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The polls are consistent – Obama’s job approval rating dropping like a rock

Another in a long line of polls showing the President’s approval job ratings continue to fall. Some key elements of the latest poll’s findings:

A majority of Americans don’t believe President Barack Obama’s $447 billion jobs plan will help lower the unemployment rate, skepticism he must overcome as he presses Congress for action and positions himself for re- election.

The downbeat assessment of the American Jobs Act reflects a growing and broad sense of dissatisfaction with the president. Americans disapprove of his handling of the economy by 62 percent to 33 percent, a Bloomberg National Poll conducted Sept. 9-12 shows. The disapproval number represents a nine point increase from six months ago.

One reason that the American people don’t believe Obama’s plan will work is because it is simply a rerun of the $800 billion plus stimulus which didn’t work.  Additionally, it has since become clear that he is attempting to get his tax increases past the Republican party by making them the funding mechanism for this.  Even Democrats are complaining about that (you don’t raise taxes in a recession – Econ 101).

Harry Truman he ain’t.

And again, electorally, here’s the bad news for Obama:

The president’s job approval rating also stands at the lowest of his presidency — 45 percent. That rating is driven down in part by a majority of independents, 53 percent, who disapprove of his performance.

If it stays like that, he’ll be introducing himself as the former president in 2013.  In Obama campaign headquarters, aka the White House, these numbers probably have sirens wailing, lights flashing and grown men crying:

The poll hands Obama new lows in each of the categories that measures his performance on the economy: only 36 percent of respondents approve of his efforts to create jobs, 30 percent approve of how he’s tackled the budget deficit and 39 percent approve of his handling of health care.

So on the issues that most concern American voters, he’s not doing well at all.

But back to his latest attempt to push his tax and spend package through:

By a margin of 51 percent to 40 percent, Americans doubt the package of tax cuts and spending proposals intended to jumpstart job creation that Obama submitted to Congress this week will bring down the 9.1 percent jobless rate. That sentiment undermines one of the core arguments the president is making on the job act’s behalf in a nationwide campaign to build public support.

Compounding Obama’s challenge is that 56 percent of independents, whom the president won in 2008 and will need to win in 2012, are skeptical it will work.

I would guess its mostly because they recognize the package for what it is, and it is certainly not “new”.  It is just another, in a long line of attempts by this administration, to push the same old tax increases through Congress.  And despite what Obama claims those tax increases are not something the GOP has agreed to in the past – or ever.  He gave them a substantial and supportable reason to oppose the package as Obama has presented it.

Finally the big picture as it stands today:

Forty-six percent of independents say they definitely won’t vote to re-elect the president, compared to 21 percent who definitely will support him. In 2008, Obama was backed by 52 percent of independent voters, compared to 44 percent who backed Republican nominee John McCain, an Arizona senator, according to exit polls.

And enthusiasm for Obama? Waning:

Of the respondents who said they’ve supported Obama at one point since he launched his presidential campaign in 2007, fewer than half say they still support him as fervently. Thirty- seven percent say their support has waned and 19 percent say he lost their backing because they’ve grown disappointed or angry with his leadership.

Almost a third of Democrats and Democratic-leaning respondents say they’d like to see Obama face a primary challenge.

Yeah, grim.  He’s been found to be an empty suit by many of his own core supporters.  Plus he has to run on his record for a change.  

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7 Responses to The polls are consistent – Obama’s job approval rating dropping like a rock

  • When I heard the big Jobs speech, I couldn’t see how the bill would pass — assuming an actual bill would materialize. Then I decided that Obama intended it as a trap, so he could campaign on blaming Republicans.  (See Erb, Scott.)

    I still think that. But I don’t see the ploy working. Obama repeatedly overestimates the ability of his speeches to persuade Americans. During the debt ceiling showdown, he threatened, “Don’t call my bluff, Eric,” to take his case to the American people. His bluff was called. He spent another mil of taxpayer money on a big black bus to campaign in the heartland. Now his polls are lower than ever.

    Obama must do something different to turn things around. However, if he had the resources for different, he would have done so by now. This is all he’s got and that’s why he will lose next year.

    • Respecting the Obamic rope-a-dope jobs bill theory, I wrote yesterday it ain’t gonna work as planned…
      Cassius Obama: “Float like a butterfly…fall like a tree…”

  • Yesterday’s twin spectacles of the “Gimme some LOVE” speech and the AWFUL/STRANGELY HILARIOUS “Attack Watch” website are storm petrels of The Great Unwinding of this narcissistic personality.
    It is gathering speed.  There are LOTS of pressure points that will work to make it faster still, such as the SEVERAL scandals that are just now breaking.

  • “However, if he had the resources for different . . ” That would be like asking a leopard to change his spots or a tiger to change his stripes. Ain’t gonna happen!
    But to even use this analogy is to assume Obama, like one of these big cats, is a predator. A predator he surely is, but only with a mob behind him. As a “community organizer” he knows full well the power of the mob. And as a “community organizer” he knows how to motivate a mob – so long as the mob is pliable, willing to be coerced into doing something it would not otherwise do. And that is the critical element in Obama’s psyche – he has to have the mob with him or else he has nothing – – is nothing!

  • if he’s clinically depressed now, imagine how it will be once he gets avalanched out of office.  He’ll be at the “I’m ready for my closeup now Mr. DeMille” stage within months of losing.

  • You watch, pretty shortly here what’s left of the Democratic media power will start to let all the cats out of the Obama bag in such a way that all the infractions, the Solyndra deal, Fast and Furious, the Union failures and attacks, will all be linked in some way to the Obama administration, with the understanding that many other Democrats (the ones who stand for re-election and have a chance of salvation) are shocked!  shocked! to find his administration doing these things.  The Media will cover for them by not mentioning their own linkages to him and in so doing will make him appear to be a rogue who pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes, Democrat and Republican alike.
    The idea will be deliberately to make him unelectable and to force him out so they have someone else running in 2012.   At this point they have to be realizing it’s a potential Democratic Dunkirk on the horizon, and they’ll need to try and salvage as much as they can from the wreckage.
    Obama is about to be introduced to the bottom of his own bus by the media.

  • After Obama cut (official) ties to Rev Wright early in 2008, the 25-year releationship with the spiritual mentor that got Obama in to polictics became an ‘old story’ that was ignored by the press. If there is any net jobs gain in the next twelve months (or even using next February as a starting point), I’d expect the same strategy to be used for every scandal the President has had so far.

    Any job gains next summer, even in temp workers, will be spun heavily to sway the large number of voters that have only a short term memory for political issues. American businessmen could well figure out the regulatory nightmare in the next six to nine months, leading to the job creation that even Erb acknowledged would have happened by now in a normal recession. 

     If the RNC has any brains, they have to be prepared to showcase all of Obama’s record, from the fact that his only foreign policy successes were to continue the exact same Bush policies he campaigned against to that fact that oil kept spilling for weeks after the President claimed he had control of the situation and everything going on now. If those commercials haven’t been produced before the nominee is decided, party leadership had failed.