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Voters not impressed with OWS … Obama on wrong side again?

The Hill just published a poll of likely voters.  The findings pretty much reflect what I’ve believed about the so-called “99%” protest.

Voters are unimpressed and the attempt to deflect attention from Washington to corporate America isn’t, at least to this point, working:

The Hill poll found that only one in three likely voters blames Wall Street for the country’s financial troubles, whereas more than half — 56 percent — blame Washington.

Moreover, when it comes to the political consequences of the protest, voters tend to believe that there are more perils than positives for Obama and the Democrats.

Of course that’s the double edged sword and the risk the Obama campaign takes trying to embrace this (while also attempting to keep some distance) supposed grass roots movement.

And, as the more radical groups attempt to join as well (see this photo essay for an example), the folks in flyover country are going to get even more turned off. 

Personal observation, but it just seems to me the radical left just hasn’t had much to protest about since Bush left office.  The anti-war movement (of which most of these groups showing up for OWS were a part) melted away when Obama took office.  He even started a third war and not a peep.

There will obviously be those who try to compare this to the Tea Party movement, but those comparisons will fall flat.  This is just the left looking for an excuse for the usual suspects to do what they do best – protest.  And, despite all the effort by the media to paint the OWS as something other than that is only going to prove the voters are a bit more sophisticated than the spin artists believe.  

This poll points out that while OWS has indeed built notoriety, it may not be the sort of notoriety that a politician would want to embrace.  Likely voters in the poll said it may not end up being a positive for those who latch on. 

Watch carefully as this develops.  Prepare for the old “rats deserting a sinking ship” rush when it starts to go south.

And it will go south.


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13 Responses to Voters not impressed with OWS … Obama on wrong side again?

  • Liberty Square, New York, NY — One month ago today about 2,000 people rallied in Lower Manhattan and marched up Broadway. Stopping at Zuccotti Park an estimated 150 stayed the night and began an encampment. Renaming the space “Liberty Square,” we kicked off a protest against bank bailouts, corporate greed, and the unchecked power of Wall Street in Washington. In the last month, the message of “We are the 99%” has won the hearts and minds of over half of Americans (according to a recent Time survey) and is gaining ground globally, with 1500 protests in 82 countries this past Saturday (October 15).

    Well…they certainly have the “delusional” market cornered….
    This is what happens when you believe your own BS.

  • Lessee…
    The Deemocrats, Obama, Pelosi, the Los Angeles city council, Crazy Piven, George Soros, the unions, the Iranians, Chavez, Jabba the Moore, the Communists, the ChiComs, and the Nazis have all embraced the Revolting Eloi.
    Sounds about right…

  • These are Obama’s peeps – college students, professors and handout recipients

  • Personal observation, but it just seems to me the radical left just hasn’t had much to protest about since Bush left office.

    >>> Actually, they have in fact had MORE to protest about – since Obama broke promises (Gitmo still open, targeting US citizens for assassination, failed to repeal the Bush tax cuts, wars still going, anti-terrorist laws not repealed etc) but the dishonest scum that they are don’t dare to open their mouths because the guy in the White House is a hard left hack.  Not that any of them really cared about the causes they were protesting about anyway. Cretins one and all.

    • Such a raaaaaacist…!!!

    • Yep.

      Consider that in 2002 (when it mattered), Hillary (along with about 60% of Dem Senators) voted for the Iraq War.

      Later, she was a Senator who opposed the Surge and General Betrayus.

      Later, she was the SoS who pushed us towards war with Libya, and who was part of the administration that had a Surge-like movement in Afganistan (even down to the same general).

      Democrats have flip flopped all over the war issue and the terrorism issue. Their position is whatever is politically expedient at the moment.

  • Convenient how this ‘spontaneous grassroots demonstration’ coincided with Obama getting into full campaign mode.
    Strange also how Obama, Pelosi, Reid and other dems ranted about the Tea Party being anti American and  the Tea Party was holding the recovery back.

    • “We have negotiated with terrorists,” an angry Doyle said, according to sources in the room. “This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.”

      It is all about the Benjamins.

  • They better hope Howard Stern doesn’t have a large audience – oh, darn.

  • I see this more as a get-out-the vote (and volunteers) campaign for Obama than something to sway rational voters. Each Presidential election brings a whole group of voters that don’t know much and tend to vote for Democrats. If they see eveyone in Washington as a problem, they’ll probably stay home, but a fight against ‘Wall street greed’ could get them energized. This is something for Erb and his ilk to pound into their impressionable minds so the debate can be framed before the actual campaigning begins months from now.