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Why OWS will fail to ignite a “revolution”

Succinctly, it is just another in a long line of Marxist protests which just hasn’t been fully found out yet.

And, it’s useful to a certain political contingent at the moment.

But, as Charles Gasparino notes in his NY Daily Post article, at its core Occupy Wall Street is an anti-capitalist Marxist movement:

The standard portrayal of the Wall Street protesters goes something like this: Ragtag group of unemployed young adults, venting often incoherent but overall legitimate populist outrage about economic inequality. But go down to the movement’s headquarters, as I did this past weekend, and you see something far different.

It’s not just that knowledge of their “oppressors” — the evil bankers — is pretty thin, or that many of them are clearly college kids with nothing better to do than embrace the radical chic of “a cause.” I found a unifying and increasingly coherent ideology emerging among the protesters, which at its core has less to do with the evils of the banking business and more about the evils of capitalism — and the need for a socialist revolution.

Gasparino goes on to detail what he found and it’s as unremarkable and as expected a listing of what you’d find at any A.N.S.W.E.R. protest.  You know it is radical when even Richard Trumka is vilified:

That was pretty mild compared to the sentiments offered in the official “Statement of the League for the Revolutionary Party” on the protests. These guys view as the enemy not just Wall Street tycoons, but also liberal labor leaders like Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO.

The problem with Trumka, according to the Revolutionary Party and its Zuccotti Park contingent: He wants to work with wishy-washy Democratic Party politicians, where the true revolutionaries want to “defend and develop Marxist theory as a guide to action,” which is the protests’ real purpose.

And yet Trumka is one of many Democrats who at least tentatively embraces this mob.  Political expediency.  They want to use this to validate their class warfare campaign.

Yes friends, the murderous Che is again plastered on everything and the “revolutionary” Marxist spirit permeates everything – which is why this is eventually destined to implode:

Maybe the worse-spent dollar I have ever spent in my life was on a propaganda broadsheet titled “Justice,” which advocates “Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism.” On the front page of the newspaper-like document, beneath the headline “Capitalism: System Failure,” was a tease for a story on the economy and how “influential business economist Nouriel Roubini” recently said how “Karl Marx had it right. At some point, capitalism can destroy itself.”

Yes, the left-leaning Roubini made that fatuous statement, and many similar ones — so many, in fact, that he has lost much of his credibility in financial circles, though that didn’t quite make it into the “Marx Was Right!” story.

Also absent was any notice of how the much-hated banks benefited not from free-market capitalism, which would have let them fail in 2008, but from crony capitalism that bailed them out. The similar cronyism practiced by Trumka and the Obama administration — massive spending on useless but politically connected businesses like Solyndra, paired with class-warfare rhetoric — likewise has very little to do with free markets.

Yeah, this ain’t the ‘60s kids.  And the core then was just as radical as the core of OWS is now.  When the war in Vietnam ended, so did the ability of the radicals to get their anti-capitalist message out.  

Eventually this will be seen by the populace as a whole for what it really is.  That’s because at some point, the true nature of that core that Gasparino talks about will shine through in such a way that even slick spin doctors won’t be able to credibly deny it.   And when that happens, the entire movement will collapse like a wet paper box.


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35 Responses to Why OWS will fail to ignite a “revolution”

  • TARP required the banks to pay back the money they were lent. Most have already repaid their loans. The exceptions: AIG (an insurance company), GM (automobile company) and Chrysler (automobile company).
    Since the two automobile companies are now virtually owned by the UAW (a union) and not the original shareholders, it’s would be understandable if there was an #OccupyUAW but there doesn’t seem to be. Instead they protest the guys who paid back their loans. What does that tell you ?

    • GM paid back its TARP component like most of the banks.  But just like other financial institutions, it got buckets of money not from TARP.  But for some reason, the financial sector pundits don’t like to dwell on the financial sector bailout too much.   Mysteries abound.
      AIG was an insurance company for banks.  Banks with the smarts and pull to avoid the stink of a bailout, got their money laundered through AIG.  The government took over AIG and decided who got an AIG payout and who didn’t.

      • Ah now JP – you’re following the party line on GM – they did no such thing as pay back their TARP component.  I only wish I could pay back loans the way GM paid back TARP funds.
        Unless you mean that the banks did not pay it back, in which case, yes, GM paid back it’s TARP components like most of the banks.

      • GM LOANS
        Now, that was as of 2010, but I don’t believe they’ve paid any back since – I mean, why bother, the shell game from the first pass seems to have worked.

  • That’s why I don’t take them seriously except as yet another indication of liberal desperation and delusion.

  • The media will prop this (bowel) movement up for as long as they can help Ofailure, then once the useful idiots no longer serve a purpose, they’ll slowly marginalize them by starving them of coverage. Any slips of the mask or violence will be quickly deemed to be “fringe” or “unassociated” with the movement. If it is covered at all.

    or Journolist 2.0 can continue to work with them to craft the message better. I’m looking at you MSNBC….

    • It’s just Cindy Sheehan version 2.0

    • From what I have seen and read about those folks they have the ‘idiot’ part down pat but definitely need to work on the ‘useful’ part.

      • President Obama, who has become a target of the Occupy Wall Street protests sweeping the country, today embraced the economic frustration voiced on the streets and said in an exclusive interview with ABC News that his vision for the U.S. economic system is best suited to resolve protesters’ concerns.

        When did I miss this ?

  • While waiting the a doctor’s office, I read the latest TIME.  They seem to enjoy that OWS has higher favorability numbers than the Tea Party, but, of course, the OWS haven’t had weeks of 24/7 onslaught by the MSM calling them every possible ad hominem possible.
    Also noticed that Joe Klein brings up the “new” Silent Majority, who just want everybody to just get along (and agree with the Democrats).

    • Time?  Seriously?  Geeze, expensive and inefficient bathroom tissue – your doc should switch to quilted Northern or something.

  • Gallup has a poll on OWS up ..
    Do you approve or disapprove of the goals of the Occupy Wall Street movement, or don’t know enough to say ?
    Ap/22% DisAp/16% Don’tKnow/63%
    We don’t know if the “Don’tKnow”-s are because they don’t know or don’t care to know.

  • Actually this is about making capitalism work more effectively, it’s the “Marxists” (how 20th century of you) that are the minority and on the fringes.
    Here’s the thing about democratic capitalism: 1) Capitalists once they “win” usually do not want to keep playing the game the way the market would dictate, they’d prefer to secure their position by creating an advantage for themselves; 2) The state needs to protect the market by trying to prevent the winners from subverting the market to create distinct classes (such as in third world countries where there is a clear elite class and many poor); 3) if “big money” gets too cozy with government, then government regulations start reflecting those interests, which subvert the proper functioning of the market. Thus: OWS can be seen as a pro-market protest, wanting the state to stop using the tax code and regulations to benefit the elite and be more of a watch dog against unfair deals, while promoting real opportunity so class mobility improves.  The US has the highest level of post tax and transfer inequality in the industrialized world, and it’s been getting worse constantly since 1976.   It’s now back to 1890s levels, when this happens there is always a backlash.   That desire for effective markets has a driving force for such movements for over 100 years; in that sense, OWS is part of a long tradition.  But this is also something new — it’s not ideology driven (ideological thinking is becoming obsolete), and I don’t think you understand it because you’ve closed your mind on these kinds of things.  All you can do is label it  “Marxist” and try to mock it.   Like the tea party, it’s reflecting new media and a new activism.   Look how quickly and unexpectedly it’s spread!   I believe you will be very surprised by where this all goes.

    • Awe cripes, it’s REALLY you – I wondered if Ott had been over reading what you were babbling about recently to parody and realized it was real.
      ” Look how quickly and unexpectedly it’s spread!   I believe you will be very surprised by where this all goes.”
      My goodness, I suppose this prediction will be as successful as your certainty that Arab Spring would result in a democratic reform of Egypt.   Why don’t you check with the Coptic Christians to see how all that democracy is working for them.
      It’s spreading the way any good funded protest does, and will be out of steam, as Retired Military notes, by the first snow fall.   You should really listen to what these clowns are asking for, it would help if THEY knew though.
      You are so gullible, it’s just astounding you don’t hold title to the Grand Canyon and the Brooklyn Bridge…uh….you don’t, do you?

      • Yeah, even I know when I’m not needed.

        But, honestly, even I never had the balls to suggest that the OWS guys favor the free market, after seeing what percentage of them are ANSWER-type socialist/communist drones. That’s magenta caterpillar delusional, right there.

        I’m looking forward to mocking the whole “ideology is becoming obsolete” thing though. More comedy gold, coming from someone as ideological as anyone I’ve ever read, and so deluded he honestly believes he doesn’t have any. What a maroon.

      • How hard is it to round up a couple hundred far left students in major cities?

    • A communist weighing in on how to make capitalism work more effectively…………how quaint.

      Sod off, comrade.   Go man your barricades down Zucotti way….

    • Yes yes, amazing where this will go, we’ll be very surprised – so like the Tea Party protests it is, yes indeed

    • Just like the Tea Party, yessir

    • So, rapes, thefts, defecating on police vehicles, organized by marxists and anarchists, wow, what a party, what a movement, what a focused group of useful members of society seeking honest reform and not just a bunch of whiny over-educated, useless majored, stoned, freeloaders seeking to continue their free ride from the rest of useful society.
      “ideological thinking is becoming obsolete”, “how 20th century of you”, “OWS can be seen as a pro-market protest”
      We’re supposed to take you seriously?

      • We’re supposed to take you seriously?

        Doesn’t he come across as a teenager who thinks he’s got it all figured out, but who hasn’t a clue how others thought through the same things long before he was born, easily dismissing the “great ideas” he naively thinks he’s discovered?
        He’s been hitting on “ideological thinking” for some time now, indicting the very process of rational thinking (“idea” is the root of “ideology”), while giving himself and his ideological allies special exemptions by pretending their politics aren’t driven by ideology.
        Considering what passes for “thought” amongst the OWS and pundits like Erb, I might be inclined to agree that their politics aren’t driven by ideas, but only because they are driven by stupid ideas.

    • Occupy Wall Street protesters said yesterday that packs of brazen crooks within their ranks have been robbing their fellow demonstrators blind, making off with pricey cameras, phones and laptops — and even a hefty bundle of donated cash and food.
      “Stealing is our biggest problem at the moment,” said Nan Terrie, 18, a kitchen and legal-team volunteer from Fort Lauderdale.
      “I had my Mac stolen — that was like $5,500. Every night, something else is gone. Last night, our entire [kitchen] budget for the day was stolen, so the first thing I had to do was . . . get the message out to our supporters that we needed food!”
      Crafty cat burglars sneaked into the makeshift kitchen at Zuccotti Park overnight and swiped as much as $2,500 in donated greenbacks from right under the noses of volunteers who’d fallen asleep after a long day whipping up meals for the hundreds of hungry protesters, the volunteers said.

      Huh? This is just EXACTLY what they are calling for…!!!
      Redistribution, YEAH, BABY…!!!

      • Geeze Rags, they don’t mean they want THEIR stuff redistributed!  They want YOUR stuff redistributed, cripes!  What’s theirs is theirs!
        There’s not supposed to be anything odd or unusual or even hypocritical with someone who can take off day after day after day after day, who’s lugging around $5500 worth of laptop, battery and case, plus probably a nice pricey little cell phone, sitting around on Wall Street protesting that ‘rich people’ and corporations and banks took all our money away.
        You can be sure that 99% of us have $5500 dollar Macs that we wander around with and that 99% of us can take time off (why, months even! ) from the jobs we work to complain about the companies that provide those jobs.
        Yeah, they’re the 99% all right, the 99% hypocrites who aren’t really worried about how they’re going to feed their families and pay the rent.

        • Where are teh Carbon Cops in all this, too?  These people are traveling many times to get to the “swinging hot spot” of “Liberty” Park.  UPS trucks have to shuttle back and forth, bringing them goodies (since they apparently don’t actually BUY anything at neighboring businesses).
          OwlGore should be on his TV network thingie condemning this mindless insult to our precious planet.

        • UPS – stands for Unlimited Proletarian Supply corporation?
          These packages, they contain?  they come from?  and are paid for by? and are shipped free of charge?
          Oh my yes, this is certainly a movement of the poor down trodden underclasses.
          Wall Street Journal
          “Truckloads of fresh fruit and vegetables arrive daily from organic farms in upstate New York and Vermont and Massachusetts, steaming containers of chicken and rice, burritos and lasagna are sent from restaurants all over the city, tubs of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate and cookie dough ice cream arrived one sunny morning (and was scooped by the company’s chairman of the board, Jeff Furman), and there is a seemingly never-ending delivery of pizza pies, ordered by phone from supporters all over the world.”
          It would seem that the food fairies are hard at work to support this movement.   And no wonder these a**holes think stuff should be free, it IS.   Nice.   I can see their education in reality is being waylaid by brainless others who would like to come play, but don’t have the time, so they send money or product instead.  Profits at Ben & Jerry’s must be okay if they can afford to hand out free product, same for the organic farms.
          Odd, I generally see that Ben and Jerry think more of their ice cream in the store than other producers, and hmmmmm don’t organic products in the produce section tend to cost more?  hrmmmmmmmmmmmmm, it IS a head scratcher, no?   Then again, since I suspect this is the tofu and organic celery set storming the bastions of capitalism, perhaps the farmers and Ben and Jerry are just making sure their clients are well fed and able to purchase more of their product after they’ve, uh, destroyed capitalism.
          Hey, isn’t that some of the rope over there that Lenin was talking about?

    • .

      it’s the “Marxists” (how 20th century of you)

      Marx was born and died in the 19th Century, Erb. That they are still around in the 21st century doesn’t mean you can’t point at them.

      (such as in third world countries where there is a clear elite class and many poor);

      No, those are usually tribalist, monarchist, autocratic, Maoist, etc … not very often capitalist in the free-market laissez-faire sense.

      while promoting real opportunity so class mobility improves.

      The tax code cannot promote class mobility. Only hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, willingness to take a risk etc can do that. And how are you going to encourage people to do the “menial” work that needs doing with a tax code, pray tell? I suppose that is what liberal arts degrees are for. Run up a huge debt, get taxed into the ground while trying to pay the debt and whine that you can only get jobs cleaning other people’s places.

      ideological thinking is becoming obsolete

      That is post-modernism, which unlike Marxism is very 20th Century of you Erb. Do try to keep up with the times, you sound exactly like every arts major that graduated before 1999 and it isn’t very inspiring.

      I believe you will be very surprised by where this all goes.

      You mean *you* will be surprised where this goes because you were surprised the Tea Party went anywhere. OWS is nothing more than a return of the left, Marxists and assorted anarchists to the “antiglobalization” protests of the 1990s, protests which were put on hold to protest G W Bush and America for 10 years after 9/11. So actually, far from being a new movement they are really the same old people manipulating a new set of kids for the same old 20th Century purposes.

    • I doubt the real supporters ever had any intent to start a revolution, this was just manufactured to help the Obama campaign as it was becoming obvious to a majority who he really is. The economy and Fast & Furious were getting far too much traction. Now Erb lets us know what the Left’s official position is.
       Of course the majority will see the OWS protesters as naive or ignorant, but most probably won’t see it as a front by the Democrats, the MSM will never report that; so the plan is that the OWS won’t pull many votes from the vast majority of people that don’t really pay attention to politics. On the other hand, energetic youth with money for Ipads and no real jobs make ideals campaign activists; and it will take them more than a year to figure out they’re being used.

  • Sorry, Scott, there is absolutely no evidence that the common belief of these protesters is an end to crony capitalism. I think some people definitely joined up with those beliefs, but they have been drowned out and likely kicked out by the radicals for Socialism and Marxism. I think you would be hard pressed to find a single sign lamenting government intrusion into the marketplace. Far from it, they likely want more regulation, which frankly only leads to more crony capitalism by those with deep pockets.

  • I give them till the first snow fall.  After that it will fall apart fast.

  • Yeah, this ain’t the ‘60s kids.  And the core then was just as radical as the core of OWS is now.  When the war in Vietnam ended, so did the ability of the radicals to get their anti-capitalist message out.
    There is one thing that they can use in place of Vietnam.  A persistent unemployment problem, especially for young adults and graduates.  People with plenty of time on their hands.
    The situation is actually pretty chronic and it isn’t discussed about.  Their trick is to appeal to that without Obama being the bad guy.  They’re working on it.

  •   On the other hand, having a large collection of those numbskulls in one place is not necessarily a bad thing….