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Is Obama delusional? (update)

I know that’s a rather impertinent question to ask, but after reading this, I have to wonder what planet he’s on:

At a campaign fundraiser Thursday night in Washington, D.C., President Obama said he believes his chances of being reelected in 2012 are “much higher” than they were in 2008.

“Over the last couple of months there have been Democrats who voiced concerns and nervousness about, well, in this kind of economy, isn’t this just — aren’t these just huge headwinds in terms of your reelection?” Obama said.

“And I just have to remind people that, here’s one thing I know for certain: the odds of me being reelected are much higher than the odds of me being elected in the first place.”

Really?  Honestly? 

I have no idea how he manages to say that with a straight face or could actually believe that (or is this just “whistling past the graveyard?”).  Of course to make the point that he’s completely delusional if he believes this I’d have to lay out a long list of differences between now and then.  Such as the fact that Bush had been demonized to such an extent that it was pretty clear that a change was in the air, Obama was considered a great candidate for (pick your reason – a few listed as we go) and the media went all in on him.  He wasn’t vetted as most candidates are and conventional wisdom said his thin resume and lack of leadership weren’t significant problems because he was so freakin’ brilliant and awesome, oh, and he was black, which helped assuage the white guilt some seemed to be carrying around.  Finally, his campaign was admittedly brilliant, people believed what he said (not yet knowing he was all hat and no cattle in that department) believed he could do all he said and they just felt it was a time for change.

Well, in three years later and times as well as perceptions of the man have changed.  And not in a good way for Barack Obama.  Democrats have buyers remorse.  Key constituencies are deserting him as the election approaches.  Independents left him long ago.  For the first time he has to actually run on a record – which to this point is abysmal.

Is he really talking odds?  Or is he really talking about a fantasy?  I’d point out that, in my opinion, the odds of him being elected given the circumstances surrounding the last election were much better for him being elected than they are now.  He was the fantasy candidate then for many Americans.  Now he’s just in the fantasy, apparently, because most Americans have figured him out by now, and they don’t like what they see.


Just sayin’.

UPDATE: Apparently David Axlerod shares the delusion (or may be its author):

Despite a growing storm cloud hovering over his presidency and reelection hopes, President Obama is in strong shape and Americans stand by his plan for jobs, Obama’s top campaign adviser said Friday.

In a memo to Sunday news show producers and other reporters, campaign strategist David Axelrod said that Obama is in good shape with his base, strong with Hispanics and in a good position to beat any of his Republican rivals.

See link above about “strong with Hispanics”.


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32 Responses to Is Obama delusional? (update)

  • Is he really talking odds?  Or is he really talking about a fantasy?

    Yes.  Fantastic odds.  AGAINST.  Come, come, the guy is KNOWN for self-delusion.
    But get this…

    Barack Hussain Obama…TEA Party guy…

    During what was a town-hall style meeting in the city’s Lower Hannah Bend Park, Obama said he expects political representatives to show the same amount of responsibility that most Americans show when making budget and other family decisions.
    “You’ve got to send a message to Washington that it’s time for the games to stop, it’s time to put country first,” Obama said.
    ==Alberta Lea Tribune

    Wow. THAT was unexpected…!!!

  • Depends on what point on the 2008 timeline he picks for comparison. When he first entered the race in Feb 2007, he was a longshot to win the nomination, much less the election. Right now he is guaranteed the nomination and has a fair number electoral college votes in the bag.

    Of course, if his polls continue to slide those could change. But he does have better odds today than in early 2007.

    • Except he specifically cites “2008” in his statement.

      • True, but he could be referring to the election year, not a point in time. Besides in Jan 2008 he still had to vanquish the Clinton machine and those odds didn’t look good then.

        I think Obama is delusional in his sense of destiny as a transformational world figure. However, this 2008/2012 passage can be read too many ways for one to reliably infer that Obama is delusional.

  • He’s assuming the sale and rallying the troops. This is what Obama looks like when he’s pretending to be a leader — and the only goal he ever leads toward is getting himself elected. Other goals, yeah, he kind of leads from behind, or from the golf course, or a nice long nap, or from “present”.

  • I am voting for ABO.

  • This is standard campaign stuff, but is Obama officially campaigning ?
    He isn’t even having Obama for America pay for his campaigning, not even partially.
    Meanwhile, as usual, the press is busy switching which thumb is up their a$$ and which is in their mouths.

  • Finally, his campaign was admittedly brilliant,

    Really? I recall the debate where the question was “What was your hardest decision?” Obama’s answer was not supporting his country going to war. How was this a hard decision, since there was no consequence to this decision? He wasn’t in the Senate in 2002 when 60% of Senate Dems voted for war. His decision didn’t matter, and if it was a hard decision is shows that he’s incompetent as a decision maker, and hence as a leader. Or else, he was lying, but it was an odd lie, one that assumed a low level of knowledge and critical thinking skills on the target audience. Further, it was a lie that suggested he really had no answer, because he was a man who had never made hard decisions. Either way, it suggested a man who was not prepared for real leadership.

    I think his campaign had some smooth aspects, and they did a good job of leveraging Obama’s superficials, which were his only selling points. He didn’t manage his campaign, he was the talent, and he was shallow talent at that. But to a large degree his campain had to rely upon a compliant press and popular support from low information people who lacked critical thinking skils.

    • In the above, only the first sentance was supposed to be in italics; it is a quote, the rest was my response.

    • Really. Look what they sold.

      • Sorry, I didn’t see any brilliance in his campaign. It was decent, but he also presented lots of holes that were ignored by the media.

        What I find interesting is how so many could vote for a guy with no real resume. Obama knows how to pull off a sort of act as “reasonable, well educated and thoughtful black man”, this seems to have fooled many people who didn’t bother to look further into his resume.

  • It’s premature to call the 2012 prospects at this early date. What are Obama and the egregious Axelrod supposed to say? “Sure guys, it’s over, thanks for playing!” They’ll sound optimistic because they have no option.
    Second, the NY vote was a bit of a surprise, but the Jewish vote (and more importantly, the Jewish money, which is what people really care about) will stay on the reservation for ’12. Where else are the Jews going to go? The GOP? *explodes in laughter* At most, there will be a dip in donations to the Dems rather than a shift to the GOP; i.e., they’ll sit on their hands (and wallets).

  • Barack Hussein Obama channels another Hussein.
    “This will be the mother of all elections!   and I will win!  If Allah wills.  There will be no Republicans left in the House!  The initial assessment of my campaign is they will all lose.  These cowards have no morals, they have no shame about lying.  They do not even control themselves, let alone the country, do not believe them!”
    (it was either that, or the Fuhrer bunker scene in Berlin….)

  • {sigh} {chuckle} {giggle}

    You dense righties, always so irrationally opposed to Obama and his christlike visage. I’ve been saying forever that he’s almost certain to be re-elected, but you just won’t listen to me. Even though I have an advanced degree in political science. Have I ever mentioned that?

    Yes, and it’s from a very advanced institution who only award degrees to very advanced people like me, and they certainly never award social science degrees to people just to get rid of them. Stop saying that. And don’t you dare bring up how I ended up teaching bored undergraduates at a state school so small that 99% of the American population has never heard of it. I love my job! Really! It doesn’t mean I’m a mediocre thinker who doesn’t do anything of value. It just means that I’m a spiritual sort of guy who doesn’t care about material things. Stop laughing.

    Also, it goes without saying that you definitely should not ignore my Obama predictions because I got the 2010 election so wrong. Because I didn’t. I predicted the Democrats would have trouble holding the House. Well, I did! I said to one of my neighbors! That totally counts! And it definitely overrides the predictions I made in writing only a few days earlier that the GOP would only get twenty seats. And none of this means I’ve simply come up with an alternate reality in my head to make myself look competent instead of being forced to realize that I’m an incompetent fool.

    No, that neighbor really exists. Why, I helped him clear out a batch of the magenta caterpillars with Sarah Palin’s face, full lips, and ample bosom just last week. Though I think I might have seen one of them swaggering around like Rick Perry and wearing a cowboy hat. {eyes rolling}

    Yes, Obama really turned things around with that speech. He’s totally going to pin everything bad that has happened and will happen on the tea party, which are just a bunch of extremely extreme extremists and are blocking everything Obama want’s to do on creating jobs. Which would absolutely work this time. For sure. {chuckle} {giggle}

    So shut up about they only control a minority of the majority party in the House. They have mind control rays or something. They probably got them from Sarah Palin, because you ex-military psychological basket cases around here just melt every time she says something. Why, she totally slept with a black basketball player! Can’t you see how that makes her unfit for public life?!? Just like she got all those kitchen redecorations when she was governor, for which she should have been put in jail. And all this stuff is totally real and has reliable sources that just happen to be left wing sites.

    Not to mention what they’ve dug up about Perry, who apparently believes the world was created in 4BC or something. Whereas wise, scientific people like me know it was created literally millions of years ago when an asteroid brought dinosaurs from space. At least that’s what I got from the pictures in the textbook in my Basic Real Science for Social Science Majors course.

    But you mean, inbred, sterile righties just hate Obama and everything he stands for. He thinks like me, and if you jerks would let him, he would create zillions of jobs. Why I bet he would create some right here at our college. I could certainly use a few in our department so I could justify a salary increase, plus we always need moose herders. Can’t ever have enough of them. {giggle}

  • It is probably more the case that O’s staff has so successfully isolated him from reality.  Gotta protect the ONE at all costs (and that golf-summit must have been difficult – lord knows what would happen when Obama had to acknowledge his real score.)

  • From Malkin, quoting a Barry The Blamethrower fund-raising (pimp the President) letter…

    Think about that for a second. The four people who win will sit down with the President of the United States of America — not for a two-minute photo-op or a quick meet-and-greet, but for a private meal with face-to-face conversation. That’s just not something too many people will ever get to do.
    The President obviously has very little time to spend on anything related to the campaign. And this is how he chooses to spend it — having real, substantive conversations with people like you.
    This is really something you should be a part of.

  • The vast majority of Obama voters in 2008 fell in to one of three categories: 1) Those that actually like what he’s doing and don’t care for capitalism or the Constitution (Erb). 2) Those that don’t pay close attention and  actually believe that Fox news is some far-right conspiracy machine, Republicans just want to kill the poor, etc. 3) Those that just got fooled.

    The first two categories are still going to vote for Obama (his approval rating is still over 40%). The question is how many of the ones that got fooled have the guts to admit like Gene Simmons, or at least have decided to pay more attention this time around? I suspect a portion will rationalize that all politicians are pretty much the same, and at best they’ll stay home. Those may be balanced out by CHicago’s famous “vote early, vote often” tactics become more widespread.

  • You know, I HATE to give that SCOAMF (credit: Ace) any credit but he’s kind of right to a point.  For a long time, the conventional wisdom was that Hillary was going to be the nominee, and he was really running for name recognition and maybe a veep slot. 

    Once he hit the general election against McCain though, that’s different.

    So I’ll give the clinically depressed little man his due for this one. But that’s about it.

  • Technically, he’s right.
    I mean, in 2008 his chances of getting reelected were zero, so ANY chance of reelection in 2012 would be “much higher”…

  • Here’s a good Jay Cost article asking a question similar to McQ’s: “Does Obama really believe he’s still popular?” Cost’s conclusion:

    Either [Obama] and his team don’t realize that the bottom has dropped out, so they don’t know that they need to change strategies, or they do realize it but haven’t come up with any alternatives. My money is on the former – he and his team haven’t figured it out yet.

  • I agree with <b>Pangur</b> and <b>Retardo</b>: Bad Luck Barry and Co. are just doing what politicians (as well as coaches, athletes, and just about anybody who competes in anything) do.  There’s nothing wrong or unusal with trying to keep the troops inspired with confident talk about how all is well, they’re going to win, keep on fighting, etc.  As <b>Pangur</b> says:

    <i>What are Obama and the egregious Axelrod supposed to say? “Sure guys, it’s over, thanks for playing!” They’ll sound optimistic because they have no option.</i>

  • The one thought that frightens me is that he might know someting we don’t. My dad is concerned that he might create the means to declare martial law.

    There is one other scenerio. The news medai has been telling us who the republican nominy will be before the man even got in the race. He is a man who looks great on the surface but has very heavy baggage, which any serious observer knows. Sense the media sopports him so strongly, that ought to give us reason for concern. Who are they most like to be behind, a contender or an easy knock out I think if it came to slinging dirt, Perry and Obama would have equal ammunition. And Perry has a temper. If the media ever caught him in a rage, game over.