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Still plotting after all these years

And we still try to deny the source of the terror.  What am I talking about, you ask? 

A Massachusetts man who was plotting to use explosives and radio controlled aircraft was arrested yesterday by the FBI for plotting to blow up the Capital and Pentagon.

It was a rather imaginative and fantastic plot by Rezwan Ferdaus who believed himself to be working with members of al Qaeda.  Of course that’s key to the point in the first sentence as you’ll see.  Anyway, the plot:

Ferdaus allegedly gave the undercover FBI agents a detailed set of attack plans “with step-by-step instructions as to how he planned to attack the Pentagon and Capitol,” according to the Department of Justice.

The plans focused on the use of three small remote-controlled drone-like aircraft loaded with C-4 plastic explosives, which he planned to fly into the Capitol and the Pentagon using GPS equipment, according to the DOJ.


Ferdaus’s plan allegedly evolved to include a “ground assault” as well, in which six people would coordinate an automatic weapons attack with the aerial assault and massacre whomever came into their path, according to the DOJ.

For the past five months, Ferdaus has allegedly been stockpiling the equipment he needed for his proposed attack, including a remote-controlled aircraft, 25 pounds of fake C-4 explosives, six automatic AK-47 assault rifles and three grenades, according to the DOJ. He allegedly kept all of it in a storage facility in Massachusetts, where he was arrested.


Ferdaus allegedly modified eight cellphones to act as detonation devices for improvised explosive devices, and gave them to the FBI agents to be used against American soldiers in Iraq.

“During a June 2011 meeting, he appeared gratified when he was told that his first phone detonation device had killed three U.S. soldiers and injured four or five others in Iraq,” according to the DOJ. “Ferdaus responded, ‘That was exactly what I wanted.’”


According to the DOJ, a focal point of Ferdaus’s plots revolved around “jihad” and his desire to carry out the will of Allah.


The U.S. attorney for the District of Massachusetts, Carmen M. Ortiz, stressed that any underlying religious motives to Ferdaus’s actions should not reflect on the Muslim culture at-large.

“I want the public to understand that Mr. Ferdaus’s conduct, as alleged in the complaint, is not reflective of a particular culture, community or religion,” Ortiz said.

Really?  So none of this was “reflective of a particular culture, community or religion?

Poppycock.  It is indeed reflective of a particular culture, community and religion no matter how perverted other adherents of that religion claim otherwise.  It certainly doesn’t mean that that all Muslims agree or that the community at large would act this way, but we need to quit pretending actions like this just magically happen without any influence from those three areas.

How else, then, do you get the “culture, community and religion” to face up to the fact that it has some responsibility in what is happening in this ongoing “jihad” (yeah, there’s a religion and culture free word)?


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23 Responses to Still plotting after all these years

  • Yeah.  You really have got to watch out for those Fundamentalist Christians.
    God help you if you cross a Methodist, and you should pray to die if it’s a Presbyterian.

  • Carman Ortiz needs to have her can canned.  I really hate the idea of paying idiots to act as prosecutors.
    And Ortiz is an idiot.  Along with her bosses…!!!
    Just a thought, though…how many people has Eric Holder killed to date?  More than Ferdaus, I’d bet.

    • Given that “Fast and Furious” is now credited with over 200 Mexicans deaths, it only stands to reason that the feds wouldn’t want any competition.

  • “I want the public to understand that Mr. Ferdaus’s conduct, as alleged in the complaint, is not reflective of a particular culture, community or religion,” Ortiz said.”
    Huh?  The AG is giving a disclaimer here I guess.  Almost like she wants to apologize for arresting a Muslim extremist.  There are no disclaimers when a white or Christian or other “lone wolf” or whatever is arrested.

  • Islamus delenda est.

  • Very clever of Ferdaus to be a drummer in a band.
    Isn’t music forbidden under Islam ?  .. or is it only when it entices men to “the flesh” ?
    I’ve never heard a Kumbaya drum solo.

  • Doesn’t  “jihad” translate into “hope & change”?

  • Sure, militant Islam has to be ranked as a menace to this country. Maybe they’d try to blow us up less if we didn’t have our fingers in the Middle East so much. Maybe not. But think for a moment: who’s more likely to be a threat to your freedom, Al-Quaeda, or an American politician? One might blow me up (statistically VERY unlikely) while the other will do his damnedest to ensure that I am systematically stripped of my Constitutional rights while — at the same time — inundating this country with people from the vibrant fiesta culture (p.s. you’re a racist if you notice this).
    Illegal immigration is far, far greater threat to this country than Al-Qaeda. Talk to me about Al-Qaeda when we get around to mass deportations of millions of illegals.

    • Then where are the Europeans trying to blow us up.   We’ve been interfering there for 70 years, longer than we have in the Muddled East, basing our troops in their countries, etc.
      Where is their history of trying to blow us up.  Soft racism, that we of course must expect different behaviors from Europeans?
      No on is arguing that illegal immigration is not a problem, or that rampant government is not a problem – you do read the posts here?   The issue is this minimalist bullshit that tries to pretend radical Islam is NOT a problem, and is NOT a result of their culture, community and religion. versus ours.
      Of course it is – your very argument that we shouldn’t be surprised because we have our ‘fingers’ in the Middle East, and that we should therefor anticipate these activities points directly to your acknowledging that it is their culture and their community, if NOT their religion, that cause them to do this.   As I said, we’ve been fingerpoking Europe since the end of the Second World War without random Europeans blowing up the US.  If you tell me it’s because we share common religion, common culture, with Europe then you’re acknowledging again, it’s the religion and the culture of the countries of the Middle East that cause them to do these things.

      • ”  As I said, we’ve been fingerpoking Europe since the end of the Second World War”

        I don’t think that is a particularly good comparison, after all, how many corrupt European dictatorships have we supported who torture and kill their political opponents?

        • Does DeGaul count? The Greek Junta?  Franco?  No no, I jest.
          I sense Middle Eastern countries prefer their murderous leaders to be home grown, rather than sponsored by the US.  They prefer to be murdered for being homosexuals, or for practicing a religion other than Islam, or protesting the Syrian government, in addition to the standard ‘anti government’ reasons their murderous homegrown leaders prefer rather than the murderous reasons our sponsored leaders might practice.
          I don’t recall Osama citing our overthrowing their leaders as a reason for his sponsorship of one way flights to the WTC. Cheap oil, bases in the Islamic Realm, bombing Iraq (without noting that we weren’t bombing Iraq prior to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait…) and of course our evil support of the deranged Jewish plan to have a homeland of their own that is approximately in the area they occupied back in the dawn of time, back when God was talking directly to Jewish prophets and BEFORE God talked to Islam’s Prophet.

      • I don’t recall saying radical Islam wasn’t a problem, would you please point me to where I wrote this?
        On the issue of minimalizing a problem, it’s rational to rank problems in their order of importance (i.e., which problem is more serious in scope and impact). You seem to think that Al-Qaeda, an organization that we have substantially weakened over the years and which seems to be in operational disorder as we speak is a greater threat to US interests than our illegal immigration. On the other hand, I think that the effects of mass illegal immigration, resulting from open borders (not to mention the complicity of the political class), presents the following existential challenges: security problems that Al Qaeda and other of our enemies can (and will) exploit; displacement of the (largely white) American working class in favor of Mexicans willing to do, in that odious phrase, jobs that Americans aren’t willing to do (for four dollars an hour); importing along with these people, their vibrant culture that devalues education and mocks being law-abiding citizens; also, don’t forget the spilling over into this country of Mexico’s drug wars. Well looker, if you’re looking for a culture that poses an existential threat to our own, look no farther than Mexico. Additionally, if you think that what amounts to an intergenerational invasion of the US by MILLIONS of Mexicans is of less impact than a one-off like 9/11, I’d say you’re mistaken.
        Your point about Europeans trying to blow us up is inapposite. There are many substantive differences between the two situations. One difference between our involvement in Europe and the ME is that when we set about transforming the former in WW2, we killed everyone who got in our way and razed the place. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but we have signally not been doing this in the Middle East. If we really wanted to settle the score in the ME, we’d start with out friends the Saudis and work our way down the list. Anyway, comparing WW2 and its effects on modern European culture to our wars of choice in the ME is a stretch as best. BTW, I am all in favor of removing US troops from European bases. Why are we still there? Still worried about the Russian threat?

        • “Why are we still there?”
          Damned if I know, I’ve been in favor of our substantive withdrawal except where requested since Mother Russia became Mother Russia again.  I don’t know, maybe we’re there to prevent the rise of the 4th Reich?

        • And no, I would love to see illegal immigration dealt with.  But no, I’m not worried much about the Mexicans.  Maybe it’s because I have half of Texas between me and the actual border, but my experience with Mexicans is they’re more like us than Osama bin Laden will ever be.  Plenty of the original Texians who embraced the US were Mexicans, I don’t see the problem as much different now than it was then.  Close the border, send a bunch back, the rest will take care of itself,and that includes the drugs.
          It’s the open border and the ambiguity that make it an issue.  Do you seriously think Mexican culture is a threat to Illinois, Ohio?  Maine?
          Heh, it’s barely a threat to Oklahoma.  It vanishes if you get as far as Springfield Missouri, unless you’re counting Taco Bell as a danger.  And Texas, and New Mexico, and Arizona, WERE Mexico, so, no, I’m not particularly frightened we’re suddenly all going to be forced to eat salsa verde on our Maizeflakes because of a Mexican cultural take over.
          I want them to come in legally, but once they do, what, do we demand they give up their cultures?  No more Knackwurst!  Stop eating your damned Yorkshire puddings!  Gods above we must abolish the eating of Sicilian pizza or the republic wall fail.  They aren’t blowing shit up, they’re building it because we hire them.   When they go home I expect a housing boom in Mexico.  They’re going to go back home with insane ideas of businesses running without bribes, and police who aren’t forever on the take, and laws.  So yes, we ought to send them home because they’re going to take us with them in their heads and change Mexico in the process.
          They aren’t demanding you convert or die gringo.  They haven’t been promised any virgins, let alone 72 of them when they blow you and themselves up in the local Olive Garden.   They don’t get points with God for slaughtering the infidels.  I’ll take the chance our culture can beat theirs in an even peaceful competition, and if not, oh well, it will be a peaceful.

          • Funny how a lot of arguments in favor of illegal immigration come down to: “But I love tacos! Can’t we let these loveable scamps stay?”
            The incarceration rate for Hispanics in this country is around three times as great as it is for whites ( That you view this as negligible in effect says a lot.
            “They aren’t blowing shit up, they’re building it because we hire them.”
            Illegally, I might add, and at subpar wages and without insurance. This is basically the GOP’s end of the illegal immigration canard: the GOP wants unchecked illegal immigration because it depresses wages and increases profits. You’re obsessed with a small splinter group of Middle Easterners who may or may not (and in all likelihood the latter) ever have any direct effect on your life. All of this, while minimizing the corrosive effects (some of which I listed above, although the list is not exhaustive) of a problem that’s already here and growing worse.
            “Do you seriously think Mexican culture is a threat to Illinois, Ohio?  Maine?”
            I think that the ongoing intergenerational invasion of illegal immigrants will have profound negative effects on the nation as a whole.  For example, consider the effects on social security and other medical programs when the current middle class earners are replaced (if at all) by low-wage earning illegals. Do you think that this is a fiscally sensible policy? Do you think that Manuel and Jorge are going to be able to support these programs based on their earnings? How about when these people need social services (as they will surely demand)? Who’s going to pay for this?
            “It vanishes if you get as far as Springfield Missouri, unless you’re counting Taco Bell as a danger.  And Texas, and New Mexico, and Arizona, WERE Mexico, so, no, I’m not particularly frightened we’re suddenly all going to be forced to eat salsa verde on our Maizeflakes because of a Mexican cultural take over.”
            So . . . if a problem only affects parts of the country, especially ones you don’t live in, then it’s appropriate to ignore it? You may have something there: every time I go to New York and look at Ground Zero, I say to myself: “We went to war for this?”

          • I gather it has escaped your notice, I DO live in that part of the country.  I’m IN Tejas.  I’ve watched the billboards along I-35 go from “Hey buy Coors!” to “La Cerveza mas fina!” and watched over the years as my Wal Mart started carrying products printed in English and Spanish to turning the bulk of their products from the English printed side to the the Spanish printed side.
            So if there’s a take over, I’ll be on the bleeding edge, not the line the rest of you form at the Red River to save America from the Mexicans.
            And I don’t know where you get the idea I favor illegal immigration, it’s illegal.  Find somewhere else to hang the bias about someone who recognizes the difference between a threat from assholes who want to blow us up  and convert us all to their way and illegals who want to take advantage of our wealth and stupidity about our border to get some for themselves.
            Jesus, we’re a nation of immigrants, did you miss that?  I’m only second generation myself, my father was born to his parents before they were US citizens, he could probably have gotten a birth certificate as a subject of His Majesty King George V.   I’m hardly going to get all wobbly about the idea there are immigrants here, illegal or otherwise.
            Did our current crop of legal middle class wage earners not have enough kids to replace themselves and more in the Social Security Ponzi scheme? that was how it was supposed to work.
            Is that the fault of the illegals, where ever they come from?  Will the illegals be collecting Social Security?  Are we expecting Manual and Jorge to pay into Social Security when they’re illegal?
            No, I want them to go home, back to where-ever, Mexico, Costa Rica, Poland, Ireland, The Czech Republic, Somalia, where ever they came from and parked here illegally.  If they want to come back, fill out the forms, stand in line, hope they haven’t exceeded the quota, just the way my grandparents did.
            I’m not obsessed with anything, I simply recognize them as more dangerous per person than your average illegal immigrant who’s here either living on our largesse or working for a low wage.
            No direct effect on my life – are you flucking kidding?  I’ll take 10,000 illegal Mexican roofers over 1 Islamic radical.  They stood the country on it’s head on September 11th 2001, damn near killed the airline industry, had us putting machine gun armed soliders in our Airports!  We looked like a freaking banana republic!  They were the justification for climbing up your bank accounts ass to make sure the money that was going in there wasn’t from Sheik Ibin Killu or that the money you were sending out wasn’t going to his brother Achmed Ikill-Youal.  They’re the justification for numerous other government intrusions far more egregious than mere illegal immigrants have.
            Is it all panic?  Is it all fake?  I don’t know, was this article about an illegal Mexican roofer building model airplanes to fly for his kids that the FBI stunk with fake guacamole, or an Islamic dude with fake C4?
            We can deal with the long term effects of the illegals over time, it took a damn DAY, 1 Freaking day from hell, sponsored by 19 assholes who wanted to die for a their cause to screw this country up for the last 10 flucking years. Talk to me about not affecting my life.

  • The U.S. attorney for the District of Massachusetts, Carmen M. Ortiz, stressed that any underlying religious motives to Ferdaus’s actions should not reflect on the Muslim culture at-large.

    >>> Will do!  Just as soon as any anti-abortion figure acting out does not reflect on all pro-life people, or the actions of isolated instances don’t reflect on all tea partiers, as soon as one republican making a nice remark to an old man at his birthday party doesn’t reflect on all republicans, etc.

    Mrs. Ortiz?  EFF YOU.

  • Looker, your argument boils down to a) the fact that you like tacos, and b) that you buy the neocon line on AQ and the GOP line on immigration. I suppose Rick Perry’s your man?

    • Why bother dude, you didn’t read it.  I don’t support the principles of illegal immigration, I recognize they strain social services and depress income for citizens while taking jobs from them as well.  We need to close the border, we need NOT to make the ones here citizens and reward them for their illegal entry, they need to go out and start again.  This will mean making it impossible to hire them so they leave without us having to round them up, they know where the door is, even if they came in through the window.
      But Islamic terrorists are more danger to you on any given day than an illegal immigrant who is an otherwise normal working person no matter where they’re from (tacos or twarog or tzatziki, oh my),
      And I’m not anybody’s ‘man’.  Given the current crop of candidates, yes, Perry still looks better to me than Romney. but that may only be because Perry is the devil I know.  I reserve the right to change my mind over the course of the next year.
      But since we’re trivializing things – your arguments strike me as slightly xenophobic.

      • I read every word, thanks, and I liked my summary.
        A couple more things:
        Actually, we’re not an nation of immigrants; we’re a nation of colonists. Immigrants come once a nation is established . . . and maybe once the nation is established, we should think about the nation that got established and what those immigrants bring to the table? (hint: Mexicans aren’t overrunning our medical schools with the latest breakthroughs).
        “But Islamic terrorists are more danger to you on any given day than an illegal immigrant who is an otherwise normal working person no matter where they’re from” [emphasis added]
        Laughably false, as I live in LA and daily rub elbows (especially on the freeway) with unlicensed and uninsured illegals.
        “your arguments strike me as slightly xenophobic”
        Why not just call me a racist and get it over with? You know it’ll make you feel good; it’ll also allow you to avoid the issue. Funny, though, that the same characterization can easily be made of your arguments. The difference is that I’m talking about a real and existential threat, and what you’re talking about is less so (this was my original point). The other difference is that I didn’t imply you were a racist for making what I assumed to be good faith (albeit debatable) points. Conservative don’t really do themselves any favors when they adopt the left’s tactics, although the temptation is great, in part because conservatives allow the left to shame them on this topic.

        • “Why not just call me a racist and get it over with? You know it’ll make you feel good;”
          Not interested, I said you sound xenophobic, we both know there’s a difference.   Furthermore “Mexican” isn’t a race, that’s like calling “American” a race.    So even if you don’t like only Mexican Illegal immigrants, that doesn’t make you a racist per se.  That argument doesn’t wash when I hear liberals make it, I’m hardly going to turn around and do it myself.
          The idea we’re still any kind of colony is laughable.  We haven’t been anything like a colony in over 150 years.  We were established a long time before you or I came along to worry about how we were going to seriously suggest our neighbors to the south who wandered north return to their home land to fix it up.
          And for the record, I prefer cheese enchiladas.

        • Since this is still up in the posting list and I’m a notorious troll
          Alabama’s law seems to be encouraging movement, at least OUT of Alabama, and all without us going house to house and rounding them up.
          Huh, who knew, they DO know where the door is after all, at least in Alabama….

  • Anyone curious about the cause of Jihadists attacking non-believers should merely read the Q’uran (or however this is properly spelled in English).  It is fascinating what one can learn by studying the culture and religion of one’s enemies (even though many non-enemies may share that same culture or religion).  A failure of being sufficiently familiar with Vietnamese culture also apparently strongly contributed to many of the challenges we encountered during the Vietnam War, in my opinion.
    Especially see Sura 9:5 in the Q’uran, if you are curious.