This seems to be an attempt to try to demonize and discredit those who disagree and actually have produced scientific work to back their positions.  He won’t answer the objections, he’s going to tell you who he claims they work for and (like the cigarette reference) why they should be ignored.

If the vid doesn’t show up for you, the links are below them.  I’ve copied their embed codes, but it may or may not show up depending on your browser. Take a look and tell us what you think.


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18 Responses to The Gorical’s “24 Hours of Reality” spots

  • I demand to see the CARBON accounting for this!!!!
    What a waste of energy!  (heh)

  • “When the facts are on your side, pound on the facts…” as the old joke about law strategy goes. In this case, going full shrill mode shows that they’ve got nothing to do but pound on the table.

    They’ve gone from something that sort of kinda resembled science into what appears to be propaganda with expensive production costs.
    And maybe I just am not tuned into the tropes, but I didn’t get the one with the world falling on the fat lady while the giant thermometer stands around. Were those the deniers, and the whole world is going to crash down on them? Or was it supposed to symbolize the world coming apart because of climate change? Or was it just that the writers have the intelligence and sensibility of five years olds creating their papier mache skit for the spring parent’s day play? 

  • The obvious hole in the thinking of Al Gore, is that his thinking is too parochial.
    In Australia, Julia Gillard and her “Carbon Trading Scheme” are about to go down in flames.  Is this the fault of “Big Oil” ?
    … but unlike Obama, where everything is racists, for her, everything is sexist

    • Big Sheep…???
      Actually, it would be Big Mining Down Under…

      • You mean that “mining” causes Climate Change ?  Now there’s a new one, and I thought I heard them all.

        • ANY modern activity causes Climate Thingy…!!!  (Except making silly videos)  Geez, man…get with REALITY…!!!

        • Neo, there are just too many of us, and if the knuckledragging SUV driving, noise making, polluting, McDonald’s eating breeders would all voluntary die off, the world would be better and happier.  Gaia would heal and tofu herds would be free to roam across the plains of North America again unhindered.

  • At 2:15 in the third vid we hear this:

    We all need a wake up call; and the way I can contribute is by building a world around this idea and act as a creative journalist…
    Everyone involved has the same interests.

    While not intending it, this fellow says exactly what Gore et. al. believe and want. The wake-up call it the realization that more and more people are eschewing their faith. They need to build a narrative reality that fits that faith that they believe is beyond reproach.
    And they have to use creative storytelling to build that narrative.

    • Hey, it worked for shaman and cargo cultists…!!!  Oh, and the Collective DEPENDS on it…

      • Actually you know, you’ve hit on something, the faith of progressives in Obama, and Obama himself in his speeches, is a lot like the descriptions I’ve read of the Cargo Cultists dealing with the reality of their situation, that is, to deal with it in an non-reality way.

  • Watching this would be more painful than being Jack Bauer during one of his days.

  • But will it work?  Will flashy videos proporting to show that deniers are all paid shills of Big Oil convince people that the planet is getting warmer, that we are the cause, and that ZOMG!! WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING NOW?

    Or will people look at this tripe and think, “Man… are you desperate or what?”

  • Geez…these crackheads don’t know what a ‘ridge’ or a ‘trough’ are, but they’re “climate experts”.