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Only government can save you from having to be self-reliant

Read this lead sentence and weep for this country:

At a million-dollar San Francisco fundraiser today, President Obama warned his recession-battered supporters that if he loses the 2012 election it could herald a new, painful era of self-reliance in America.

A “painful era of self-reliance”? Self-reliance is a negative thing?  Well yes if your ideal is a social welfare state.  The trait that helped build this country into a great nation is now a negative according to Barack Obama:

“The one thing that we absolutely know for sure is that if we don’t work even harder than we did in 2008, then we’re going to have a government that tells the American people, ‘you are on your own,’” Obama told a crowd of 200 donors over lunch at the W Hotel.

Oh, man … that would just be terrible.

You mean I’d have to take care of myself?  I’d have to do what is necessary to ensure I had a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in the pantry? 

Oh, no.

You mean I wouldn’t have to put up with intrusive regulation and government involvement and control in every aspect of my life?

Please, say it ain’t so.

Would I be treated to a government that took less of my money in taxes because it was smaller, less intrusive and costs less?

How horrible.

Whatever happened to American pride in self-reliance for heaven sake?  Whatever happened to those who sought this place out because it was peopled with the self-reliant?  Now the possibility of having to be self reliant is to be feared?  Now only government can “save” you from having to be “on your own”?

What a pitiful mess this place has become.


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11 Responses to Only government can save you from having to be self-reliant

  • It takes a special kind of narcissist to believe that a change of President will leave people “on their own”. Let’s say Obama loses in 2012. Will you be on your own? Let’s see who will disappear along with Obama…
    (1) Your family
    (2) Your friends
    (3) Your local neighbourhood, churches, charities, volunteer organizations, …
    (4) Your local government
    (5) Your state government
    and so on…

    Yep, you’ll really be “on your own” when Obama loses and the first action of the new President is to immediately disband all federal government programs. Your family will simply not be in any fit state to help you once the big O is gone.

    • You were doing fine until you got past #3, Doc.

      • Well I presume that local and state governments provide at least some respectable services in some areas … just out of generosity.

  • I consider this good, in the main.
    Let the camps form themselves.  Drawing the lines more clearly every day.
    All to the good.

  • He is lifting the veil.
    Amazingly during the last presidential election people ridiculed me for calling Obama a socialist.
    The sooner he is voted out of office the better.
    But what is sad is there are thousands/millions of people who agree with him and want his agenda pushed further and faster.  I fear we may have already passed the tipping point.

  • All I can say is, “Please don’t throw me in that briar patch”

    • I don’t think we’re allowed to use that allegory any more, apparently an African folk tale told in the American vernacular is racist.  🙂
      However, that being sad, is there room in the briar patch for one more?

  • In all fairness, have you ever seen Obama supporters?

    I’d find this terrifying too, if I were them.

  • If it is a choice of being on my own, or tied up with a bureaucratic flunky or a crooked politician, then I prefer being left on my own.