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Violence? A typical part of the leftist mantra

One of the interesting things I’ve observed over the years is how the left has sold the idea that the right has the monopoly on violence.  Yet, it is almost without exception that the examples of violent rhetoric always seem to emanate from the left.


Here’s an example of what I’m talking about (and imagine how a speaker at a right-wing rally would have been treated by the media if he had said something comparable) . This is one of the speakers at the “Occupy LA” event (video at link):

Occupy L.A. Speaker: “One of the speakers said the solution is nonviolent movement. No, my friend. I’ll give you two examples: French Revolution, and Indian so-called Revolution.

Gandhi, Gandhi today is, with respect to all of you, Gandhi today is a tumor that the ruling class is using constantly to mislead us. French Revolution made fundamental transformation. But it was bloody.

India, the result of Gandhi, is 600 million people living in maximum poverty.

So, ultimately, the bourgeoisie won’t go without violent means. Revolution! Yes, revolution that is led by the working class.

Long live revolution! Long live socialism!”

Ballot box?  We don’t need no stinkin’ ballot box.

When you use the French Revolution as a “good” revolution, you’re really appealing to blood, death, mayhem and frankly, anarchy.   Oh they dressed it up some with various bits of fluff designed to give legitimacy to their murder orgs, but in reality it was just that, organized murder of anyone the mob thought was a threat to their new found power.

It eventually burned itself out when it turned inward.  But it was indeed one of the most violent revolutions on record.   He’s right, there was a “fundamental transformation”, but not for the better and, later, it went back to square one for a while.

And of course the “fundamental transformation” this boob is asking for is to the failed ideology of socialism.  That means heavy and oppressive government, planned economies and ultimate failure.

But some people never learn from history – well except how to kill, maim and destroy.

Naturally, this idiot picked up that part of the lesson (and seems to revel in it) and ignores the rest.

A typical leftist sans sheep’s clothing.  Study him well – he’s just saying what many believe (and don’t expect this to show up in any report about violent groups from the Southern Poverty Law Center, because apparently they just exist on the right – just sayin’).


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12 Responses to Violence? A typical part of the leftist mantra

  • If at any of the Tea Party Rally’s anyone had ever used rhetoric like that Obama and the dims along with the MSM would still be crying about it.   It’s funny also how the dems tried to paint the Tea Party as an Astro Turf movement and it’s the dems who are dependent on that way of getting attention.

  • The connections are very clear with this little freak show.
    1. founded and funded by Soros
    2. run (or at very least influenced) out of the White House
    3. every faction of the Collective is supporting it, including the Mushroom Media

  • He picked up that part of the lesson because he thinks he’s (apologies to you know who) Robespierre.  He probably hasn’t read the script all the way to the guillotine scene where’s he’s on it, not at it, or he, like any good American socialist, thinks he won’t make the same mistakes as the previous owner/operators.  Maybe he thinks he’s Lenin or Castro instead of Trotsky or Cardona.
    But his audience largely doesn’t understand what he’s talking about, they have absolutely, positively no concept other than the vague idea that they’ll be in charge and they know what to do.  Heavy emphasis on the word vague.

    • Of course, all those who always have a soft spot for the past never imagine themselves as serfs in the Middle Ages, they are always princes and princesses.

      • So true.  And worse, many of them go so far as to imagine they are princes and princesses in lands populated with unicorns and various and sundry other benign mythic creatures.

      • Pandorans.
        With Starbucks and iPhones.

        • Hey!  That fits, because I’ve labeled these twits the “Occupy Coffee Shops” movement in honor of their first attempt at a relevant movement, the Coffee Party, and the new OWS party.

  • “Long live revolution! Long live socialism!”
    Ha, I bet this guy considers himself an atheist, but you don’t have to look far to see that he just replaced one superstition with another…

  • The funny part, is this the army they plan to go to war with?

    Punks who will worry about breaking their iPhones and the thug arm of unions filled with guys that would have heart attacks if they engaged in strenuous activity for more than 2 minutes. 

    Like I said in another thread, there’s going to have to be some serious deployment of drugs if they plan to get much out of that crew.