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Slight majority now blame Obama for the economy

For the first time, says Gallup, a slight majority of Americans polled put the blame for the shape of the economy on President Obama:

Gallup found a substantially wider gap in public perceptions of how much responsibility Bush and Obama each bore for the economy when it first asked the question in July 2009, the sixth month of Obama’s presidency. That narrowed by March 2010, caused mainly by a jump in the percentage blaming Obama a great deal or moderate amount, and has since changed relatively little. However, the results from a new Sept. 15-18 USA Today/Gallup poll are the first showing a majority of Americans, 53%, assigning significant blame to Obama. Forty-seven percent still say he is "not much" (27%) or "not at all" (20%) to blame.

Key demographic:

Independents blame both presidents about equally: 60% blame Obama a great deal or a moderate amount, and 67% say this about Bush. In 2009, the figures were 37% and 81%, respectively.

Obama has been given ownership, whether he wants it or not.

Here’s the key problem for Barack Obama: George Bush isn’t running for president.


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9 Responses to Slight majority now blame Obama for the economy

  • Suggestion for revised title:

    <b>Large minority not paying attention</b>

    Good grief, for how long is Bush going to be blamed for… well… just about everything that democrats don’t like or don’t want to be blamed for?  Is he to be the new Hoover?

    • Yes. Its way easier than realizing that president’s can’t help very much, but they can hurt.

  • They will blame Bush until we have the next Democrat after the next Republican in the White House .. roughly 20 years

  • And what makes this meaningless is, yet again, its a poll of “Adults”. . . .
    Why do they keep putting out polls of adults as politically significant when they, you know, aren’t.

  • I’d sure like to hear their reasoning for how it’s Bush’s fault.
    Because the Mushroom Media told them so?

    • Wull, yea—ah…!!!  For YEARS.  Remember the HIGH unemployment during the Bush years???  “Where are the JOBS, Mr. Bush (you Chimpyhitler)????”
      Since, they have HAPPILY continued the “Bush did it” meme.  It is what they do, and who they are.

  • Drudge is reporting that the White House is doing a Solyndra “limited hangout” with the NYTimes.
    It must be hurting.