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The undemocratic left

Recently, there has been a spate of people who fall ideologically on the left wishing out loud that President Obama would essentially ignore the Constitution and do what is necessary to fix this mess.  Democratic Governor Perdue and Peter Orszag among a number of others on the left who’ve talked about extra-constitutional action (Perdue wants elections suspended so lawmakers can’t be held responsible for the actions they may have to take) in this situation.

Now we have another voice added to the chorus.  Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. spouts off with this bit of nonsense:

Illinois Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. told The Daily Caller on Wednesday that congressional opposition to the American Jobs Act is akin to the Confederate “states in rebellion.”

Jackson called for full government employment of the 15 million unemployed and said that Obama should “declare a national emergency” and take “extra-constitutional” action “administratively” — without the approval of Congress — to tackle unemployment.

“I hope the president continues to exercise extraordinary constitutional means, based on the history of Congresses that have been in rebellion in the past,” Jackson said. “He’s looking administratively for ways to advance the causes of the American people, because this Congress is completely dysfunctional.”

I.e, he should just “rule”, you know, like a king, because, well, democracy is messy and slow.

And of course there’s the veiled racial reference with the Confederate states nonsense.  Can anyone guess at whom that is aimed?

Imagine the blowback if a national emergency was declared by a Democratic president when that was the supposed fear of leftists when they talked about George Bush in the waning days of his presidency.  Here you have a Democrat calling for Obama to actually do that.

Of course economic ignorance is again given prominence of place by Rep. Jackson when he says the government just ought to employ those 15 million.

Here’s a clue Mr. Jackson – paying 15 million unemployment compensation has about the same effect as what you’re calling for.   It is the usual underwear gnome solution we’ve become accustomed to hearing from economic scholars like Jackson.  The jobs needed are in the private economy, not the public economy.  And any suggestion that such a boondoggle wouldn’t cost us our other arm and leg (the first arm and leg presently tied up in the $14 trillion debt folks like Jackson have run up on your behalf) is simply smoking dope.  This is tired old New Deal thinking which simply doesn’t work.

But rather than recognize that we overthrew the monarchy a few hundred years ago because we found it to be an unacceptable form of government, Jackson calls for the establishment of the modern equivalent.

Rule by one man based on what he deems to be the best for his kingdom country. No consultation.  No check.  And that pesky Constitution.  Hey, ignore it.  What the heck – it was written by a bunch of dead, slave-owning white men.  We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution.

Just the rule of a benevolent community organizer king president who knows what’s best for all his children citizens.

While Congress may indeed be ‘dysfunctional’, it is also Constitutional.  And history says that despite the messiness of their deliberations and the political theater they constantly treat the public too, they’ll figure out a way to work out some sort of action.  The problem, of course, is it most likely won’t be the solution the president presented or preferred.

And that’s the point here.   You have a failed president who is about as ineffective as one has ever been and the only way his followers see him having any success is if he cuts out all the Constitutional stuff and just takes over.

I sit here and try to imagine Rep. Jackson ever making the same plea when George Bush was president and the Democrats routinely ignored his proposals and ran around calling him incompetent.

Would you have liked to have seen Mr. Bush take “extra-Constitutional action", Mr. Jackson?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.


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27 Responses to The undemocratic left

  • The list goes on, all kinds of little totalitarians running loose out there exposing the roots of their ideology.
    And of course his ignorant constituents will send him back for another term when he’s up for re-election.  Now, mind you, he’ll have absolutely NO problem with THAT aspect of our system of government.

    • Liberalism has been unable to decide whether it is for or against more democracy for nearly a century now, ever since it underwent a radical transformation from a creed believing that advancing the cause of individual liberty meant limiting government power and protecting individual rights into the creed we know today of believing that larger and more powerful government is the primary means of securing the realization of individual liberty. None of the liberal complaints about “gridlock” are new; Progressives like Woodrow Wilson deplored the separation of powers and other limiting features of the Founding as obsolete years before he tried to ignore them as president.

  • For the record I think Jr. is just as ignorant as his father.
    I know I’m  a racist for saying that.
    Jimmy Carter thanks God for Obama.
    Maxine Waters thanks God for Jessie Jackson Jr.

  • We’ll be years sorting through and fixing the damage of the Obama administration, but Obama will leave one solid accomplishment behind: revealing how unprincipled, foolish, and partisan Democrats are.

  • You know, more and more, the cynical part of me just wants to give these people exactly what they want. All the money all the idiotic ideas, everything, then simply grab a chair and a gun and wait for the rebellion to start.

    • If this was 1861 you can get away with that.  Not any more, the world won’t just stand still while we sort ourselves out and I suspect it would meet the curse “may you live in interesting times”.

  • No wonder Obama has been practising that Il Duce style chin tilt
    So far he and his party have engineered a financial collapse to divert the attention of the plebs against evil capitalists and jews. Gotten involved in a civil war in a tin pot country (think Eritrea or Spain circa 1930s). Attempted to tighten gun controls at home. Effectively nationalized various companies by handing them over to unions or their friends. Advocated suspending elections. Gone crazy in love with deep greens, raising nature and ideas of purity over the needs of humanity.
    It is all so 20th century fascist, as Erb would say if Bush was doing it.
    Have they got the trains running on time yet?

  • Oh and how could I forget the cult of personality around the glorious leader (who is the smartest man in the room, just ask the guys with the guns) and the recruitment of willing and violent youth (who in years to come will try to claim they were misled, didn’t mean it, etc).

    • Considering how it worked out for his…grrrrrrrr….twitish, friend Bill Ayers, can you think he’s really concerned about the violent youth he’s encouraging?

  • There are voids, then there are voids.

  • I call for Jesse Jackson Jr. to employ those 15 million unemployed people!  (It’s just as realistic as what he’s calling for).

    Government should end unemployment.  And while they’re at it, they should end rain and gravity, too, because nobody likes to get wet and fall down.  Anybody who thinks that women and minorites should be allowed to get wet or fall down is racist.

  • One could argue that Congress is currently dysfunctional *because* nearly 100 years of progressive supported change to the US government has taken it outside the design bounds assumed by the Constitutional founders.  Show me any engineered system that functions the way it is “supposed to” when it is deliberately run outside of its assumed design parameters…

  • “Liberal Fascism” is not just a catchy book title.

  • I agree with JJJ. And I think the rules should be changed just in time to take effect for the next (Republican) President and Senate.
    I know who gets thrown out of congress first.

  • I am wondering if the left doesnt want riots in the streets to give them justification for martial law and suspension of elections and the constitution.  I would not put it past Obama. 

  • I’m reminded of my favorite line from the 1970s British series “I, Claudius”:  “Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud, hatch out!”

    • Yep.  Great line.  Powerful thought.
      OccupyWherever is a powerful HATCHERY…

      • For the moment, doomed to failure.
        I think it’s different from last time because we can’t have thousands of people streaming in from the ‘farms’ in the Dust Bowl because we don’t have that many people farming any more.   And imho, the very thing that spawns all these little entitlement kiddies to sit in Zucotti Park is the same thing that will keep most people off the streets in the masses the revolution needs.  We have achieved a class of poor who own computers, I-phones and color TV sets.  It’s ‘just good enough’ that a lot of them won’t back a revolution any time real soon.
        No, these yahoos have launched their offensive prematurely.   They should have waited for the riots across Europe over something or other.  By going now they have only themselves to look to, and it’s just not bad enough in enough places yet  here in the US for this to be a serious threat to the country.   They don’t have the daily body count coming in from Vietnam, and the draft, to
        ‘inspire’ them.

        • Don’t worry, the coming mass riots that will touched off around Europe as a result of the coming Greek default will take care of that

          • Oh, I agree, that’s what I mean though, not yet.   They should have waited, the pot will be really boiling in a year or two.
            When they do happen, look for the EU to pull back and for the old enemies to pull together against ‘those people’ to the east and south of traditional “Crusader” Europe.
            Meanwhile, these idiots locally have jumped the gun, which is fine with me, they’re tipping their hands.

          • Oh, I forgot to mention, I suspect our retirements are really really going to suck.

          • Retirement…?
            I gave up on that whole notion years ago.  A little something I can give the kids and grandkids.

          • Well, actually, I sometimes wonder if we won’t end up being the backbone of ad-hoc “Eye, Ear and Stomach” battalions. manning the local barricades the way people 10 years my senior are currently manning the door at Walmart.
            A dark variation on the “Welcome to Wal-Mart” theme.
            Which is why I said I suspect our retirements could really really suck.

  • I think Jesse et al should move to North Korea.

  • “You have a failed president who is about as ineffective as one has ever been”

    Failed and ineffective in terms of what a President is required to do by the Constitution. Failed and ineffective in terms of elevating Americans interests. In terms of his most likely goals as President, he’s been pretty effective. Based on his past history, if Obama had any goals (beyond personal aggrandizement) they were likley A) to get as many people as possible dependant on the government in order to grow the Democrat’s voter base and/or B) move the country to socialism.