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Border security isn’t just about illegal immigration

It appears Iran hatched a plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the US.   Fausta has as good a run down on the plot as anyone.  Unsurprisingly it involved a Mexican drug cartel and the southern border to the US.

You know, the border the left keeps telling us just isn’t a problem, shouldn’t be a priority, we’re secure enough, etc.

Funny how our enemies seem to be drawn to what they perceive as a weak point like a moth to a flame.  And they know who to contact to get what they need or want done to move a plot into the US. 

Yes, we lucked out this time – the plotter contacted a confidential informant associated with a drug cartel.  The rest follows the expected course and we finally arrested the plotter when he showed up in the US. 

But you have to wonder how many of these plots are still undetected and working within the same sorts of organizations in Mexico or other South or Central American drug cartels.

This should be setting off warning sirens all over the place within our law enforcement  and intelligence community.  And most likely it is.  But it should also finally make a point to those who want to waive off border security.  It isn’t just about illegal immigration.

It’s about national security as well.  And it is high time we started understanding that and making border security there a much higher priority than it is. 


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5 Responses to Border security isn’t just about illegal immigration

  • It isn’t about national security “as well.” It’s about national security, period.
    Every dime and every man hour spent attempting to stop a wetback from taking a job plucking chickens is not only a dime or man hour that can’t be spent on actual security measures, but a dime or man hour being spent against actual security measures to the extent that it artificially generates demand for services (such as “coyote” infiltration/guidance) that probably couldn’t sustain themselves on the occasional “bring an al Qaeda operator across the Rio Grande” commission alone.

  • Border security is a prime component of national security.
    Hard to conceive how anyone with a brain would try to refute that.  The Europeans sure understand it.
    Erp, back to you…

  • Heh, and where’s the DHS when left wing radicals in California are suggesting we need a French Revolution of our very own?
    I await Big Sis’s next warning about these miscreants and the danger they pose with their open talk of government overthrow and/or violence.
    And the border?  Oh stop worrying, only poor migrant workers seeking employment come into the US, you big sillies.

  • Add the BATFE into the mix and it’s double badder.
    Who the hell needs Iranian terrorists when you have Eric Holder on the loose.