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Is the Obama about to throw Holder under the bus?

When have you heard something like this before?

President Obama says that he has “complete confidence” in Attorney General Eric Holder.

Yup, just before the coach in which the owner expresses “complete confidence” finds himself applying for unemployment.  Is Eric Holder about to be thrown under the bus?

Well you might conclude that when you read Mark Theissen’s article in the Washington Post in which he lays out how much of an “asset” Holder has been for the Obama administration.

There’s Guantanamo, Fast and Furious, his mishandling of the Christmas Bomber case, his attempt to get Khalid Sheikh Mohammed tried in New York, his attempt to reduce the war against terrorists to “lawfare” and, of course, the decision not to prosecute the New Black Panthers for obvious (on video) voter intimidation among a myriad of other things.

Theissen points out that most of Holder’s problems, although certainly not all of them, stem from incompetence.  The lack of due diligence in a job that demands that as a prerequisite to serving:

Many of these debacles stem from Holder’s failure to do due diligence: He failed to consult the intelligence community before giving the Christmas bomber a Miranda warning; he failed to read the memos in which career prosecutors explained why CIA prosecutions were a legal dead end; he failed to consult New York officials about trying Mohammed in their city; he failed to conduct even a cursory review before pushing Obama to announce the closure of Guantanamo; he failed to read the Arizona immigration law before publicly opposing it. One such failure is a mistake; this many is a pattern of gross incompetence.

Couldn’t agree more.  And James Carville has already recommended chucking him as a way of Obama gaining some leadership cred (something he’s badly lacking).  With Darrel Issa on the Fast and Furious track, it may be time to unload this guy.

Is that the bus I hear warming up?


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5 Responses to Is the Obama about to throw Holder under the bus?

  • Holder’s problems, although certainly not all of them, stem from incompetence.

    Disagree, McQ.  The man…like virtually all the other Obami…are ideological Collectivists.  That is how you understand them.  Jackson, Nappy Jan, “No Energy” Salazar, Duncan, etc.  The only exception was SecDef.
    All cut from the same cloth.

  • I’m not sure how “the One” will ensure Holder keeps his mouth shut.  I’m sure he had some very interesting conversations with the man in the Oval office.
    Drag Holder before the committee’s and then drag prosecution out past Obama’s ability to grant him an executive pardon.
    See if little Eric is willing to sell his boss out in return for some immunities.

  • This should be interesting. From what I’ve read the President and Holder are pretty close. In the spirit of “a friend helps you move and a good friend helps you move a body”, I wonder if Holder is a good enough friend willing to take one for the team. Short of violating the Earl Long Rule (getting caught with a live boy or a dead girl) I can’t see how the President would fire Holder. A bloody but unbowed Eric Holder is the gift that keeps on giving.
    One more thing. I wish the Republicans would quit calling for an independent counsel. Congress has more than enough resources to make a public case against Holder.

  • MSNBC, a month or so from now: “Stay tuned for the first edition of Eric Holder’s new nightly show, up next at 7:00PM!”