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OWS and NY neighborhood not getting along at all

Yes the rabble that calls itself Occupy Wall Street has those that live in the neighborhood of Zuccotti Park less than receptive to them or whatever their still undefined message is:

"They are defecating on our doorsteps," fumed Catherine Hughes, a member of Community Board 1 and a stay at home mom who has the misfortune of living one block from the chaos. "A lot of people are very frustrated. A lot of people are concerned about the safety of our kids."

See, the rabble demand “rights” but they apparently can’t find it in themselves to respect the rights of others, such as property.

Or the ability to walk down a street without being harassed:

Fed up homeowners said that they’ve been subjected to insults and harassment as they trek to their jobs each morning. "The protesters taunt people who are on their way to work," said James Fernandez, 51, whose apartment overlooks the park.

Or something as simple as keeping the noise in the neighborhood down:

"It’s mostly a noise issue," he said. If people can’t sleep and children can’t sleep because the protesters are banging drums then that’s a problem."


One elderly woman told a protester to stop screaming and was met with an even higher volume. "Get some earplugs!" retorted David Spano. "This is the street. I can say whatever I want! I can’t calm down, I’ve been struggling for 30 years!"

Nothing more ignorant than a man who claims his “rights” preclude any responsibility to anyone else.  Most understand that as both selfish and clueless.  Respect the rights of others?  Hey, this is a “revolution”, he’s been struggling for 30 years and that gives him better  “rights”.

At a standing room only Community Board meeting, members of the community voiced their anger, frustration and indignation to board members who essentially agreed.  They want something done.

Now comes the fun part for Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  These people complaining are voters.   They’re the people who put him in office.   They want action.

Stay tuned.


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16 Responses to OWS and NY neighborhood not getting along at all

  • This will give you a flavor of how clueless, indoctrinated, and Collectivist (but I repeat myself) these idiots are…

    OWS is fighting to strengthen democracy, and to end the domination of big money interests. Fracking is a clear example of how the power of money trumps common sense and controls our democracy. Fracking is incredibly destructive to the environment and human health.
    On Thursday, October 20th at five in the afternoon the residents of Liberty Square will march to the FERC hearing on the Spectra Pipeline at P.S. 41, located at 116 West 11th Street (between 6th and 7th avenues).
    Shortly before the hearings begin at seven in the evening we will stage a die-in to illustrate the likely results of this disasterous proposal by a disreputable corporation intent on infecting our drinking water with by-products from fracking. After the die-in members of #ows will enter the hearing and respectfully engage in participatory direct action against this catastrophic project.

    To a goose, every morning is the beginning of time.  They have the right, bygawd, to honk and crap anywhere, any time.

    • Shortly before the hearings begin at seven in the evening we will stage a die-in

      >>>  Dude, you got my hopes up before I realized it was only symbolic 😉

  • Seems that due to inflation over the last few years the 99% these people represent is more like only 5%. It’s real hard to find a member of the 99% outside university art departments and the spare room over Ma & Pa’s garage.


    >>> Overwhelming hilariousness from Hot Air.

    About 1% of that movement are people with legitimate issues who are having a hard time. The other 99% of that band of rabble are people who would never be successful under any circumstances in any country in any time period on any planet EVER.

    The taker class on full display.

    I say leave the protests there. Let them rob and beat and rape and sicken themselves like they do now. Let them stay splinter amongst themselves and lets see some hilarious blue on blue fights.

  • “The protesters taunt people who are on their way to work,”
    The irony there is just too much.  The OWS clowns complain that they can’t get jobs but taunt people who do have them?

  • I think you will be surprised at how this turns out. These wonderful young people, so much like the students in my class, are simply passionate about the cause. That means they sometimes get preoccupied and forget to find a place to, umm, “go” until it’s too late. Then nature calls and they just have to do something I’m sure they find just as abhorrent as their neighbors. So give them a break here.

    But you dense righties can’t see this because you’re so 20th century and blinded by ideology. In the 21st century, you see, we wise pragmatic moderates have moved beyond ideology. That means only we can see clearly how to run society, and you should just listen to us and do whatever we think best, because our lack of ideology qualifies us to make decisions for everyone.

    Yes, we totally lack ideology. Stop laughing. I’m not ideological, and neither is Obama, who thinks like me. There’s nothing the least bit ideological about insisting that wise experts should run society. After all, we have advanced degrees. In some cases, we sacrificed prestigious jobs getting coffee for senators and running pizza parlors to get that advanced degree.

    But the advanced degree means we’re smart, and able to see beyond ideology and tell everyone else exactly how to think. Stop laughing, I said! And don’t you dare bring up how a real smart person would not be teaching college at a place where the teachers need to outshout moose for a low salary and need to come on the Internet to find people to talk down to just to maintain a shred of self-respect. Just don’t bring any of that up, because it’s not true. I’m just a spiritual sort of guy who finds deep meaning in shallow rock lyrics and schlocky movies, and doesn’t care about money. Darn it, stop laughing!

    Really, these Occupy people will grow and influence politics in a positive way for a long time. They might be the key to getting everyone to sit down together and come to an agreement about how we’re going to solve our problems. Which will certainly involve shared sacrifice. And of course, that means those rich people will have to pony up a lot more money, because they’re the ones who can make the sacrifice to solve our problems. And they should. But that’s not a leftist “soak the rich” ideology. Stop saying that. I’m a wise pragmatic, post-ideology guy, like I said before.

    Yes, I explained during the debt ceiling debate that it was politically infeasible to get a deal without raising taxes. And the fact that a deal was reached without raising taxes in no way invalidates my brilliant, post-ideological reasoning which is informed by my advanced degree. So shut up about me getting things wrong.

    I’m sure these occupy people will have a vast influence on our politics, and will probably be one of the keys helping Obama get re-elected. Cause they’re youth and all. As I’ve said many times, Obama is almost certain to be re-elected. And of course you should take that prediction completely seriously and not even begin with my predictions about the Tea Party and 2010, which were not even wrong.

    Yes, yes, I know I predicted that the Tea Party was a small minority of extremists without any influence and that the Republicans would only pick up twenty seats in 2010. But as a brilliant post-modern-trained professor with an advanced degree, I can simply redefine what I said so that I look like I made the right prediction! Post-modernism totally allows that, and I use it all the time. So now my story is that I said the Democrats would have trouble holding the House, and I can confidently assert that I was completely tuned in to the election.

    Which by the way invalidates any of those links you guys are just aching to put up about my wrong predictions and my apologies for getting things wrong. That was a premature apology. I just had not completed my post-modern analysis at that point to explain why I was actually right.

    Really, guys, I don’t understand why you ex-military basket cases don’t adopt post-modern arguments. It really simplifies debate when you can redefine things so that you are always right. Which is not the same thing at all, by the way, as rearranging reality in my head to protect myself from facing my own inadequacies. Which I don’t have.

    • “I believe all the choices we’ve made have been the right ones”
      “You can go ahead and clap,” the president said. “Go ahead, nothing wrong with it.”
      –Bad Luck Barry (without the least awareness)
      “Which is not the same thing at all, by the way, as rearranging reality in my head to protect myself from facing my own inadequacies. Which I don’t have.”
      –Ott Scerb (aware of satire)

    • Bring back the ample bosom catapillars!

  • But the community meeting agreed they should allow the protestors to continue their occupation, just more quietly and cleanly.
    All in all, I guess that’s not so bad, THAT’S democracy in action, not whatever is happening in that park full of socialist, anarchist freeloaders.
    And there’ll be another meeting in a couple weeks when they don’t get the quiet or the clean, and then, probably a meeting a couple weeks after that, because the fact of the matter is the people in the park are interested in THEIR rights,  not the rights of others.   Ah, freedom.

  • The Revolting Eloi go FULL ORWELL…

    As the communal sleeping bag argument between Lauren Digion and Sage Roberts threatened to get out of hand, a facilitator in a red hat walked by, brow furrowed. “Remember? You’re not allowed to do any more interviews,” he said to Digion. She nodded and went back to work. But when Roberts shouted, “Don’t tell me what to do!” Digion couldn’t hold back.
    “Someone has to be told what to do,” she said. “Someone needs to give orders. There’s no sense of order in this f*****g place.”

    Complete with Thought Police.  Excellent.

  • Let me guess, these complaining homeowners voted for The Dear Golfer. Now that the consequences of that decision are descending upon their tidy little world, they want “someone” to kick posterior and take names. I bet that if the filthy hordes were fouling Topeka KS*, these concerned citizens would be up in arms about those knuckly-dragging Neanderthals who are too stupid to understand the needs of the protestors. The sad thing is that these same people will probably vote for The Dear Golfer again.

    *If the filthy hordes did descend upon Topeka, KS, they would never last more than a day or so

    • There are probably some bums in Topeka, but the police probably invite them to move along instead of letting them camp in the financial district.
      I eagerly await the first snow when the summer spongers and the sunshine parasites will leave the heavy load lifting to the committed communist loons and the whole thing will collapse to applause of the general populace and the dismay of the Democratic Party.