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One difference between right and left distilled for all by Debbie Wasserman-Shultz

Debbie Wasserman-Shultz is one of the more entertaining politicians to watch.  Not necessarily because she isn’t the brightest penny in the roll or because she’s the head of the DNC (although both end up factoring in), but because she unwittingly and routinely mouths the platitudes that best exemplify why the left and right are so different.

Last night, while claiming that it is a slam dunk that Jews will vote for Obama (despite NY-9), she was reported to have said:

The Florida Democrat also insisted that the president will have no trouble winning her state – the stage for the Republican primary debate Thursday night – because Floridans understand that the president has fought hard to create jobs and turn the economy around.

Emphasis mine.  That emphasized phrase, to me, underscores something fundamentally different in the way each side thinks.

Trying is nice, but results are what count to most on the right (and most rational Americans).  But Wasserman-Shultz comes from the “hey, he tried and that’s good enough” school of reinforcing failure with feel-good nonsense (designed to get the failure another chance).

Obama tried.  Vote for him again so he can try some more. Nevermind he’s in way over his head.  Nevermind that he’s never been a leader in anything and it shows.   Nevermind that everything he tried has failed and cost you 4 trillion in debt while he was at it.  Nevermind that he refused to listen to the vast majority of you and rammed a costly and atrocious health care bill through and signed it into law.  Nevermind that his promise to hold unemployment under 8% if you gave him a trillion dollars actually saw unemployment hit 10% after it was approved.  Nevermind that he has totally ignored the unemployment problem and when, finally, forced to confront it (there’s an election coming up, you know), offers another spending bill with the same tired programs that failed before.


He tried.

Re-elect him.

Anyone know what a list of “accomplishments” such as Obama’s would garner any employee at review time?

An invitation to go visit their incompetence on another employer if they can find one that would take them.

Certainly not the bonus of keeping their job, that’s for sure.

The unfortunate thing for the Democrats is most Americans think like the right, not the left, on this issue.


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19 Responses to One difference between right and left distilled for all by Debbie Wasserman-Shultz

  • Wasserman-Schultz is a political professional. Her job right now is to whistle past the graveyard with a big confident grin on her face, whether she believes it or not. Maybe she does. But she’d say the same things even if she didn’t believe a word of it, because that is her job.
    Do you think every burger flipper in the country is sincerely welcoming you to McDonald’s from the bottom of his heart? No. He’s just paid to say that, whether he means it or not.

    • P.S. I apologize if I gave the impression that I consider Wasserman-Schultz equivalent to a burger flipper. Obviously the burger flipper is brighter than she is, and quite likely more useful to society. It’s a relatively loose analogy.

    • … by any chance is this an admission that the Democrats never tried to win in VietNam ?

  • … but, but … think about Barack Obama’s self esteem.
    This is the same stuff that gives us high school graduates who can’t read or write.

    • think about Barack Obama’s self esteem”

      I am, I want him to completely appreciate what a putz he is and by extension the party that gave him to us, the fools who voted for him, and the media who encouraged it.

  • I would gladly volunteer to sit for 8 hours a day in The Blamethrower’s padded cell and read to him glowing accounts (including his own) of his wonders, successes, virtue, etc.
    Just get him in the padded room.  First.  Soon.

    • He made sea levels decline!
      Course, you understand the implications of that from a global hoaxing scenario – unless we’re suddenly sequestering a lot of water in inland bodies, or in the earth in the water table, or it’s just vanishing into space, there’s only one other place it goes, and that would be ICE.  So while they may point at ice thinning in some places, it for damn sure must be thickening in places they aren’t pointing at in excess of the thinning places. And if there’s MORE ice being created on the globe causing it to sequester water in sufficient quantity to lower sea levels, it implies it’s NOT warming on a global level, but rather, that it’s cooling.
      Just sayin.  Cuz you know, that’s one of his accomplishments, halting the rise of the oceans.

      • Dooood… The water, man, is going down into all those fracked wells, man.  It is science, bro…

      • I guess it could be ‘fatter’ water because it has more CO2 (from SUVS and cows kept so we can eat red meat like a bunch of wild animals) in it and…and… it weighs more….
        and it’s pressing down on the ocean floor and compressing the mantle…
        And THAT is WHY we have more earthquakes!!!!!!!!!
        (If she weighs as much as a duck, she’s made of wood, and is therefore, a witch!)

  • Cmon, lighten up.  Obama did achieve one thing that is very good for our country – he ensured that the libs will be out of power for a very long time (till we forget).

    • Yeeeah, just like G. W. Bush ensured that the GOP would be out of power for a generation. Remember, he was much more unpopular than this bonehead will ever be. And the anti-halo effect from that politically disastrous presidency crippled the GOP for, what, eighteen whole months? Under a year, if you count Scott Brown’s election as the start of the rebound.

      • That’s because we got a perfect storm of boneheads – Harry, Nancy and Barack.     If the founding of the country was a perfect storm of unusual men with a brilliant idea in their heads, the 2008 election culminated in the antithesis of the moment of the founders.
        Also, too much credit to the media thesis, that EVERYBODY hated Bush, and what he stood for, that was nothing more than a talking point.  They spent 8 years talking down the country, the economy and the government.   I wonder how many people figured to gave them their way just so they would shut the hell up.

  • David Burge of iowahawk blog, and many others, have some great tweets about The Guy Married to Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (#TGMTDWS).
    Really, would you have the stamina to survive being wedded to someone with that voice, who said such stupid things?

  • I am………………simply speechless!  Y’all have said it all so well!

    Welcome, November, 2012!

  • Floridans understand that the president has fought hard to create jobs and turn the economy around.

    Um, according to Bad Luck Barry, he didn’t just FIGHT to do those things, he DID them.  Yessir, back from the brink.  Billions of jobs created or saved.  Can’t he even get a “thank you” from DWS?

    / sarc

    Say, can we give Bush a pass?  After all, we all understand that he fought hard to win in Iraq and A-stan, turn the economy around, prevent the housing market collapse, balance the budget, free Willy, and everything else.  What’s that?  We can’t do that?  Only democrats get an “A” for effort?  Ah…

  • Floridans understand that the president has fought hard to create jobs and turn the economy around.

    Whereas the Republicans wouldn’t even have bothered trying…….

    • Yeppers, we’re interested in killing granny and gramp by starvation or freezing, we want to use kittens and puppies in a new national sport involving bats, we plan on either burning or cutting down every tree from sea to shining sea, dumping oil that we ripped from the ground into the oceans, strip mining entire states for coal, filling the skies with toxic vapors, setting up mine fields for illegal immigrants to cross, along with moats filled with piranha fish.  We plan on re instituting, slavery and lynching (course, really we should get pointers from the Democrats on those, because, well, they were sooooo good at them before the miracle of 1964) and we’re going to turn control of everything over to robber baron capitalists who will chain people to their sweatshop benches for 80 hour work weeks at pennies paid per hour.
      Did I miss anything in your deranged “We care more than you do” Liberal fantasy?