Free Markets, Free People


As in I’m going to take a short one to hit the road and hang out with my college buddies at a reunion in the hills (and on a river) of Arkansas.

I do it every year now and I’m not going to be contributing here again until next Monday.  So hopefully my fellow bloggers will pick up the slack and keep the posts rolling.

Best to all of you, see you next Monday.

And, please consider this an open thread if you like.

Before I leave, a couple of good links.

Occupy Wall Street – Doug Mataconis hits a home run with his post.

Fast and Furious – Trying to kill the coverage.


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4 Responses to Hiatus

  • My father is from Arkansas, and from the times iv been out there, i don’t think you will get good enough reception to post even if you wanted too unless your in a city lol

  • Wall Street –
    Read the demands of the whiney Greeks about what they’re entitled to from their government, never mind if the damned thing is bankrupt, they are OWED!
    There’s a whole lot of “I was born, now YOU owe me” goin on over there, and from what I see of this group of clowns on Wall Street, you can easily find it here too.
    Damn, I recall wanting to be history major, but realizing it might be hard to find a job (especially since I don’t lean in the direction of Howard Zinn, but back then I didn’t KNOW about Zinn, and didn’t KNOW that teachers had an agenda….how quaint).  I didn’t go into being a history major, or think a BFA was going to get me much other than a piece of paper.  So I became an evil computer programmer and helped cause the Y2K crisis instead.   And I took out loans to do it, and payed them back because, well, that’s what YOU’RE supposed to do when YOU take out a loan.  Must be a concept that wasn’t widely taught or something.
    these kids can take a flying leap, and so can anyone else who thinks I now OWE them for their inability to make half decent financial decisions about their lives.  I might be willing to help “unfortunates” out and frequently do, but I sure as hell am not going to be willing when they’re advocating someone take my stuff for their benefit at gun point.

    • The truth of the matter is that people working on “Wall Street” will nearly always keep making money as a *group* during good times and bad. Even in bad times money has to flow and these are the people who do that. It is pretty well known to most people with an ounce of observational skill that the easiest way to make a lot of money is to be involved in the money itself. Now that is true as a group, but individuals in that group face a pretty high risk much of the time. The markets sour and they are laid off in en masse (but you don’t see the kids demonstrating then), but the remainder still does well because there are still billions of dollars that need to move. I almost decided to get into that business as a quant, but for various reasons didn’t… do I regret it? Well no not really, I’ve got my own company now after trying various jobs (which technically I wasn’t educated for) and in the long run it should level out.

      The whole protesting Wall Street seems no more than the ancient aversion to money lenders and all who deal with filthy lucre. They used to force Jews to do it to keep their own hands clean (and then rampage against the Jews when times went bad), now it’s Wall Street who are the unclean but again the rampage willfully misses the point… money still has to move and someone will profit from that, just not you. The only way to prevent Wall Streeters making money in bad times is to prevent the movement of money, make it a little North Korea perhaps, or tax them into oblivion, but then no one will take on the hours and risks and so the money will stop moving.

      It is also interesting how the OWS people diverge in thought from the Tea Partiers. The Tea Partiers say “government, we are all suffering, reduce our burdens and make it easier for us to do things”. The OSW says “government, we are all suffering except those latter-day jews, crush them by making it even harder for everyone”. I suppose this is the logical conclusion of having been told all your childhood that everyone is good at something but somehow weren’t told that it didn’t automatically follow someone would always payyou to do it.